World Travel Challenges of 2022

For many people, world travel is a way to get out of their comfort zone and see a different part of the globe. The experience helps them expand their horizons and gives them a greater sense of being a citizen of the world. It also allows them to meet a diverse group of people, learn more about their cultures and make new friends.

Travel is a form of self-discovery that challenges you, and ultimately makes you a better person. The experiences you have, whether it’s zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru or bartering for the best price at a traditional market in Morocco, leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied. It’s a feeling that’s hard to find anywhere else in life.

Taking on new challenges is a big part of the travel experience, and it’s something that can be especially beneficial for couples or groups traveling together. Whether it’s trying to reach the top of a mountain or seeing every country in one trip, the process pushes you beyond what you thought you could accomplish and teaches you something about yourself in the process.

In 2022, travelers took to the skies, rails and seas to check off bucket-list moments. From Arctic adventures to luxury yacht cruises, the year saw travelers going further than ever before.

For Rachel Davey and Martina Sebova, who began their ambitious journey in 2018, it was all about the challenge. They set out to become the first two women to visit all 195 countries and territories in the world. The pair bonded over their shared passion for travel and decided to work together to achieve their goal.

The global economy continues to grow, and with it comes increased opportunities for world travel. With more of the world’s population becoming mobile, there is an increasing demand for affordable and flexible travel. Luckily, the travel industry is keeping up with this growth by focusing on ways to provide value to travelers and offer more options for those who want to explore.

A world tour can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that offers unparalleled cultural immersion and personal development. If you’re planning to take your own trip, the first step is to pick out personal highlights and then flesh out an itinerary around those goals. For example, if you’re a hiker, plan an itinerary that starts in Perth and then traces the route of the Inca Trail to New Zealand or ends in Sydney after taking the Trans-Siberian Railway to Beijing.

With the coronavirus pandemic behind us, now is a great time to plan that long-awaited around-the-world adventure. With the help of a trusted travel management company, you can book flights that comply with federal travel regulations and save money in the process.