Acquiring The Best Culinary Arts Degree

Getting a degree in the culinary arts is a bold step in life, but it has great rewards. Some of the most notable alumni include Anthony Lima, Kevin Dunn, Paula De Pierrot, John Bonjovi, cooks Mario Batali and Fabio Pecorari among many others. Many famous restaurants in New York City hire graduates as waiters and cooks because of their passion for the culinary arts and desire to work in the field. There are also college campuses that offer degrees in this specialty.

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The course fees for a degree in the culinary arts vary according to the level of the degree and campus. For example, a certificate course usually costs less than a two-year degree program in a conventional cooking school. On average, a four-year degree in the area costs about $60,000.

Culinary schools offer both on-campus and online degrees. On-campus programs are usually housed in a traditional classroom setting. Students interact one-on-one with professors and get one-on-one coaching from kitchen staff members. Online kitchen courses use the Internet to let students complete assignments, do research and meet individually with professors. Some culinary schools have small groups of students, while others have small groups of up to 12 people at a time.

A couple of the schools that offer associate degrees in the hospitality industry are the American Intercontinental University and the Sullivan University national center. An associate’s degree takes about two years for students to complete. Many associate degree programs allow students to complete their degrees on their own time as they are able to set their own schedules. Students who already have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent may enroll in an associate program to upgrade their career or to begin specializing in a certain aspect of the culinary arts.

A four-year bachelor’s degree program is usually necessary to enroll in a hospitality management degree program. The curriculum consists of general education classes that help students learn about business, government, and personal knowledge. The bachelor’s also includes an upper level course that offers specialized training in foodservice management. In addition, students will learn about wine making, sanitation techniques, beverage preparation, and more.

There are a number of career and technical colleges that offer both associate degree programs and bachelors degree programs. Career colleges usually have campuses in the cities that are most popular, such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston. A majority of career colleges have campuses in the United States, although there are campuses in Canada and a few overseas locations.