The Best Round-The-World Trips

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There are few experiences that can top a round-the-world trip. It’s the kind of journey that inspires daydreamers and fills bucket lists. It’s also the sort of adventure that can destroy a travel budget. And if you’re not careful, it can also destroy your mental and physical health. But if you plan carefully and stick to the budget, a world trip is entirely possible.

Seeing the world provides an education that’s absolutely impossible to get in school. It teaches you economy, politics, history, geography and sociology in a hands-on way that no class can match. And it opens your mind in ways that nothing else can. It gives you a chance to see the beauty and the horror of humanity’s past, and it forces you to consider how we can make things better in our future.

A world travel experience isn’t only about the places you visit, it’s also about the people you meet along the way. The world is full of fascinating people, and if you’re open to it, there are plenty of ways to get to know them.

One of the most important lessons to learn from traveling is how much we owe to other cultures. Whether it’s learning the language of a new country or embracing a local religion, these cultural interactions can change your life in unexpected and positive ways.

The dozens of monolithic Moai statues that dot Easter Island have long drawn curious travelers to this remote Polynesian archipelago. Add in gorgeous coastal views and a booming foodie scene, and you have a must-see destination for every traveler.

From the iconic Sydney Opera House to kangaroos and cuddly koalas, Australia is a nature lover’s paradise. Take a cruise through the Great Barrier Reef or explore more of the natural splendor of the Galapagos Islands to experience this incredible country for yourself.

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