World Travel – Planning the Adventure of a Lifetime

world travel

World travel is an adventure in which a person visits countries on different continents. People do this for a variety of reasons, including business, education, pleasure or to gain a better understanding of other cultures and customs. It is also a great way to become more open-minded and tolerant of others’ opinions, lifestyles and beliefs.

While the corporate news media loves to report on tourists getting killed and kidnapped, the truth is that the world is not nearly as dangerous as it’s painted in the press. With a little common sense and a few safety tips, the risk of being injured or robbed while traveling is very small.

Visiting the world’s most iconic monuments and natural wonders is a dream that many people hold dear. It’s not hard to find a travel agent who will help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Just be sure to budget enough time for each destination and to avoid overdoing it. For example, don’t try to see five countries and four continents in under two weeks.

A well-planned around the world trip is an exciting way to explore new cultures, experience unique cuisine and gain a greater appreciation for the planet’s beauty. It isn’t as expensive as you might think either, especially if you book early and stay in hostels rather than hotels. You can even find specials on flight tickets online.

When planning an around the world trip, start by deciding what your personal highlights will be. For example, if you’re an avid hiker, flesh out an itinerary that starts in Perth and travels overland through Australia and Asia to the end of the Trans-Siberian railway or the Everest Base Camp trek. If you’re a foodie, build in stops at Michelin-starred restaurants and local street markets.

As a Virtuoso host agency, World Travel is committed to supporting UNC-Chapel Hill’s educational travel needs. We offer a wide range of services, from booking airfare and lodging to creating custom itineraries for international student study abroad programs. In addition, we provide traveler tracking and support in the event of a medical or security incident.

The team at World Travel is comprised of experts in their field who have a passion for saving our clients’ time and money. They are also well-traveled and have attended industry familiarization trips to learn firsthand about the destinations and attractions they sell. As a result, they can offer valuable advice that isn’t found in textbooks or online. In addition, our technology solutions empower our agents to save even more time and money for their clients. To get started, contact us today! We look forward to helping you reach your travel goals.