Best Hotels to Stay at in Columbus, OH

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Best Hotels to Stay at in Columbus, OH

The list of the best hotels in the USA is a long one, as they are all part of the USA’s crowning glory. There is no denying that hotels play an important role in supporting the hospitality industry in the country. They have become indispensable and play a huge role in the economic as well as the social welfare of the nation. Without them, the business community would not be able to sustain itself and flourish. There are several factors that influence their ranking and hence their choice of selection.

While choosing among the best hotels in the USA, consideration must be given to spa treatment and other luxuries offered in the hotel. Among the 4, XVI World offers a wide variety of luxurious hotels and suites. Out of the 5,616 hotels anticipated for the upcoming 2021 Best Hotels In America rankings, these are considered the top 50 best hotels to stay in.

One of the best hotels to stay at that offers outstanding customer service and great value for money is the One World Marble Spa Resort in Orlando. The One World offers a wide variety of amenities and all the comforts one may need while traveling on vacation. The resort has a great location, and has been voted best hotel to stay in Florida by most travel and review magazines. There are many luxurious suites available at One World, which allow travelers to experience the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.

Another top hotel that receives heavy traffic from reviewers and travelers is the Sheraton Downtown Suites in Columbus, Ohio. The hotel features award winning views of the downtown area as well as beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces for relaxation. Some of the best hotel suites in Columbus are located at the Downtown Columbus Concierge Center on East Boulevard. This hotel has excellent views of the Columbus downtown area, and rooms boast high ceilings and luxurious decor.

One reviewer writes that the Best Western Stevens Inn on East Carson Street is one of the best hotels to stay at if one is visiting Columbus. The reviews seem to agree, as this hotel offers a wide range of amenities, including a rooftop pool, in house restaurants, bar, lounge, pool, spa, and meeting space. The bedroom decorations and furniture pieces are top notch, with every room featuring high definition televisions, flat screen monitors, and cable or internet access. Many of the guestrooms feature a fire extinguisher, security system, bar, and refrigerator.

Reviewers also like the fact that The Mayfair Suites at the Mayfair in Columbus has five-star accommodations that offer privacy and peacefulness. The suites are also known for their spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. The suites contain king beds and queen beds, and include high end appliances like washer/dryer combos, coffeemakers, televisions, and washer/dryers. These types of amenities make The Mayfair Suites one of the best hotels to stay at if one desires to feel like they have been transported to another time and place.