5 Destinations For the Best Vacation

When deciding where to travel, there are many factors to consider. Budget, weather and work or school commitments all influence which destinations get the highest priority. But there’s also the type of vacation you want to enjoy and what time of year it is, and each of these things can affect your travel experience.

Whether you prefer to soak up the sun on a beach, spend time in nature or ski on the slopes, there are plenty of destinations that cater to your travel style. If you’re looking for the best vacation, it’s essential to choose a place that is suited to your preferences and that offers activities suitable for the entire family.

A barrier island near Savannah, GA, Tybee Island offers plenty of opportunities to relax on the sand, play in the ocean and take part in various water sports. The town is also a great option for history buffs, as it has an abundance of historic sites such as Fort Pulaski National Monument and the Light Station and Museum.

The French language and quaint streets of Montreal make this city a dream destination for couples who are looking to spark romance. Stroll around the old-world district and explore the botanical garden, where you’ll find trails of varying themes and Art Deco-style pavilions. Then, indulge in a classic Montreal delicacy: poutine, a dish of fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

There’s no place in the world that embodies the term “fairytale” more than the medieval town of Bruges in Belgium. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city features canals that resemble those of Venice and the iconic Minnewater Bridge, said to create eternal love when crossed by a couple. And, of course, it’s not a trip to Belgium without enjoying its famous beer.

Known for its crystal clear waters and soft sand beaches, Clearwater Beach is a top spot for a beach getaway with friends. While you’re here, partake in a variety of outdoor activities, such as kayaking on the calm waters and snorkeling among the reefs. And, don’t miss out on a meal at one of the many seafood restaurants in the area.

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is a popular coastal city that has something for everyone. Besides its stunning teal waters and white sand beaches, the town has an energetic nightlife scene that caters to all tastes. During the day, you can spend your time tanning on the beach, shopping and taking in the city’s culture.

The Sierra Nevada mountains transform into a winter wonderland in Mammoth Lakes, where you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding skiing and snowboarding conditions. You can also check out natural wonders such as Devil’s Postpile National Monument and hike mountain trails. Plus, there’s a plethora of restaurants, shops and bars to explore.