World Travel by Anthony Bourdain

world travel

As an avid traveler, you have likely heard of World Travel. If you have, you may be interested in how the company has saved countless travelers time and money since 1961. World Travel advisors have travelled the world on familiarization tours and have personally experienced the best adventures the world has to offer. World Travel has everything from golf packages to vacation travel to South America, Africa, and Europe. Business travelers can also count on World Travel to find the best accommodations and accounting reports for their trips.

World Travel is set up like a travel guide and features essays about 43 different countries. While each entry provides basic travel information, Bourdain often emphasizes the connections he made to a particular place, the food, the culture, and his own personal experiences. Woolever’s work is based on years of working with Bourdain, and the book’s humour is evident in the tone of the prose. This is a great book for travelers of all levels and ages.