The Best Culinary Tips From Professionals

Whether you’re a master chef or a novice, there are always little tricks that can improve your kitchen skills. We’ve rounded up the best culinary tips from professionals that have helped them achieve a higher level of cooking. Whether it’s a simple tip like using a beer cooler as a sous vide machine or a technique that helps a baker get better results, these top culinary tips will help you cook more efficiently and create the dishes of your dreams!

If you’re interested in a career as a professional chef, consider studying at one of the best culinary schools. These institutions offer hands on learning and on campus student-run dining establishments to give students real world experience. They also have expert faculty and a solid reputation in the industry.

Culinary Institute of America

Located in Hyde Park, this culinary school is one of the top culinary schools in the US and offers many different culinary degree programs. Its bachelor’s degrees include baking and pastry arts, food and beverage management, and international cuisine. It’s also known for its hospitality and entrepreneurship degree program, which prepares students to own their own restaurants.

Culinary Institute of New York

Founded in 1946, this culinary school is one of the most well-known culinary schools in the US and has several locations. Its bachelor’s degree includes baking and pastry arts, culinary management, and food and beverage services. This school also offers an associate degree in baking and pastry arts, as well as a diploma in culinary management.

Schenectady County Community College

This culinary school is a great option for students who want to learn more about the restaurant industry. Its associate degrees in baking and pastry, culinary arts, and hospitality and entrepreneurship are accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Additionally, the school has connections with companies such as Levy Restaurants at Disney World and Spectrum Concessions to provide internship opportunities for its students.

Cook’s Illustrated

For recipes tested and proven to work, turn to this magazine for the most effective, tastiest cooking tips. It’s the ultimate cookbook, plus it explains why things work and sometimes why they don’t. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cake or the right way to cook salmon, this cookbook has all the answers. Unlike other cook books, this one is easy to read and covers the basics, as well as more advanced techniques. It’s a must have for any home chef!