The Best Culinary Experiences

best culinary

For foodies, the best culinary experiences come in many shapes and sizes. They can happen while dining at an award-winning restaurant, taking a class from a top chef or simply enjoying a bowl of pasta in the comfort of home. There’s no one definitive way to gauge the quality of a restaurant or cook, but some industry watchers look to awards to give them guidance. While there are countless accolades out there, some of the biggest and most prestigious come from the World’s 50 Best, Michelin and the James Beard Foundation.

The first and most famous culinary award is probably the Gault Millau, which was established in 1965 when a pair of restaurant critics from France pooled their talents to create the system. Unlike other food-related award systems, Gault Millau only gives restaurants a score based on the quality of their dishes and not on the overall experience or service level. The system uses a 20-point scale and restaurants that receive a high enough score can display up to four toques on their buildings.

Another of the biggest culinary awards is the James Beard, which was created in 1948 and largely kick-started the modern foodie movement with its focus on worldwide regional cuisines, star chefs and reliable recipes. The magazine also helped spur the rise of local food movements, which have exploded in popularity. The magazine is still going strong and continues to be the leading source for food news and information.

In addition to its awards, the James Beard Foundation has a number of other programs and initiatives that support chefs and the American food scene. Its scholarship program, for example, helps students afford culinary education while ensuring that talented chefs from low-income backgrounds can pursue their dreams. The Foundation also hosts the annual New York City Restaurant Week, where diners can enjoy special menus at participating restaurants.

When it comes to cooking shows, the top spot is taken by Bravo’s Top Chef. The popular competition, now in its 19th season, has spawned eight spin-offs and helped launch the careers of many talented contestants. The show is not only entertaining, but it also provides useful kitchen tips that can help home cooks up their game.

For those looking to learn more about the art of cooking, a visit to the Institute of Culinary Education is a must. The school was named the best culinary school by the Daily Meal in 2016. Sullivan University also offers an Associate of Science degree majors in five different areas of the hospitality field, including Culinary Arts and Professional Baking and Pastry.

After years of trial and error, chefs pick up a lot of cooking advice that they share with other people who want to learn how to cook better. From tips for working with seafood to busting certain myths about marinating, these chefs are offering up some of the best culinary advice out there.