&Beyond’s Guide to World Travel

world travel

Travel is an experience that expands your mind and opens your heart. It helps you to see the world and other people in new ways, and it teaches you that there are many more similarities than differences between different cultures and traditions. But more than anything, it makes you a better person.

People are hardwired for adventure, and &Beyond believes the best way to tap into that energy is through the experience of world travel. Zip-lining over a jungle canopy in Peru, bartering for a bargain in the markets of Marrakech, or even just learning to say “hello” in a foreign language will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and into an extraordinary one.

It’s easy to be swayed by the many opinions and perspectives that surround travel, but it’s also important to embrace your own unique style. If you want to check every bucket list item off your list at a destination, go for it; if you love to take in all of the art and architecture, do it; if you’re into a more active vacation, then pack your hiking shoes; if you need to sit down for an hour and just read a book on the beach, then do that too.

The world is a big place, and no matter how much you plan and book, you will not be able to see everything. That’s part of the fun, but it can also be frustrating when you realize that something you wanted to see is closed for a special event or the line for a popular attraction is out the door because you didn’t buy tickets ahead of time. This is why planning is so crucial; it will help you maximize your time and experience.

As more travelers head to destinations around the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to book some things in advance. Not only does it ensure you’ll have access to the most sought after attractions, but it can also save you hours of waiting in line. For example, purchasing a timed entrance ticket for the Louvre Museum in advance will allow you to skip the lines and explore the art gallery more quickly.

While it is tempting to turn away from the world in the wake of recent events, it’s vital to remember that most travel-related businesses are continuing to operate and thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking this opportunity to support these businesses will help ensure the survival of tourism, which is an important contributor to global prosperity.

If you’re thinking about a trip but are concerned about safety, we recommend speaking with one of our travel professionals to learn more about how World Travel can protect you. We can provide detailed risk assessments, recommend appropriate accommodations, and share our industry expertise in the areas of security, terrorism, and infectious disease. Contact us today for more information.