The Best Hotels in the World

Whether you’re a first-time traveler to a major city or a resident ready for a home away from home, the hotel you choose can make or break your trip. After all, a great hotel doesn’t just provide a bed and clean sheets, it offers an immersive experience that can help you explore your destination at its most authentic level. From opulent, five-star properties to sleek boutique hotels, the best hotels are more than just places to sleep. They offer a host of amenities and services to ensure you get the most out of your time in the room, from a spa-like shower to a butler who draws your bath. From trendy Manhattan neighborhoods to tropical islands, the best hotels have something for everyone.

While the perks offered by these hotels range from simple (room service and housekeeping) to over-the-top (a butler drawing your bath), all hotels have one thing in common: hospitality. From the swanky hotel chains that offer a wide range of restaurants and spas to the local gems with rooftop pools and subterranean nightclubs, these accommodations take hospitality seriously. From rooms that skew unusually large to sleek modern furniture and curated art collections, these hotels go above and beyond to offer the perfect home away from home for their guests.

When it comes to the most amazing hotels, Las Vegas is known for offering an entire experience rather than just a place to stay. From the incredibly themed suites to its many five-star restaurants, Las Vegas hotels offer their guests an escape into another world. Some of the most unique hotels feature themes that are based on Ancient Rome or even a whole castle. Caesar’s Palace, for example, is a must-visit hotel because of its incredible statues and Roman-inspired architecture. Other hotels offer their guests a taste of ancient Greece or the Middle Ages, such as the Bellagio, with its gondola rides and moving sculptures.

In addition to its spectacular hotel rooms, the Cosmopolitan offers a variety of restaurants and bars. From its rooftop pool with Strip views to the cliff-top restaurant, Sirena, the Cosmopolitan has something for everyone. Moreover, the Cosmopolitan is one of the few hotels that offer its guests a free show in addition to its amazing amenities.

The Philippines is a tropical paradise full of breathtaking beaches, secluded lagoons and azure waters. There are 7,641 islands in the country, so it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t have its own little slice of heaven. Luckily, the best hotels in the Philippines offer guests a taste of heaven with its stunning beaches and luxurious suites.