How to Choose the Best Hotels

best hotels

Hotels are a large industry, and there are over 700,000 across the globe. They range widely in price, size, and quality of accommodation. To choose the best hotel, look for those that offer quality accommodations and promise the amenities they advertise. Good hotels also have reliable customer service, and delicious food. The following are a few examples of the top hotels around the world.

A view of the city is hard to beat when staying in a city like New York. Whether you’re looking out over Central Park, the Hudson River, or a neighborhood, you’ll find a view you’ll never forget. Many hotels also feature world-class spas and hot tubs.

The Plaza Hotel is a historic hotel with luxurious accommodations and a fine spa. It is a great choice for families or couples. The Plaza Tower Room has a 23-foot exposed brick turret ceiling. The Fitzgerald Suite King, designed by Oscar-winning interior designer Catherine Martin, is a tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age. The Plaza has excellent restaurants and signature cocktails. The hotel is also located close to the falls.

The Knickerbocker Hotel is another excellent choice in Times Square. Located just 180 feet from Times Square, this hotel is ideal for New Years Eve parties. It also has a rooftop bar at the same address. And if you can’t decide between two different hotels, you can try out the Hyatt Centric Hotel, which is right in the middle of Times Square. Its floor-to-ceiling windows provide great views of the city.