Best Culinary Schools and Travel

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If you love to eat and want to be a chef, there are a variety of culinary schools across the world that will teach you the skills you need. You can go for an associate degree, bachelor’s, and even a master’s. Once you’ve completed your education, you can find a job in the culinary industry and get paid well.

Best Culinary School: CIA

Founded in 1946, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is one of the most prestigious and well-known culinary institutions in the world. This top-ranked culinary college in the United States offers programs that train students to be the best chefs in the business. Its curriculum covers everything from pastry and baking to cooking and culinary management.

The CIA also offers internships, giving its students real-world, on-the-job experience. Many of its graduates go on to own their dream restaurants and work in top restaurants around the world.

Best Culinary School: Johnson and Wales

Johnson and Wales is another top-ranked institution that offers multiple specialization options. Its faculty has over a hundred years of culinary expertise and the school’s career placement services help students land jobs in a short time.

This top-ranked university is located in Hyde Park and offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees to help students build their careers in the culinary world. Its campus also includes a food business school that teaches prospective restaurant owners how to run a successful business.

Most of its campuses are in the United States and Singapore, though it has a new campus in Hong Kong that is slated to open in late 2019. Its programs cover all aspects of the hospitality and culinary industries, with more than ten specialty fields available for students.

It is also known for its culinary travel, and offers trips to places like the South of France and Napa Valley. Its tours take travelers to local markets, bakers, cheese-makers, and home kitchens where they can learn the cultural stories behind the local cuisine.

Best Culinary Travel: Classic Journeys

Whether you are looking to explore the history of an ingredient or just visit a renowned local cook, these tours will give you the full picture of the region’s cuisine. These companies offer in-depth itineraries that will put you on a path to tasting and learning about the culture behind the dishes, all while enjoying delicious meals.

Heston Blumenthal – OBE, 6 Michelin Stars & Food Pairing Scientist

This celebrity chef and restaurateur holds six Michelin stars and has been awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen for his contributions to gastronomy. He is also known for experimenting with food pairings, identifying molecular similarities in different ingredients to combine them into dishes.

He is also a devoted fan of the science of food and has even sent his meals into space to prove that taste buds work differently at altitudes.

Lastly, Chef Yannick Alleno – Modern Cuisine This French chef has been carrying out research and development on French cuisine since 2013. He is a firm believer in the idea that there’s no wrong way to cook a meal and believes in a more open-minded approach to cooking.