Types of World Travel

world travel

Types of World Travel

World travel is the conveyance of people between different distant geographical areas. Travel can be undertaken by bicycle, foot, car, plane, train, boat, truck, train or other means and is one way to travel or round trip in the world. There are several types of world travel: land/water, sea/shore, mountain, air, rail and road-the last two forms of travel are quite complex in their own ways. For the convenience of readers, the following outlines the most common types of world travel.

Land/Water travels are mainly through valleys, hills, beaches, rivers and lakes. The most familiar example of a land/water journey is a camping or hiking holiday. In this type of journey, the travellers are usually accompanied by animals such as dogs or wild cats. Other animals that help with the traveller’s experience are llamas, llama’s and pixies.

Air travels are usually short distances, such as within the country or from another country to another country. It can take several days or weeks depending on the distance travelled. Sea/shore travels are travels that start or end at a beach or another body of water. These types of journeys usually last for days.

Mountain travels are those that cross oceans or change location along rivers or large mountain ranges. For example, Sir Richard Branson who travels around the globe regularly can say that his home country is “sort of like a postcard”. When travelling in a vehicle, a driver may look at scenery like a postcard, a piece of a world, a new car go past, or a police car went up the road. This type of journey is a good reflection of the type of atmosphere the travellers want to have, either calm, exciting, dramatic or somewhere in between.

Ocean travels are for the best part very short distances. They can range from a couple of days to a few weeks. It can take a person to change location from one country to another, like when a person travels from Spain to Brazil, or from France to Italy. A new car go past, a policeman went up the street, or a door looking tourist stops by. This type of journey offers a good way to see new places.

There is no one set way to travel. Each and every type of world travel experiences are unique. It depends on where the traveller wants to go and how they want to see it. No matter what your desires are for world travel, there is a way to see it.