What the Best Culinary School Degree Program Can Offer You

For most of my life, I have cherished the memory of going to my grandmother’s hometown, which is in Fort Collins, Colorado. During the summer, my family would take road trips up the famous Poudre Canyon into the southwest corner of Colorado. My earliest recollections of my grandmother are of sitting on the porch eating lemonade while listening to the roaring river and smelling the mountain air. Although it was just a short drive away from Denver, I can remember feeling much more at ease being able to head to my grandmother’s dining room because it was situated so conveniently for me. It was conveniently located next to her patio, which allowed her to spend quality time with both of her sons and daughters while enjoying the outdoors scenery of the area.

When I think about the world famous chefs that have made my grandmother’s restaurant such a special place, I cannot help but picture a huge cross section of diverse personalities coming together to share their talents and passions for food and beverages. There is Heston Blumenthal, Emeril Lagasse, Tom Colicchio, Thomas Keller, Michael Pollan, and many other culinary geniuses from all around the world. In addition to the culinary talents that are displayed during each of these incredible chefs’ reigns at these world famous restaurants, there were also other aspects of the restaurant that made it a true gem. Let me discuss some of these aspects.

Convenience is one of the main reasons that make the dining experience at La Table La Fondue such a pleasure. People from all walks of life can be accommodated at this establishment and all types of dietary restrictions are accepted. The large housekeeping that takes place in all six kitchen sections ensure that nothing is missed during the preparation of every meal. For people that live an active lifestyle, this is truly a lifesaver. Those that are more sedentary can still dine like a king at this fine dining establishment as well.

The second aspect of the La Table that I would like to discuss is the hands-on experience. I love having the opportunity to work in such an open environment. The large kitchen is filled with creative cooks that are inspired by their own culinary talents to always come up with something new and exciting. The constant flow of inspiration helps create a highly fertile environment for budding chefs. One of my favorite aspects of being employed at this establishment is the ability to collaborate with the talented culinary team that work so hard to produce consistently amazing dishes.

The third aspect is of course the beverage menu. This may seem like a small facet of the overall restaurant experience but it is a very important one. The beverage selections at La Table include local and International flavors from all over the United States. Some of our favorites include: coconut milk, pecan, almond, cinnamon, vanilla, and banana. This wide selection really showcases the talent that goes into crafting masterpieces from the most unique and delicious locales throughout the USA.

Having been a chef for the past two years, I have taken much interest in the hospitality industry as well. I am constantly searching for ways to creatively incorporate my flair for food and beverage preparation into the design of any given dish. Being able to attend a culinary school degree program in the state of Texas is a huge advantage for anyone interested in breaking into the hospitality industry. The state is a great place to be because the people are so welcoming and friendly. If you are seeking something new and exciting, you should definitely check out a La Table Restaurant as your next move in the restaurant world.