How to Choose the Best Hotels

The best hotels are those that provide the most upscale and luxurious accommodations, and offer top-notch amenities to ensure guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay. These hotels often offer personal butlers, doormen, concierges, around-the-clock room service, spas and fitness centers, live entertainment, child care, valet parking, and more.

Three Stars: A Balance between Comfort and Amenities

3-star hotels tend to be the mid-tier options of upscale hotel chains, offering comfortable rooms with a couch or chair, a desk, closet, phone, alarm clock, and flat-screen TV with extended cable packages. They also tend to have more on-site amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, a gym, pool, and dining facilities for breakfast.

Four Stars: A Balance Between Luxury and Amenities

Four-star hotels are a step up from the three-stars, and usually have more luxurious features, such as a private pool, spa, fitness center, and more. The rooms may also feature a private bathroom and a bathtub.

Five Stars: A Level of Luxury and Service

Unlike the two-star and three-star hotels, five-star hotels provide a higher level of service. These hotels cater to the wealthy and famous, providing a wide range of amenities and services. Some of the most popular five-star hotels include The Plaza, Four Seasons, and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, among others.

Verified Reviews: An Important Consideration

When choosing a hotel, it’s crucial to make sure the review is from an actual customer, rather than someone who paid to write it. This means the person reviewing should have a receipt for the cost of their stay, or some other proof that they really did stay at the hotel.

This is important because it helps people who are trying to make an informed decision about which hotel to book. Having verified reviews can help users avoid scams and other problems that can arise when booking a hotel online.

Google My Business: Updated Listings are an Important Part of the Travel Experience

Having updated hotel listings on Google My Business is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your hotel’s search rankings. The platform allows you to manage your hotel’s online reputation by thanking reviewers, replying to negative reviews and catching trends as they develop.

TripAdvisor: The Best Hotel Reviews Site

Tripadvisor is the most popular hotel review site in the world, averaging more than 2.5 million reviews across nearly 13,000 properties. The site recently added Hotel Finder, which enables users to see pricing, photos and reviews for any hotel within a specific destination.

The company’s latest move is a bit of a departure from the old way of doing things, as it’s now allowing verified reviews to be posted on its website. The only caveat is that you must submit a screenshot of your receipt to verify the stay, but it’s well worth the effort.

The era of anything-goes, unverified hotel reviews is finally over, and it’s up to the companies that run these sites to find a way to ensure they are trustworthy. In addition to ensuring reviews are verified, some of these websites allow you to respond to negative reviews and listen to guest feedback so you can address any issues that might arise during their stay.