Best Hotels In Jamaica

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Best Hotels In Jamaica

With such a wide variety of luxury urban hotels, beachfront properties and boutique resorts to select from, it may be hard to decide on where to go. Out of the 4,160 hotels thought to be in the 2021 Best Hotels list, these are likely the top 50. Just as important, they are also the most popular. A little research online can turn up excellent choices that you will want to see before making your final booking decision.

If you’re looking for something special, nothing beats a long walk on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the best hotels of Bermuda, on a private yacht. The St. George’s Yacht Club is a unique experience with ocean-front cabins, a pool, hot tub and restaurant. The St. George Yacht Club offers many fine amenities, including a pool, butler services, valet parking and deck pool. There is even a spa salon onsite!

If you like to play golf, there are some excellent resorts in Bermuda ideal for golfing holidays. At Golf del Coronado Resort, there are two unique championship golf courses, featuring the Blue Heron Golf Course and Bay Hill Country Club. There are two options to play at the resort; a 18-hole or nine-hole course. At Bay Hill Country Club, there is an extended and well-maintained public golf course with beautiful scenery. Each course has a different arrangement of water, bunkers and trees. In addition to golf courses, there are tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool and other facilities.

If relaxation and upscale amenities are more your style, then you are sure to fall in love with the Regent Palace Golf and Spa, a luxurious hotel that is perfect for all types of vacationers. You can indulge in the finest in spa treatments, have your hair done at the parlor, take lessons from the professional masseur and dine in one of the resort’s amazing restaurants. The Regent Palace has suites available that offer king sized beds and living room space for entertaining. In addition to the luxurious hotels mentioned, there are numerous resorts that offer packages designed specifically for couples, families and groups.

For those who are looking for an even closer escape from the distractions of daily life, the W hotel in Negril is the perfect choice. The W is a boutique that offers all the modern amenities of boutique hotels. Guests can benefit from superior quality spas, a restaurant and bar, business centers and rooms that are as elegant as they are serene. As well as being family friendly, there are several dining options at the W, which include an exquisite buffet, a gourmet restaurant and a fine array of guest services. Children too will love the kid-friendly atmosphere of the W.

To find out more about luxury accommodation in Jamaica, be sure to contact a reputable travel agent. They will be able to provide information on boutique hotels, deluxe suites, luxurious suites and all-inclusive resorts. They will also be able to arrange travel tours of Jamaica and show you how to get the most out of your stay by checking out all the possible attractions. A travel agent can also help you find your hotel and arrange airport pickup and delivery of your luggage.