Best Vacation Destinations Around the World

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Best Vacation Destinations Around the World

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia If there is something that is definitely great about this planet, it’s the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is perhaps one of the best vacation destinations for anybody who wishes to sight one of nature’s greatest marvels. The reef covers about 2,500 kilometers and is such big that it can truly be spotted from space! It is really a sight to behold.

The destination has a lot of tourist attractions as well. A perfect mix of both sandy beaches and the great barrier reef makes for a wonderful vacation spot. A trip to Australia won’t be complete without visiting the world famous Sydney Opera House or checking out the fantastic shopping malls that line the Australian capital. There are so many different things to do while in the country, making it an ideal spot for all kinds of tourists.

There are many other areas, however, that rank right up there with the best deal destinations when it comes to taking advantage of all that Australia has to offer. Some of these include the islands of New Zealand and Hawaii. These islands have many things to offer tourists, including pristine beaches, surfing, lounging on beautiful beaches and a host of different cultural activities.

For those looking for more tropical travel, then the island of Bali is definitely worth looking into. This is an island that is full of famous sights and sounds, which is why it is often referred to as the “Pearl of the east.” The island has so many beaches to enjoy and many different cultures, including Hindu religious sites and even the beautiful island of Java. Bali offers visitors plenty of great vacation spots to choose from, making it a popular destination for a long weekend getaway.

In addition to the popular islands of Bali, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, there are also other island destinations that rank near the top of lists all over the world. One of the places that definitely needs to be mentioned is Australia, which is a great destination for travelers who are seeking some good down under. The country is full of sandy beaches and natural wonders, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. A number of camping grounds and caravan parks are located in remote areas of Australia, which makes them ideal for overnight trips.

The Amalfi Coast is another popular tourist spot in Italy. It is a large region of coastline that is covered with soft sandy beaches perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. The main attractions of this region include the Duomo, Monte Calamoro and the Sondino shores, which are all popular attractions in their own rights. These are just a few of the many beaches and other attractions that make Italy one of the top destinations for all kinds of tourists. No matter what your preference may be, you will certainly be able to find a perfect vacation spot for you, as almost all major cities have a number of popular tourist attractions.