Best Vacation Destinations in the United States

When you think of your best vacation, what comes to mind? Perhaps it was a trip to a new destination that offered a mix of culture, history and exciting activities. Or, maybe it was a family getaway where you created fun and lasting memories. For many people, their best vacations are a combination of both, combining relaxation and excitement in an experience that will forever stay with them.

This year, a variety of travel publications have released their lists of the best summer destinations in the United States. While they use different methodologies, they all seem to be saying the same thing: domestic travel is going to be on the rise this year.

Located along the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is a coastal city known for its teal waters and white sand beaches. Here, you can spend your days sunbathing and partaking in water sports, or exploring the area’s quaint shops and restaurants.

The Outer Banks is a chain of barrier islands in North Carolina that offer a tranquil beach escape. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities, including scuba diving, fishing and kayaking. Then, end the day by strolling the boardwalk or dining at delicious seafood restaurants.

Situated on the coast of California, Malibu is a charming beach town that boasts gorgeous scenery and upscale amenities. While there, you can relax on the sand or take to the waves with friends. You may even spot a celebrity while visiting the city!

A scenic mountain resort that offers outstanding skiing and snowboarding, Mammoth Lakes is a must-visit during the winter. But the destination also has plenty to do during the warmer months, from hiking to exploring waterfalls and natural wonders like Devils Postpile National Monument.

The French Quarter is home to rich culture and romance, making New Orleans a great place for couples to reconnect. Spend your time exploring the area’s history, listening to jazz music and indulging in Creole cuisine. You’ll love spending time in this beautiful city, and you’re sure to leave with a lifetime of memories.