World Travel and Tourism Awards – Helping to Promote Eco-Tourism

World Travel Holdings is about the world travel conglomerate, operating in more than 200 countries and destinations and serving travelers in more than 50 different specialties worldwide. In this multi-faceted organization, you will find that the owners are very passionate about the travel industry, and they put their heart into helping you discover the world. They offer a wide range of products and services that combine personal attention with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best travel experience every time. And because they operate in more than one country, they also offer you very convenient customer service, something that can really make your trip that much more enjoyable.

They also have a strong commitment to raising awareness about world travel and tourism. One of the ways that they do this is through “Dream Lab,” a program that enables travelers to create virtual tours. This way, they are able to visit visually stunning locations that they might never have been able to visit otherwise, thanks to the magic of Dream Lab. And through their “Buy One, Get One Free” promo, you get to save money when you buy two or more of their products at the same time, thus giving you an opportunity to save even more money on your dream vacation.

The World Travel and Tourism Association has been an influential force in the global travel and tourism industry for decades. Among its many achievements are the world travel and tourism fairs, exhibitions, seminars and meetings that raise awareness about tourism in general and the issues that affect travelers around the world. Its website offers the latest information on fairs and seminars. Another site that gives you information on fairs and seminars is the official site of the World Travel and Tourism Organization (WTO). It is particularly interesting to see their annual report, which highlights the successes and achievements of the previous year, especially the successes and achievements of the tourism sector in developing countries.

A number of high profile people have received world travel and tourism awards, including former Chief Executive officers of certain tourism related sectors. Among them is Rajiv Keeram, who was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent World Travel and Tourism Awards ceremony held in Dubai. Rajiv was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his efforts as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of the International Youth Travel Advertising Association (IYA) and the Senior Director of the Youth Travel Advertising Agency (YTA).

Besides these chief executives, other world travel and tourism industry insiders such as the World Developmental Movement’s (WDR), the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Secretariat, and the United Nations’ High-Level Commission on Tourism have all been recipients of various global gDP awards. These people all play an important role in ensuring that the world travel and tourism industry continues to grow. The IFA and the YTA have been very active in promoting world tourism and in raising awareness among the general public about the importance of tourism in contributing to economic growth. They also work actively towards protecting the rights of the different world travellers and in preventing any acts of tourism discrimination around the world.

The IFA has been very active in fighting for the promotion of world travel and tourism. Its annual ‘Save the Earth Live’ conference has been a key player in efforts to preserve the environment. In addition to this, the IFA has also been very instrumental in assisting the Global March against tourism, which is a worldwide campaign designed to raise global awareness about the need for world travel and tourism. The IFA works closely with organisations like the World Wildlife Fund, the Conservation Society, and the World Trade Organization, in its attempts to protect the world’s natural habitats and promote eco-tourism. It also collaborates with other like-minded organizations in order to strengthen the ties between the tourism industry and the environmental movement.