The Best Vacation Spots in the Country

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The Best Vacation Spots in the Country

Here are my personal picks for best vacation spots in the South. There are dozens of vacation spots in this part of the country and each offers something unique to its visitors. With hundreds of miles of beaches, mountains, deep river lakes, and scenic streams in between, there is something here for everyone.

Johnson Gap, North Carolina – This popular tourist spot is located near Murrells Inlet in the Great Smoky Mountains. Many people enjoy hiking and camping through the forest, which is why the area has become a popular place for weekend getaways. If you want to be in the know about great vacation spots in the mountains, you might consider this one of the best vacations to ever be invented. There are several hiking trails through caves, plus there is the option of day tripping up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to experience the park. There are also plenty of wonderful campgrounds in the area, where families can take a nice long hike before heading home.

Little Rock, Arkansas – This southwestern destination is one of the best vacation spots in the country for anyone who loves to travel to remote areas. There are plenty of options for lodging including RV parks, hotels, and campgrounds. You can also get to know the history of this city by taking a drive across the Little Rock River from historic Fort Robinson to historical sites including the Alton House. There are also plenty of great things to do around the Little Rock area, such as enjoying one of the many theaters around town, or enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Hot Springs, Arkansas – The natural beauty of this area around springs is second to none, and there are numerous ways to enjoy the beauty of it. Because it is located in an area surrounded by mountains, there are times when you can take a breathtaking drive over the Pikes Peak foothills into the cooler mountain air. During the day, you can hike along the trails surrounding the springs, or at night you can enjoy a dinner outdoors on one of the rustic tables set in one of the many caves. There are several wonderful museums as well, including one that features life-size replicas of animals found in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Yellowstone National Park – This is another one of the best vacation spots in the country for those who love traveling to remote areas. Not only is Yellowstone beautiful, but there are several opportunities for adventure that you will not find anywhere else. Yellowstone boasts an enormous amount of wildlife including elk, moose, mountain goats, and bighorn deer. You can also go on an extended road trip right out of Yellowstone, which will allow you to see several other fascinating places. You can find plenty of lodging in Yellowstone, and there are plenty of guided tours available as well. As you can see, there are many reasons why a trip to Yellowstone National Park is one of the best vacations you can take.