Best Hotels in Oahu, Hawaii

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Best Hotels in Oahu, Hawaii

The best hotels of the world can be found in the US, UK and other European countries, but it’s a different story for North America. For the 4,516 hotels considered for the 2021 Best Hotels in America rankings, these are typically the top 50. While many of the hotels on the luxury lists were established around the world, a few have become iconic names in their own right. Here are a few of them.

Four Seasons Resort Boston, Massachusetts: One of the best hotels in America, this hotel is located near the Charles River in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The four-star facility is known for its impressive views of Boston Harbor and has been featured in numerous best hotels in America reviews. Located on Boylston Street, near the Charles River, the Four Seasons is home to an abundance of restaurants, bars and clubs, making it perfect for a family vacation.

Peninsula resorts: If you’re looking for luxury and charm beyond the island, head to the Peninsula hotels in San Diego’s Pacific Beach. Named for a peninsula that extended from San Diego to Oregon, the hotels here feature some of California’s best beaches and ocean-front spots. Ocean beach is particularly popular, with the facility featuring four world-class swimming pools and two excellent golf courses. The other ocean-side resort is the Crystal Palace, which is known for its tropical themed rooms. In addition to the ocean, the facilities offer an outdoor pool, barbecue, pool bar, beachside spa, and kid-friendly outdoor activities.

Raffles Grand Hotel & Spa: If you want to treat yourself to some luxury and pampering, head to the Royal Malewane Resort in Sarasota. Considered one of the best hotels in Hawaii by several travel and hospitality reviews, this spa and resort offers tropical therapies from award-winning staff and delicious meals. There are also many fitness options, such as heated pools, spas, and yoga classes. The resort features awards from the Better Business Bureau, which boast a consistently high rating of satisfied customers.

Le Royal Meridien Grand Hotel & Spa: Located in Vail, Colorado, this is one reviewer’s favorite as it offers many relaxing amenities, excellent food, and attentive service. The hotel boasts twenty-four rooms, including the spectacular Queen Suites, and there are many restaurants, boutiques, and clubs to choose from while in Vail. One reason why some travelers say that this is the best hotel on Oahu is because of the friendly staff and friendly atmosphere that prevails within its walls.

Stayioma Bay Hotel & Spa: This is one reviewer’s favorite because it is nestled among lush, green mountains in sunny California. Some travelers also love the unique shopping experiences they can enjoy onsite, which features items from around the globe. The one notable exception from the hotel’s high standard is that it is a bit pricey, with a base rate of nearly two hundred dollars. However, most reviewers will tell you that the vacation experience will be worth it when they return refreshed and revitalized.