Best Hotels in Phuket

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Best Hotels in Phuket

One thing that we can all appreciate about the best hotels in Thailand is their ambience and service. In this regard, they are probably some of the best in the world. The service can vary from resort to resort but one thing that you can count on is that you will be treated like a king or queen while staying at a luxury hotel in Phuket, for instance. The rooms are generally immaculate and offer fantastic views of the beach, the bay, the mountains, etc. However, before booking your hotel accommodations, make sure that you know what you’re getting into so that you can avoid any unforeseen surprises.

Some of the best hotels in Phuket will always be voted as one of the best hotels in the world by one traveler, often for years in a row. Such is the respect of this destination that many travelers will rate a particular establishment and even write a review on it, should they have the chance to do so. Such reviews may not always be flattering. Some people will critique the location, the service, or the quality of the meals. When these types of comments are left by other travelers, they often become a point of interest for travel bloggers, website owners, and even website visitors who are searching for an opportunity to read something negative about a specific destination.

Perhaps one of the best hotels in Phuket that has consistently received high ratings from both travelers and reviewers is the Raffles Grand Hotel. This establishment has four casinos inside its premises, which is more than you can say for most resorts in Phuket. The casino games are very entertaining, exciting, and fun. It also offers some of the best food in Phuket and the best dining in all of Thailand. The New York City style ambience is also a big hit with tourists on the hunt for good food and nightlife entertainment.

If a person is looking for the perfect blend of relaxation, luxurious accommodations, and delicious food, then the Raffles Grand Hotel is the perfect destination. The majority of its guests are delighted with the relaxed and stylish atmosphere that pervades the resort. There are over eight hundred and sixty five rooms in total, which is a lot of space for large groups of people to enjoy themselves. This makes the Raffles Grand Hotel the perfect choice for groups planning a getaway or a romantic trip with their significant other. There is no place like it on the island of Phuket for couples who want to truly experience a romantic Thai experience.

Raffles Palace is located on a five minute walk from the airport and is within walking distance to the best golf courses in the area as well as shopping and nightlife. It is the ultimate resort for an extended stay as it offers wonderful accommodations, wonderful amenities, extensive activities on the beach, and access to some of the best beaches in Phuket. Both the Mandarin Oriental and the Raffles Palace have fantastic pools and all of them have fantastic restaurants where you can eat and unwind after a long day of lounging around in the sun.

One traveler says that her favorite aspect of this hotel is the amazing location that it offers. It is right next to a lot of exciting attractions, which keeps travelers wanting to stay longer and experience the richness of the area. Another favorite of this hotel from Raffles Grand Hotel Le Jolie reviewers is that the food is excellent and the prices are affordable even for budget travelers. If you are one traveler who says that Raffles Grand Hotel Le Jolie is the best there is, then you will definitely want to make this your next Phuket hotel.