Keep Up-To-Date With The Best Culinary Blogs

The food world moves fast, and chefs are constantly evolving their styles. New recipes appear and quickly become the gold standard, while hot restaurants come and go in the blink of an eye. Culinary schools are one way to stay on the cutting edge and gain an in-depth education that will give you the skills to succeed. Whether you’re interested in pastry, management or something else entirely, there are many top culinary schools to choose from. But which ones? You’ll have to take the time to research all your options.

While some might oppose the idea, there’s no denying that culinary schools are crucial for those who dream of becoming professional chefs. Formal training not only provides the technical tools to perform in this competitive and, at times, brutal industry but also teaches important business lessons like menu planning, facility design, budgeting and management techniques.

In the US, there are many top culinary schools to choose. But before you select a program, it’s important to consider what your goals are. Do you want to pursue a career in baking? Or are you more interested in brewing? You’ll need to find a school that offers the degree you’re looking for and can offer you the hands-on experience you’ll need.

One of the most renowned culinary schools is Le Cordon Bleu, which was founded by French chef Auguste Escoffier in Paris in 1895. The famous institution is considered the guardian of French technique and has many famous alumni, including Julia Child. The school has a number of locations around the world, and offers degrees in a variety of areas, including baking and confectionery, cuisines of the world, hospitality management, wine and spirits and nutritional science.

Another culinary school that offers a number of different programs is the Culinary Institute of America, which has multiple campuses across the country and abroad. The school was originally founded to teach returning World War II veterans, and has since grown to include many different culinary and hospitality management degrees.

If you’re not interested in going to culinary school but still want to keep up with the latest trends and developments, you can do so by following a few of the best culinary blogs. These sites offer a variety of content, including chef interviews, recipe roundups and articles on food culture and trends.

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