World Travel by Anthony Bourdain

world travel

If you’ve always wanted to visit a foreign country, you’ve probably considered World Travel. Whether you’re planning to travel on a budget or looking for a more adventurous vacation, they have all the tools you need to plan a world-class trip. From affordable vacation packages to golf trips, World Travel has it all. For business travelers, World Travel offers the best accommodations and accounting reports to keep track of your costs. Whether you’re going on vacation for a week or a month, World Travel has something for everyone.

World Travel is set up as a travel guide, spanning 43 countries, with entries focusing on Bourdain’s connection to each country and its people, food, and culture. Though most entries focus on the travel details, the book goes beyond these facts and dives deep into the culture of each place. It also features essays by Bourdain and Christopher Bourdain, who contributed to the book. The book makes the best reference for those who want to travel and experience different cultures.