Best Culinary Schools and Colleges

Wales is a wonderful place to study food service management, with the islands of Mull and Iona offering some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK. It is here that the best and busiest restaurants are based, and if you want to work in kitchens and restaurants, you can get a degree here at Wales University. There are many students who choose to go on to become chefs and also chefs who open their own restaurants, but you can also specialise in any area of the food service management. This gives you an excellent insight into the industry, as you will be able to see it from the point of view of the actual business. During your studies you will learn a variety of subjects including management and leadership, finance and accounting, administration, education and training and much more.

There are four different types of degree programs available at Wales University National Center for Hospitality Studies. Students learn state-of-the-art skills in accommodation and restaurant management and can also opt for internships in high end restaurants. Students learn practical cooking skills during their courses in culinary arts and their internship in a local restaurant as well as learning about hospitality and catering from a professional chef. After graduation, students can look for gainful employment in restaurant management or other related fields.

Students also have the option of attending a normal culinary school to finish their degree or look for an associate culinary arts program (OCAP) at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Students learn a greater range of skills in comparison to their degree counterparts at a culinary school as they also get an insider’s perspective of what it takes to work in a professional kitchen. Students learn theory and practical skills that are industry-specific. These include food safety and hygiene, how to mix ingredients safely and much more. These are essential elements of being a professional chef.

The Wales Culinary Institute is another institute that is popular among foodies and chefs. The institute has been accredited by the Irish authorities and offers a variety of programs, depending on your preference. The programs offered by this institute are split into core and advanced diploma programs. Students learn the skills they need to be successful in both the hospitality and culinary industry. Students will also learn about pastry and hospitality management, hospitality marketing, menu planning and execution, retail and catering management, sales, finance and restaurant operations.

The Georgia Culinary Institute is one of the best colleges offering both an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. This college has been providing top-notch training to individuals looking to start their careers in the hospitality industry. The courses offered at GCEI have enabled many current chefs and restaurant owners to obtain high-level positions in fine dining establishments, hotels, pubs and other fine dining establishments. Students get to learn about food preparation techniques, including sourcing, cutting and cooking the entire meal. Students can also choose to pursue a career in restaurant management, pastry and hospitality management, or even become a professional chef.

The Connecticut Culinary Institute offers a wide variety of associate degree programs for a variety of majors including: foodservice management, restaurant management, hospitality, baking and pastry education, and more. The associate degree programs at CTI allow students to focus on a specific field of hospitality. This allows students to focus on a particular aspect of restaurant management where they excel. For example, some students may wish to be involved in restaurant safety and cleaning.