Experience a Passion For Cooking With the Best Culinary Institute in the Country

Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star State, is home to some of the best culinary colleges you will ever find. While the state of Texas does have a very long history with the petroleum industry, many cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Austin all sport a vibrant culinary and tourism industry. Dallas has been called “the new Rome” because of its excellent dining and nightlife. Many celebrities dine in this amazing city. Some of their must try restaurants include:

best culinary

Le Cellar at The Lanai is rated one of the best restaurants in all of Texas by Trip Advisor. It is a seafood restaurant that offers fabulous customer service, fabulous food, award winning wine, as well as a fantastic view. This is a wonderful place to take the family or just go on a date. Le Cellar serves some of the best seafood in all of Texas. This restaurant has an amazing four seasons bar where you can learn more about the food and wine selections.

This top-rated restaurant has only six locations in Texas and they are located in Downtown Dallas, endorf, Granada Hills, and at the Galleria at Main Street. The restaurant serves some of the best Mediterranean and Tex-Mex cuisine that you can enjoy while enjoying some great food and drinks. If you have never had the pleasure of dining at Chefs Bar then you should definitely do so. Here you can meet some of the best culinary school graduates in the country as well as discover what it really takes to be a professional chef.

This award winning kitchen and bar offers you the opportunity to meet the culinary professionals who are paving the way in the fast food industry. If you are a working chef, service chef, pastry chef or a restaurant owner this is a great place to meet with several alumni of your favorite culinary school. You can relax on one of their many patio tables and enjoy conversations with current and former chefs. If you are looking for information on how to open your own restaurant or even if you are ready to expand your current business this is the place for you.

This award winning kitchen and bar offers you a chance to visit the culinary institute during the spring break or holiday season. The chefs here are more experienced that many of the chefs in other local restaurants. This will allow you to learn some new cooking techniques from some of the best in the business. Kendall College is also home to four other restaurants. You will have a variety of different restaurants to choose from that serve both great food and great drinks.

If you are looking for an exciting and different type of culinary experience that allows you to make new friends, earn a degree, and find employment or a new career this is the right option for you. Experience the hospitality industry by attending one of the many programs offered by the culinary institute denote. With so much to offer you and your entire family you can’t go wrong with this prestigious program options that you have available to you at Kendall college.