The Best Hotels in America

The best hotels blend local flair with luxurious amenities to create the ultimate stay. But it’s not always easy to find them. After all, one hotel’s luxury can be another’s drab. The difference is often regional, and a swanky spot in La Jolla may be considered run-down in Memphis. That’s why it helps to know which hotel brands deliver the most delightful stays year after year. Fortunately, a new study from J.D. Power has revealed the top hotel chains that have been delivering the best experiences for their guests, based on a range of factors, including communication and connectivity, food and beverage, guest rooms, staff service, facilities and value.

The results from the 2023 study include both chain and independent hotels in the U.S., and each property is given a score based on the responses of 33,754 hotel guests. The rankings take into account reputation among professional travel experts, guest reviews and hotel class ratings. Brand-backed properties offer consistency in terms of guest satisfaction, and they can also make it easier for travelers to earn rewards points and free stays.

Amid old-world building revamps and hip new openings, NYC’s hotel scene is constantly changing. While it’s tempting to book a room in a marquee location near Times Square (which has long been the city’s de facto standard), those seeking a true New York experience should consider neighborhoods like Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg and Dumbo with their breathtaking skyline views.

Some hotels stand out for their glamour and celebrity appeal. Robert De Niro’s Greenwich in cobbled Tribeca is a magnet for A-list clientele, and the rooms boast home-from-home details like buttery leather sofas, mahogany shelving and coffee table books. They’re rounded out by high-end touches, including Dyson hairdryers and a house car to drive you around town for short trips.

Other hotels are eye-catching for their unique architecture or interior design. The No. 2 hotel on our list, Brooklyn’s Hôtel William Vale, features a 22-floor exterior ripple of glass that’s as eye-catching as the guest rooms, which feature curved windows, Fili D’Oro linens and marble bathrooms. Other standouts include a gleaming, sky-high penthouse in Midtown Manhattan that’s designed by famed architect Frank Gehry and the newest addition to our rankings, NYC’s Lowell Hotel, which offers understated elegance in one of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods.

With so many options for luxury accommodations across the United States, it can be challenging to decide where to stay. But with help from our picks, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for your next adventure.