Best Hotels in Manhattan and Jamaica

If you’re planning a trip to New York or a New York vacation, you’ll want to make sure you pick the best hotels that New York has to offer. Although there are a ton of high-class hotels in New York, most of them (including the Plaza) are also very affordable. To ensure great Instagram-worthy snaps, you would do well to select only the best hotels in New York City. Here are some of the best hotels you should consider when booking your stay in New York.

If you’ve been looking for a boutique hotel in New York that will give you a truly unique experience, consider staying at The Rose at Battery Park, which is located within walking distance from Times Square and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This gem is one of the best New York hotels according to reviews. One reviewer described the place as smelling like “chocolate cake and fresh bread.” Another reviewer said that this boutique hotel is one of the best hotels she’s ever stayed in, and that the staff was extremely helpful and friendly.

Another one of the best hotels in New York is Hotel Oberoi, which is nestled at the foot of New York’s majestic Rock Island. Its rooms are exquisite and spacious, and there is a stunning view of the Atlantic ocean. Another positive review says that this New York hotel “is the perfect escape from the daily grind of midtown Manhattan” and offers an unforgettable experience that “defines luxury.” Amenities include cable television with a dose of movie selection, relaxing hot tubs, a spa, and an on-site restaurant. One traveler said that dining at the restaurant was “one of the best meals I’ve ever had” and another said that the food “is delicious and affordable.”

St. Lucia’s and the Dominican Republic’s tiny Cap Jacksonville are two of the top hotels on the island. These small Caribbean resorts offer a variety of amenities, and travelers love the laid-back atmosphere. The traveler who wrote a positive review noted that the room was “clean, and easy to keep clean,” and that the bar offers wine by the case. A local told the traveler that this is a great place to visit with or without children, because there’s “no noise and it’s relaxing.”

One of the best hotels on the island of St. Lucia, according to several reviewers, is Grand Trunk Hotel. This boutique hotel has suites that range from small to large and offers a wide selection of amenities. One reviewer says that “the service is exceptional,” and another notes that the food is “fantastic.” In addition, the conference center has a projector and sound system, and the hotel’s pool offers “an endless supply of fun.”

For travelers looking for the best hotel in Manhattan, the reviewer notes that the Hilton Manhattan is “perfect every time, and perfect for families or groups planning a vacation here for business or pleasure.” The hotel features a bar, cable television, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The one negative reviewer writes that room service was substandard, but other guests seem pleased with the quality of the hotel’s customer service. The best hotel in Manhattan picks up where the last one left off: pleased customers are back swigging cocktails as soon as they arrive at the front desk.