World Travel Consultants for Princeton University Groups, Students, and Guests

world travel

World Travel Inc. has a dedicated team to help Princeton University groups, students and guests plan their trip. They can be reached during business hours and even have an emergency service center if something unexpected happens. These three travel consultants work full time with the Princeton community and provide assistance for any travel needs. They are Fatima, Stephanie, and Teri. Each has years of experience working with Princeton travelers and are committed to helping you plan your trip to the fullest.

World Travel by Anthony Bourdain is the perfect travel companion, with tips from the world’s best adventurers and stories from the most exotic destinations. The author’s experience abroad has inspired his travel guidebook and offers essential advice and context. The book also includes his wit and wisdom. While Anthony Bourdain was a storyteller first, he also traveled the world and worked on his book while suffering from a serious health condition. This guide is based on an audio version of a brainstorming session, and the authors have been friends for many years.

World Travel has been saving travelers time and money since 1961. Its travel advisors have traveled the world on familiarization tours and personally explored the best adventures the world has to offer. Vacation travel packages to Europe, Africa, and South America are just a few of the many things that World Travel offers. Business travelers can benefit from the highest-quality accommodations and travel accounting reports. It’s important to be a little more prepared than you were last year when planning a trip.