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world travel

World Travel has been saving travelers money and time since 1961. They have advisors who have travelled around the world on familiarization tours and experienced the best adventures. World Travel offers everything from golf vacations to Europe and South America to business travel. You can even get accounting reports from the destinations you visit. And, of course, you can take advantage of their extensive knowledge of the local culture. So, get ready for the best adventure in the world! The next time you plan a trip, consider World Travel!

The book’s structure mimics a travel guide. World Travel covers 43 countries, and each entry focuses on Bourdain’s connections to the culture and food of the place. The authors, Laurie Woolever and Christopher Bourdain, have compiled essays and stories from Bourdain and the Bourdain team. While the book’s title may suggest a travel guide, it’s also an entertaining listen.