The Best Family Vacation Spots in the Country

The United States of America is a country rich with landmarks, destinations, and things to do. Some of the best family vacation spots in the country are listed below.

New York City – Although it may seem a little odd to say, New York is the world’s greatest metropolis. From glitzy nightlife to world-class museums to cultural attractions, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Besides being home to Manhattan, Brooklyn is also a hotspot for quirky boutiques and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for an action packed city break or just some quiet time in the country, NYC is a great option.

Orlando – Despite its reputation for a more adult oriented culture, Orlando is a fantastic family destination with numerous attractions to keep your kids occupied. Its many cites are filled with family-friendly activities and fun, and the city’s numerous parks offer a range of options for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. In addition to the city’s famous theme parks, you can take the kids to one of the many aquariums, or even enjoy the newest water park, the Magical Waters.

Las Vegas – Located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, Las Vegas has a wide range of lodging options that fit any budget. While you’re in town, make sure to check out the neon-lighted strip and the famous casinos, including the High Roller. You’ll also want to explore the city’s many craft breweries and art galleries. If you’re in town during the summer months, you can go on a daily tour of the state capitol building.

Miami – Known for its white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife, Miami is a popular destination for sunny vacations. There are also several attractions to keep you busy, including the Art Deco Historic District and Everglades National Park. Aside from the city’s many museums, there’s no shortage of family-friendly dining options.

Palm Springs – Also in California, Palm Springs is a great place to unwind and relax. Unlike some other family vacation spots, you’ll be able to find plenty of entertainment close to your hotel, making it a fun, hassle-free option for families.

Lastly, Kauai – With its lush landscape, sweeping waterfalls, and azure waters, Kauai is a tropical paradise. When it comes to family-friendly activities, it’s hard to beat the many options available here, including hiking, snorkeling, and sailing.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any good vacation is choosing the right location. Choosing the most appropriate destination depends on a number of factors, including the size of the travel party, the weather, and your own preferences. Nevertheless, the following are some of the more popular destinations that families should consider:

Other notables include Orlando, Denver, and Miami. All of these cities are considered to be some of the best family vacation spots in the United States, and have enough attractions and things to do to keep your entire brood entertained for weeks.

Obviously, there are many other family vacation destinations in the U.S., but the following are the most notable.