How to Choose the Best Vacation in the US

best vacation

Choosing the best vacation depends on a variety of factors, including where you like to travel, how much time off work you have and what kind of experiences you’re looking for. There are many popular travel destinations across the country and each has its own unique attractions. Using the right mix of these features, you can choose the vacation that’s perfect for your needs.

Whether you want to relax on a beach or explore a historical city, there’s something for everyone in the United States. Travel companies use different methodologies to determine the hottest summer destinations, but they all seem to agree that domestic vacations are trending this year. For example, Virtuoso based its list on booking data and Kayak used search data to identify top summer destinations.

If you’re a beach lover, consider taking a trip to the Outer Banks. This chain of barrier islands in North Carolina has miles of sandy beaches where you can tan and play in the ocean. There are also several family-friendly activities, such as the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Another great option is the seaside town of Cannon Beach, which has a picturesque landscape that includes the iconic Haystack Rock landmark and several seafood restaurants. Cannon Beach is also home to a few breweries, so you can try some local beer while enjoying the beach scenery.

The island of Oahu is one of the best vacation spots in the US for couples. This destination offers a variety of romantic experiences, such as sunset horseback rides and whale watching. You can also take part in a luau and learn about Hawaiian culture while enjoying delicious foods. Whether you’re planning a couples getaway or an anniversary, Oahu will be a memorable experience.

For a city-focused vacation, head to Boston. This historic city has a rich history and is known for its seafood, especially lobster. The best time to visit Boston is during the fall when the weather is cool and the foliage is in full bloom. This is also when the city holds its annual celebration of Irish heritage, featuring a parade and a fireworks show.

There are plenty of kid-friendly activities in Sandusky, Ohio, which is home to Cedar Point, the 2nd largest amusement park in the United States. The city has seven wide beaches where kids can sandcastle, ride on the three-mile boardwalk and splash in the waves. The area’s other top attractions include the National Museum of Natural History, the Port Discovery Children’s Museum and the Inner Harbor.

For a mountain-based vacation, check out Gatlinburg in Tennessee. This family-friendly destination has tons of outdoor activities, such as hiking trails and breathtaking views. It’s also home to the Dollywood amusement park and has numerous museums and aquariums that will keep your kids occupied. This is a great choice for families that are looking for a relaxing vacation with lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

What Makes the Best Hotels?

best hotels

The best hotels offer a blend of luxury, comfort and convenience. Whether you’re looking for a five-star hotel in an iconic city, or a family resort surrounded by azure waters, there are plenty of options to choose from. But what makes a hotel good? Aside from the obvious amenities like a cozy bed and high-speed internet, what other factors should you consider when choosing a hotel? We’ve rounded up some of the top-rated hotels that provide all the bells and whistles.

The East Coast has a lot to offer—from Maine’s rocky coastline to Florida’s sugar-white beaches. And while the region is a bit spread out, it’s home to a wealth of luxury hotels that cater to every traveler. These luxe properties offer everything from first-class luxury to a sumptuous spa retreat.

There’s a lot to love about New York City, from the old-world elegance of The Carlyle and The Plaza to the sexy sophistication of The Dominick in SoHo. These top-rated hotels are conveniently located near the city’s most storied attractions, including Central Park, world-class shopping on Fifth Avenue and all the flashing lights of Times Square.

It’s a common misconception that there’s only one type of hotel in the United States, but there are hotels that fit many different tastes. The same goes for hotel ratings: what one traveler views as a four-star might be considered a five-star by another. This is partly because there isn’t a universal standard for judging hotels. Instead, different entities—from professional travel organizations to travel websites—have formulated their own methods for evaluating hotel quality.

AAA’s Traveler’s Choice Awards are the most coveted hotel ratings in the industry. The company began issuing its own stand-alone hotel directory in 1917 and started field inspections in 1937. Today, AAA rates hotels based on their overall guest experience and uses crowns or diamonds to denote quality. The ratings are licensed for use by major travel companies, but because of confidentiality agreements they can’t be named.

Guests flock to the Philippines for its beautiful beaches, but this understated utopia is more than just sunshine and sand. Whether you prefer to trek through the country’s dramatic mountainous landscape or kayak through the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, there are countless adventures to be had in this tropical oasis. The country’s 7,641 islands also offer a variety of accommodations for every traveler. From a historic hotel in the heart of Manila to a luxurious property overlooking Boracay, here are some of the best hotels in the Philippines.

Amid the lush forests, limestone cliffs and lagoons of Caramoan Island, visitors will find seven bamboo villas, an open-air restaurant helmed by one of the island’s top chefs and a spa with a yoga pavilion. The hotel’s pristine setting, unique chocolate hills and natural wonders will leave you wanting to come back again.

Culinary Blogs – The Best Culinary Education Resources

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If you love to cook or aspire to be a chef, then culinary blogs are an excellent resource for learning new recipes and cooking tips. These websites also cover the latest food trends and provide recommendations on the best restaurants to try.

If a career as a professional chef is what you are after, then attending culinary school may be the right choice for you. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right culinary school, including curriculum, facilities, and alumni success.

Among the best culinary schools in the United States is Johnson & Wales University (JWU). JWU offers a variety of culinary programs, each designed for different career goals and levels of experience. Its extensive network of industry partners allows students to gain valuable internship and job placement opportunities, which can help make the transition into the workforce easier.

Another top culinary school in the United States is Le Cordon Bleu, located in New York City. This school is known for its immersive kitchen programs, which give students hands-on experience and a comprehensive education in the culinary arts. The program is based on a classical French training model and is rooted in tradition and high standards.

For those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home, online culinary classes are a great option. These classes offer a wide range of topics, from the basics to advanced techniques. Many of these online classes are taught by renowned chefs and culinary professionals. They also feature videos of demonstrations and interviews with other culinary experts.

There are countless culinary magazines on the market, each with its own unique focus and target audience. Some focus on home cooking and recipes, while others explore the culture of food. There are even publications that are aimed at professional chefs and restaurant owners.

One of the most popular culinary magazine is Cook’s Illustrated, which tests and explains every recipe. It is an invaluable resource for both beginner and experienced cooks alike, as it helps them understand why a certain recipe works or doesn’t work.

Other well-known culinary magazines include Thrillist, Eat Your World, and The Food Network. Each publication covers a different aspect of the culinary world, from celebrity chef gossip to food-related news. Each website has its own style, but they all offer insightful articles and recommendations for food lovers.

In the past, when customers walked into your restaurant, they had only their own experiences to guide their opinions about the meal. Today, those opinions are formed through a variety of channels, from online reviews to social media posts. This means that your restaurant can no longer depend on just word-of-mouth to build a solid reputation. Instead, you must strive to meet customer expectations and expectations of the digital age. This can be done by maintaining a strong presence on social media, publishing positive reviews and ratings, and using the latest marketing and PR techniques. These strategies will ensure that your restaurant is always at the top of its game.

Travel Tips For Beginners – Challenges of World Travel

world travel

World travel is an experience that takes you to a variety of cultures and countries. The food, sights, and sounds of each place will amaze you. It will help you understand other people’s customs, as well. In the end, you will be a better person because of your travel experiences.

For most travelers, a trip around the world is a dream that they will never forget. However, many people are hesitant to take the plunge into such an adventure. It is not easy to make such a big change in their lives, especially when they have other obligations at home. However, if you can find the motivation to do it, it is one of the best things you will ever do.

The world is a beautiful and wide place that makes some people want to pack their bags and start traveling. However, there are also some that will feel nervous or confused when they decide to do this. These travel tips for beginners can help them get started and avoid some of the most common mistakes that first-time travelers make.

One of the biggest challenges of world travel is that it can be expensive. You will have to pay for your plane tickets, accommodation, and meals. If you want to save money on your trip, try to go during the shoulder season when prices are lower and crowds are smaller. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring your own snacks and water to cut down on expenses.

Another challenge of world travel is that it can be difficult to adapt to new cultures and customs. It is important to learn about the different traditions of each place before you visit them. For example, you should know that it is rude to eat with your left hand in some Middle Eastern countries. You should also be prepared for differences in dress code and language. It is a good idea to bring a translation app with you or buy a language book before your trip.

Lastly, there is the issue of safety. Many people are unsure whether or not it is safe to travel to certain countries. While there are some dangerous places, most of the world is a lot safer than people think. It’s important to research the country you’re visiting before you book your flight. If you’re nervous, consider booking a tour with a local guide. They can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip. You can also visit a tourist office to get the latest travel advice. Also, try to stay away from the tourist areas and explore the local streets instead. They’re often less crowded and have more authentic food. The experiences you’ll have on your trip will be more meaningful and memorable if you get to know the local culture.

5 Destinations For the Best Vacation

When deciding where to travel, there are many factors to consider. Budget, weather and work or school commitments all influence which destinations get the highest priority. But there’s also the type of vacation you want to enjoy and what time of year it is, and each of these things can affect your travel experience.

Whether you prefer to soak up the sun on a beach, spend time in nature or ski on the slopes, there are plenty of destinations that cater to your travel style. If you’re looking for the best vacation, it’s essential to choose a place that is suited to your preferences and that offers activities suitable for the entire family.

A barrier island near Savannah, GA, Tybee Island offers plenty of opportunities to relax on the sand, play in the ocean and take part in various water sports. The town is also a great option for history buffs, as it has an abundance of historic sites such as Fort Pulaski National Monument and the Light Station and Museum.

The French language and quaint streets of Montreal make this city a dream destination for couples who are looking to spark romance. Stroll around the old-world district and explore the botanical garden, where you’ll find trails of varying themes and Art Deco-style pavilions. Then, indulge in a classic Montreal delicacy: poutine, a dish of fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

There’s no place in the world that embodies the term “fairytale” more than the medieval town of Bruges in Belgium. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city features canals that resemble those of Venice and the iconic Minnewater Bridge, said to create eternal love when crossed by a couple. And, of course, it’s not a trip to Belgium without enjoying its famous beer.

Known for its crystal clear waters and soft sand beaches, Clearwater Beach is a top spot for a beach getaway with friends. While you’re here, partake in a variety of outdoor activities, such as kayaking on the calm waters and snorkeling among the reefs. And, don’t miss out on a meal at one of the many seafood restaurants in the area.

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is a popular coastal city that has something for everyone. Besides its stunning teal waters and white sand beaches, the town has an energetic nightlife scene that caters to all tastes. During the day, you can spend your time tanning on the beach, shopping and taking in the city’s culture.

The Sierra Nevada mountains transform into a winter wonderland in Mammoth Lakes, where you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding skiing and snowboarding conditions. You can also check out natural wonders such as Devil’s Postpile National Monument and hike mountain trails. Plus, there’s a plethora of restaurants, shops and bars to explore.

The Best Hotels in America

Travelers face a dizzying array of lodging options, from motels and budget chains to luxury hotels, resorts and Airbnbs. Cost and location are key factors when choosing a hotel, but there are also other considerations like service, comfort and amenities that make a stay feel extra special.

The Carlyle reeks of art deco opulence, from the curved walls in guest rooms to the Bemelmans-inspired murals in the lobby, where socialites and celebrities gossip over martinis. But the hotel isn’t just about style and history; it’s about a sense of arrival that makes every moment at this iconic Manhattan property feel like a special occasion.

While a trip to the United States may be filled with luxurious accommodations, there’s not one America; what feels decadent in La Jolla could be considered everyday in New York City or Miami. The good news is that whether you’re looking for world-class shopping and golf or pristine beaches, the country offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in the finer things.

A secluded sanctuary that feels miles from reality, this resort in Coron Bay features azure waters and an abundance of marine life. The resort offers a range of accommodation types such as standard rooms, bayview rooms and suites with private balconies, and all come equipped with comfortable beds and an ensuite bathroom.

Orange County practically invented the spa life, and these posh retreats are the best places to indulge in that lifestyle. From ocean views to gastronomic delights, these opulent properties offer everything you need for an unforgettable getaway.

It’s the most famous hotel in the city, and for good reason. Guests are invited to live out their Kevin McCallister and Eloise fantasies at this picture-perfect spot. It’s a far cry from the soulless midtown monstrosity that plagues so many other hotels in the city.

This upscale hotel brand has been around for over 100 years, and that heritage shows in its service, amenities and architecture. Each hotel in the chain is distinctive, and if you’re lucky enough to secure a room at the flagship hotel in Times Square, you’ll get a glimpse into how this legendary hospitality company has made its mark on the world.

While we love a great deal about the Wyndham brand, it doesn’t have as many locations as the Marriott, which means that it can be more difficult to secure a room here in some destinations. It does, however, have a high satisfaction rating among travelers and is a great choice if you’re traveling on a budget.

The Best Culinary Schools

best culinary

If you dream of becoming a chef, you need to get serious. The best way to learn the tricks of the trade is through formal training, like that offered by the best culinary schools. These programs are rigorous and provide the technical skills that you need to be successful in this competitive, and at times brutal, industry. They also teach you important business lessons like menu planning, facilities design, cost control, legal education and management techniques.

The best culinary schools will have a balance of hands-on experience, classroom learning and externships. They also have the right connections in the industry to ensure you can find a great job once you complete your program. Many of these schools are located in New York, which is home to some of the most renowned restaurants in the world and offers students the opportunity to work alongside some of the most respected chefs.

Choosing a culinary school can be overwhelming, so it’s important to consider your options carefully. Make sure the school is not-for-profit, which means all of its resources go toward its education mission. Look for a school with an ideal mix of experiential and classroom learning, such as student-staffed restaurants; internships with leading companies; and relevant curriculum guided by collaborations with industry and educational partners.

You should also be able to find a school with a reputation for quality instruction and an excellent pass rate on the National Council for Culinary Arts exam. Finally, be sure to visit the campus and speak with faculty members and current students. Ask about the curriculum, what kind of hands-on learning opportunities are available and how much time you will spend in the kitchen.

Once you decide on a program, you should apply for admissions and attend an interview. Once you have been accepted, you will begin to learn the necessary foundational skills in the kitchen under the guidance of experienced teachers. Many culinary programs will allow you to choose a specialty, such as baking and pastry or restaurant operations and management, which helps you focus on the area you are most interested in.

There are a lot of reasons why you should attend culinary school, but the most important reason is that it will prepare you for a career in the restaurant industry. The best culinary schools will provide you with a comprehensive education that includes food preparation, cooking methods, baking and pastry, managerial accounting concepts, food safety and sanitation and many other topics essential to the success of any restaurant.

The most prestigious culinary schools have been around for decades, offering the highest caliber of instruction in some of the world’s finest restaurants. The most well-known include Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, which is considered the guardian of French techniques and is where Julia Child was a student. It also offers a range of online classes.

The Michelin guide is a more recent development, but it has already become a powerful force in the food world. It is not perfect, and it shows no sign of taking into account reports of harassment when awarding stars, but it does represent a major shift in the way restaurants are judged.

How to Get on the Road With Very Little Money

world travel

Whether it’s zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru, learning to barter in the traditional markets of Marrakech, or simply getting to know a language you didn’t even realize existed before you set foot on the ground there, travel can be an exciting and fulfilling adventure. People are hardwired for excitement, and there’s no better way to tap into that than by traveling.

Many people don’t take the leap to travel because of the cost involved, but this is only a real deterrent if you allow it to be. There are a wide variety of ways to fund your world travel, and there are even organizations dedicated to helping you get on the road with very little money saved up.

It’s important to remember that a world travel experience is about so much more than just seeing the sights, and it’s easy to lose sight of that while you’re in the midst of it all. The effects of travel can be magical and profound, and can deepen your values, broaden your horizons, and make you feel like a citizen of the world. However, it’s not something that can be assessed first-hand, as Pessoa, Emerson, and Chesterton all pointed out, and many people who claim to have experienced such effects may be deluded.

Before you can really appreciate your destination, it’s important to spend time immersing yourself in the culture. One of the best things you can do is to spend a day or two sitting in a park or on a street corner alone, and just watch day to day life happen around you. It’s a beautiful and eye-opening experience, and you’ll remember it long after your trip is over.

It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local currency, and find out how much it costs to live on average in your destination country (if you’re planning an around the world trip). This is important because while it’s possible to travel the world for $50 a day, you need to make sure that your daily average includes all of the expenses you’ll be incurring, including food, accommodation, transportation, and any bills or debt payments that you’ll still need to manage while you’re away. This way you can ensure that your trip is affordable and sustainable. Lastly, it’s never too early to start applying for your passport! Make it a priority, so that it’s in process as you start to plan your world travel. This will help to keep you motivated and give you a tangible goal to work towards. Good luck! You’re going to have an amazing time! And don’t forget to take lots of photos. We can’t wait to see them! Go World Travel Magazine 2024. All rights reserved. Terms of Use.

The Best Vacation is One That Suits Your Interests and Needs

There’s nothing like a vacation to recharge and reset. Whether it’s a beach getaway or a European adventure, the best vacation is one that suits your interests and needs. But with so many options, knowing which type of trip is right for you can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for every travel style, from budget-friendly family trips to luxurious romantic escapes.

Beach Vacation

Whether you want to sun tan and relax or play a game of volleyball, beach vacations are perfect for everyone. The beaches are serene and the water is clear, making them perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Visiting a beach also gives you the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife. If you’re looking for an adventure-filled beach trip, you can explore the coral reefs on a scuba diving trip or go deep-sea snorkeling to see some of the world’s most fascinating fish.

Family Vacation

The most popular types of vacations are beach getaways, but there are many other options to choose from, as well. If you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation with your children, consider taking them on a family adventure in Costa Rica. This tropical paradise is home to volcanoes, rainforests and miles of stunning shoreline. Hike along Arenal Volcano or Monteverde Cloud Forest, then spend some time relaxing on a beach or at an all-inclusive resort. Or, if you’re an animal lover, head to Tortuguero National Park to spot exotic wildlife like monkeys and sloths.

Romantic Vacation

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, a city vacation can be a great option. Many cities are known for their culture, cuisine and architecture. For instance, Montreal is a cultural mecca that’s tucked into the Quebec countryside. Its streets are lined with French-influenced buildings and ornate cathedrals begging to be explored. Its Botanical Gardens are filled with trails that are a feast for the eyes. And its signature dish, poutine, is a delicious combination of fries, cheese curds and gravy.

In addition to being an urban playground, Paris is also a cultural destination with the 12th-century cathedral of Notre Dame, the enigmatic smile on the Mona Lisa and more. While the Louvre Museum may be crowded, it’s worth it to see some of the world’s most famous artworks firsthand.

Cool Vacation

If you want to escape the winter cold, there are plenty of cool destinations to visit in the US. For example, the Outer Banks of North Carolina are a chain of barrier islands that feature white-sand beaches and seafood restaurants. Other top choices include a coastal retreat in Cannon Beach, which is renowned for its Haystack Rock landmark and the quaint town’s arts galleries and craft breweries. Or, you can visit the beach town of Clearwater, Florida for its crystal-clear waters and soft sand.

Another great destination for a cool vacation is New Mexico’s capital, Albuquerque. This vibrant city is surrounded by natural beauty and is steeped in Native American and Spanish history. It’s also a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts with its numerous hiking and biking trails, teeming wildlife and southwestern cuisine.

The World’s Best Hotels

The world’s best hotels are more than just a place to sleep—they showcase their regions’ quirks, traditions and idiosyncrasies with a design that is both luxurious and uniquely suited for their locale. The result is a hotel experience that feels authentic while offering guests a level of service that’s truly exceptional.

From a luxe ski resort with an on-site brewery to a secluded rainforest retreat where you can explore the underwater world from the comfort of your own private pool, the best hotels offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or to celebrate a milestone, these hotels will make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.

Amid old-world building revamps and trendy new openings, NYC’s hotel scene is on the move. But the city that never sleeps still boasts nearly 1,000 spots to lay your head down, including iconic properties beloved by celebrities and dignitaries. Here, the best hotels include a mix of classic addresses that are practically a part of the Big Apple’s identity and hip boutiques geared toward the local culture.

For a hotel that is at once classic and trendsetting, look no further than The Mark. Designed by Parisian architect Jacques Grange, this chic Upper East Side retreat is one of Manhattan’s most stylish hideaways. From the swank restaurant led by Jean-Georges to the ’60s-inspired Mark Bar, every detail is carefully considered to cater to an elite clientele. Despite its prestigious address, this hotel is anything but stuffy; it exudes understated elegance with blond wood furnishings, a ripple effect of glass and elegant rooms that are furnished with Fili D’Oro linens, marble bathrooms and bath amenities by MiN.

Aside from a stellar location putting you within spitting distance of Herald Square and the Empire State Building, The Langham is known for its impeccable service and luxe accommodations, like a posh spa, gourmet restaurants and a rooftop terrace that overlooks Central Park. Rooms are outfitted with four-poster beds, wrought iron balconies and glass-enclosed rain showers. For a taste of local flavor, the hotel’s restaurants feature Panamanian cuisine and thoughtful nods to sustainability are evident throughout, from the embroidered staff uniforms to lanterns that line the lobby to the fact that the hotel’s own farm is responsible for its coffee.

Tagaytay is built on a volcanic ridge, so sublime views are everywhere. Luckily, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your room at this luxury hotel that boasts an impressive collection of contemporary art by more than 30 artists. Rooms are outfitted with everything you need for a comfortable and convenient stay, from a flat-screen TV to an iPod docking station.

With a focus on wellness and an enviable location, this tropical oasis is the perfect spot for you to escape to paradise. The secluded property boasts enchanted mango trees, hidden reflection ponds and an extensive spa that is staffed with expert therapists. The resort also offers a range of holistic treatments, from an oxygen bar to a mud bath and has its own yoga studio.

The Best Culinary Awards to Keep an Eye Out For This Year

Just as actors and musicians receive Oscars and Grammys, chefs also get their fair share of culinary awards. These accolades are meant to honor the best of the best in restaurants, but they also serve as a way for diners to discover new dining experiences that might be worth their hard-earned dollars. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top culinary awards to keep an eye out for this year.

Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, these blogs will help you to sharpen your skills and perfect your craft. Featuring everything from food news and trends to tips, recipes and restaurant reviews, these blogs cover all aspects of the culinary world. Whether you’re searching for an upscale omakase experience, the quintessential elevated bar or a culinary adventure abroad, these blogs will keep you informed and inspired.

If you love food, have an interest in the arts or simply want to learn more about the science behind what you eat, these resources are a must-have for your kitchen. They include everything from a database of more than 15,000 recipes to detailed information on the history, geography and mealtime customs of dozens of countries — from Australian Aborigine to Vietnamese.

Located in upstate New York, the Culinary Institute of America is considered one of the top culinary schools in the country. Its campus is a beautiful oasis just a couple hours north of NYC, with plenty of on-campus housing and five on-site restaurants where students get hands-on real-life training in the kitchen. The school is not-for-profit, meaning all its revenue goes toward education, and its students are encouraged to think creatively and problem solve.

In addition to its stellar academics and curriculum, ICC is also known for its career services, including assistance with job placement. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, and its programs include everything from food writing to gastronomy.

Michelin Stars

The Michelin Guide has long celebrated the best-tasting (and wildly expensive) tasting menu spots, but in recent years it’s been doling out stars to restaurants outside its Eurocentric comfort zone. This year’s list, for example, features Mexican mole temple Casa Enrique and Japanese ramen shack Jeju.

If you’re thinking of going to culinary school, it’s important to research the many different options before making a decision. Choosing the right program depends on what degree you want to pursue and your career goals, but some things to look for in a great culinary school include:

5 Essential Tips for World Travel

World travel can be as adventurous and rewarding as you choose to make it. From learning about a new culture to exploring a new cuisine, you can experience the many wonders our planet has to offer. But there’s more to world travel than just stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing the sights — it also requires planning, budgeting, and preparation.

In his essay, “On Travel” (1839), Ralph Waldo Emerson describes the benefits of traveling as a way to become a more well-rounded human being: “Travel is not just a fine hobby but an excellent school for learning to understand yourself and other people better.” The challenges and opportunities travel lays at your feet will help you discover who you are in ways that can’t be achieved in the comfort of your own home.

When you’re on the road, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and forget about the planning that went into making your trip a reality. However, it’s important to remember that international travel is not without its risks and pitfalls. To ensure your trip is safe, smooth, and enjoyable, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

1. Organize your finances.

When planning an around the world trip, it’s important to take into account the cost of each country you want to visit. This will give you a clear idea of which countries are realistic for your travel plans, and which might need to be added to the itinerary. It’s also a good idea to research the currency of each country you plan on visiting, and to find out what the best options are for exchanging money abroad.

2. Bring the proper gear.

A long-term world travel itinerary will require you to have a few special pieces of equipment. From an RTW backpack or suitcase to a sturdy hiking backpack and a pair of walking shoes, you’ll need to find the right gear that will withstand the wear and tear of non-stop travel. It’s also a good idea — though not always necessary — to invest in a few key accessories, like packing cubes, that will help you organize your belongings and pack lighter.

3. Read up on the local culture and history before you arrive.

It’s important to learn about the local culture and history of the places you plan on visiting during your world travel. Whether it’s from reading books, or checking out podcasts, or watching television shows, doing your research ahead of time will give you a more authentic travel experience. This is especially true if you’re going to be visiting a country where English is not the primary language.

4. Skip the tourist traps.

Avoid eating at restaurants that are conveniently located near popular attractions — they’re usually overpriced and often not very good. Instead, try some of the local eateries that cater to the locals — they’ll be much cheaper and will probably be just as good (if not better) than the overpriced chains that cater to tourists.

The Best Vacation Spots in America

best vacation

The idea of a vacation can be overwhelming for anyone, especially when you’re trying to choose from the many destinations available. Whether you want to go somewhere exciting and full of action or you’d rather relax at a beach or in the mountains, there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing a trip. The best vacation spots vary depending on your personal travel preferences, but there are also plenty of family-friendly options that offer a blend of fun and relaxation.

New Orleans

If you’re looking for a trip that blends rich culture and romance, New Orleans is the perfect place to visit. The city is home to Creole cuisine and jazz music, and the French Quarter offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can listen to live music and dance the night away.

Martha’s Vineyard

Located off the coast of Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard is known for its stunning beaches and charming cottages. Relax to the sound of crashing waves on one of the island’s many public beaches, or take in the scenic views at Gay Head Light and the Aquinnah Cliffs. You can also venture to the wineries and distilleries for a taste of local brews.

Los Cabos

With its year-round sunshine and miles of pristine coastline, Los Cabos is the perfect place for couples who are looking to get some rest and relaxation. Spend your days soaking up the sun and partaking in water sports like snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment or a romantic dinner at a waterfront restaurant.

Clearwater Beach

If a beach vacation is your idea of a dream getaway, then consider visiting Clearwater Beach in Florida. This seaside town is home to white sand beaches and teal waters, making it the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun. You can also take advantage of the numerous activities available, including parasailing above the ocean and paddle boarding on the calm waters.

Mammoth Lakes

Situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Mammoth Lakes is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders. But the town also has a wide range of natural attractions, from hiking trails to waterfalls and the Devil’s Postpile National Monument. The town also has a lively downtown area, with plenty of shopping and dining options.


The best vacation spots for families can be found all over the United States, but there is nothing quite like a trip to Seattle. This Pacific Northwest city is home to beautiful parks, such as Forest Park, Lan Su Chinese Garden and Mount Tabor Park. In addition to its parks, the city offers tons of festivals, events and restaurants for all ages.

During summer, visitors can enjoy hiking mountain trails, whale watching and picnicking at the beach. Alternatively, you can stay inside and explore the city’s many museums, shops and restaurants.

The Best Hotels in the World

The best hotels offer a little bit of everything. There are opulent retreats that exude luxury in every way, boutique hotels with modern designs and hip restaurants that attract a younger crowd, and even family-friendly resorts that are great for kids of all ages. The hotels in this article have been chosen for their outstanding amenities, top-notch service, and unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Choosing the right hotel for your next vacation can make or break your experience. It’s important to pick a place that offers the best amenities for your budget and preferences, while still offering a high level of comfort. Here are a few tips to help you find the best hotel for your trip:

Luxury hotels offer top-of-the-line amenities like oversized rooms, spas, and gourmet cuisine. However, finding a luxurious hotel that is affordable can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many hotels that offer amenities that you can enjoy for less than the cost of a night in a luxury suite. Some of the best hotels for luxury accommodations are located in Central and South America. These hotels are perfect for anyone who is looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and relax in a place that feels as if it was custom made for them.

A recent survey by CivicScience reveals that the best hotel review sites aren’t TripAdvisor or Google. In fact, the site that fared best was one of the most unexpected. It turns out that discerning travelers are turning to hotel review sites that don’t require registration or verification. This is good news for those who are tired of having their travel experiences influenced by fake or biased reviews.

When planning a trip to New York City, deciding where you should stay is a big decision. Locals will tell you to skip staying near Time Square, which is a soulless tourist trap with plenty of hype but not much else. The best NYC hotels are found outside of the center of the city, like the Carlyle on the Upper East Side or PUBLIC on the Lower East Side.

What’s the Difference Between a Hotel and a Motel?

Hotels are generally more spacious than motels and tend to cater to guests who arrive by car, rather than bus or taxi. They also usually have more amenities, such as restaurants and exercise rooms. Motels are typically smaller and more intimate than hotels, and they often feature basic amenities, such as pools and showers.

Whichever type of accommodation you choose, you’re sure to have an amazing experience at one of the best hotels in North America. These hotels received high customer satisfaction scores in the J.D. Power 2023 Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study, which is based on the responses of 33,754 hotel guests. Whether you’re seeking an escape from reality or a quick getaway, these hotels are the perfect choice for your next trip. Read on for more information about each of these hotels, and book your next stay using the link provided.

The Best Culinary Schools

best culinary

Just as actors receive Oscars and singers win Grammys, chefs have their own awards to celebrate their amazing skills. In addition to receiving Michelin Stars, earning a James Beard Award or placing on the World’s Best Restaurant list are just some of the many culinary accolades that can be earned in this highly competitive industry.

The James Beard Foundation (JBF) is one of the most prestigious culinary awards in the country, and restaurants earn their nominations through a public nominating process before being whittled down by judges. While JBF judges may consider a wide range of criteria, such as cuisine, chef skill and a restaurant’s pillars within the hospitality industry, there are certain things that they will always seek for — like diversity, inclusion and resiliency.

If you’re considering a career in the kitchen, it’s important to find the right culinary school for your needs. The cost of a culinary degree shouldn’t be the only factor when making your decision; you should also look for a college that has a strong reputation and the resources to provide an immersive and hands-on learning experience. The best culinary schools will offer a blend of experiential and classroom learning, including student-staffed restaurants on campus; internships with leading companies; food-focused academic courses; and an extensive alumni network to help you land a job after graduation.

When selecting a culinary school, make sure it’s not only accredited by a respected national accrediting agency but also offers an extensive list of programs and concentrations to allow you to customize your education for your future career goals. The best culinary schools will also offer a wide range of resources to support you through your journey, from mentorships with top chefs and specialized workshops to career fairs and networking events.

Whether it’s an eight-inch-tall burger named after a heavy metal band or Paul Kahan’s pitch-perfect refinement of Midwestern classics, Chicago, Illinois (1) is home to some of the most mouthwatering dishes in America. Similarly, Lima (2) is an epicenter of regional and international cuisines, from street cart hot dogs to flavor-forward Asian fusion at Fat Rice to the pre-Columbian confluence of flavors that defines Peruvian cooking.

No trip is complete without a feast for your palate, and the culinary travel awards from SAVEUR (1) help you discover enticing dining and drinking options in cities around the globe. Using a combination of reader votes and expert-driven recommendations, SAVEUR awards 13 key categories including restaurants, markets, bars, hotels and airlines. With a focus on sustainability, the environment and local culture, SAVEUR’s awards are your guide to finding exceptional culinary experiences wherever you travel.

Benefits of Traveling Around the World

world travel

For many people, world travel is an enviable goal that can provide new personal and professional experiences. However, the desire to see the world can also be intimidating, and travelers may feel unsure of how to make it happen. The good news is that with careful planning and frugality, an around the world trip can be an affordable adventure.

When it comes to world travel, the first step is to identify a list of desired destinations. This can be a list of destinations inspired by reading the best travel books or a list of places that have been on your bucket list for years. The next step is to assess the cost of visiting each location and consider how to prioritize the destinations based on your budget and time constraints.

Getting to know different cultures is one of the greatest benefits of world travel. It can teach you that your way of viewing the world might not be the only one out there, and it can open your eyes to a wider range of possibilities than you might have thought possible. You might even find that you have more in common with people from other cultures than you would expect.

You can learn a lot about a place by immersing yourself in the culture, including learning local customs and respecting cultural taboos. For example, you might avoid public displays of affection or taking pictures without permission in some countries. You could also become familiar with the language, eat the local cuisine, and learn about the history of a region.

Another benefit of world travel is that it can teach you a lot about yourself and how to adjust to new situations. You might find that you adapt more quickly to different weather conditions, for instance, or you might be able to deal with the frustration of a lost or delayed flight. Alternatively, you might find that you struggle with jetlag more than other travelers do or that your tolerance for certain noises, smells, or foods is higher or lower than that of others.

The experience of world travel can also help you learn to let go of some of your fears and anxieties. This can be particularly important if you’re worried about the safety of flying or of being exposed to unfamiliar diseases or insects. You can practice self-care while on the road by staying hydrated and wearing comfortable shoes, packing lightweight clothing that can be easily washed in hotels or at local laundromats, and avoiding high-fat meals and snacks.

Finally, a big trip can be a great way to ease into the next phase of your life, whether it’s a new job, school, or relationship. By stepping into an unfamiliar environment and taking on a unique challenge, you can gain perspective about what is important in your life and where you want to go next. This can be a powerful way to change your life for the better.

Choosing the Best Vacation

best vacation

When it comes to picking a vacation, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best place. You need to consider your budget, time off from work and weather to pick the right destination. But, the most important factor is what type of trip you want. There are a few different types of trips, such as beach getaways, family trips and adventure-filled excursions. The ideal vacation will be tailored to your specific needs and will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Beach getaways are perfect for people who need some rest and relaxation. They are also great for people who enjoy water sports. Some popular beach destinations include Siesta Key in Florida, Carmel-by-the-Sea in California and Maui in Hawaii. The beaches in these destinations are pristine and offer a variety of activities for all ages. If you’re looking for a fun-filled couples getaway, Los Cabos in Mexico is a great choice. Here, you can relax on the beaches and have fun with a range of activities like snorkeling, fishing or hiking.

If you’re in the mood for a family-friendly vacation, check out Cape Cod in Massachusetts. This beautiful region is filled with charming towns and villages. It is also known for its pristine beaches and thriving art and theater scene. There are many things to do with the family, including visiting a whale-watching cruise or playing a round of golf.

A city vacation is great for people who like to meet new people and have a wide variety of activities to choose from. There are usually a lot of events and festivals happening throughout the year, so there’s always something to do. You can also visit the museums and other landmarks in the area, and there are often great restaurants to try. If you’re on a tight budget, there are still some amazing cities to visit, such as New York or London.

The United States is full of beautiful places to see. The country is home to a variety of different types of trips, from white-sand beaches to mountainous regions. There are also lots of options for adventurous travelers, such as hikers and explorers. The best part is that you can find a trip that’s perfect for your interests and meets your budget.

Choosing the best vacation can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the time to decide what kind of trip you want and then doing some research, you can be sure that you’re choosing a great destination. You can even mix and match some of the different types of vacations, such as combining a road trip with a beach getaway. So, start thinking about what type of vacation you want and get ready to pack your bags!

The Best Hotels in the World

When you’re planning a trip, the type of hotel you stay at is a key decision factor. From cost and location to amenities, room service and other perks, choosing the right lodgings is important for your overall travel experience. But with so many hotels to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best?

For starters, it’s important to differentiate between hotel chains and individual properties. There are significant differences, sometimes dramatic ones, in how well hotels within the same brand stack up when it comes to guest satisfaction. This is why it’s worth checking ratings on sites like TripAdvisor, as well as a property’s website for more detailed information, before making your final reservation.

Moreover, it’s worth taking into account the quality of the staff members at a hotel. As a whole, the top 10 hotels for customer satisfaction are staffed by workers who make an effort to be friendly and accommodating.

So whether you’re a first-time traveler looking for the best hotels or a seasoned veteran in search of new lodgings, we have the latest and greatest in luxury, family-friendly, boutique, budget, and other types of accommodations to make your next trip as enjoyable as possible. Read on to find out which hotels are truly the best based on our expert rankings, as well as those that have received rave reviews from real travelers.

With a sprawling coastline, vibrant capital and a wealth of natural wonders, Canada is home to a wide variety of travel experiences. And with a burgeoning arts scene, renowned restaurants and world-class shopping, the nation’s best hotels offer something for every traveler.

From the grandest of Canadian castles to the city’s most opulent spa retreats, these top-rated luxury hotels showcase the country’s finest hospitality.

As a hotelier, you want your guests to enjoy their stays as much as they possibly can. And that means not just making sure your property is clean and safe, but also that you provide them with a range of amenities to keep them entertained and satisfied. That’s why many hotels now have a dedicated team of guest experience experts on hand to ensure everything is running smoothly for each and every one of your guests.

The best hotel in the world is a lakefront 18th century villa in Italy’s Lake Como, according to the 50 Best organization’s new ranking of hotels. It is the first time the group has delved into hotel rankings, though it’s been ranking restaurants and bars for years.

As the travel industry rebounds from the pandemic, you may be wondering how the best hotels are doing. A new study by J.D. Power provides answers with its annual survey of hotel customer satisfaction. The company, which also ranks airlines, airports and rental car companies, found that hotels are experiencing high levels of customer satisfaction this year. This is thanks in large part to the continuing robust hiring in the hospitality industry and strong consumer demand.

Best Culinary Blogs

best culinary

Embarking on a culinary journey is more than just about satisfying your taste buds. It’s about mastering a craft that involves learning new recipes and techniques, as well as being aware of what’s going on in the food industry. That’s why it’s important to follow best culinary blogs, which not only provide a wide range of tips, but also educate about trends and innovations in the food world.

The Culinary Institute of America is a top culinary school in the US, offering comprehensive programs in a variety of cuisines and aspects of the industry. Located in upstate New York, the CIA has stunning campus scenery, plenty of on-campus housing, and five on-site restaurants where students get hands-on experience. It also offers a number of short-term courses in pastry and confectionery, the cuisines of the world, hospitality management and gastronomy, and wine & spirits.

Le Cordon Bleu is another one of the world’s top culinary schools, with campuses in New York, California, and Singapore. Founded in the 1940s, Le Cordon Bleu was originally a French cooking school for returning World War II soldiers. Today, the school is recognized around the world for its quality education and diverse range of cuisines and experiences.

If you’re considering enrolling in culinary school, be sure to take the time to research each program. It’s not just about the curriculum – it’s important to find a school that fits your personality and goals. The right culinary school will have a faculty that includes renowned chefs and bakers, as well as experts in food culture, business, and liberal arts. It will also have a student-to-faculty ratio that supports individual mentoring.

It’s important to consider if culinary school is worth the investment, particularly when you’re considering an extended period of time spent away from home and work. But if you’re passionate about cooking and want to take your skills to the next level, there’s no better way to achieve that than by attending culinary school.

The big red streaming service is a champion of the broadcast gastronomical arts. Whether you’re looking for ebullient entertainment or educated edible analysis, Netflix has something for every cook. Its list of food-centered series is impressive, with Chef’s Table being a standout for its beautiful cinematography and in-depth episodes focusing on fantastic fare from around the globe. But there are many more worthy contenders, ranging from barbecue to classic French cuisine.

World Travel – How to Plan a Successful Trip

Seeing the world can be an incredible experience, and it’s one of the most popular goals for modern travelers. It’s not only a chance to see new places, but it’s also an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn about other cultures. Traveling the world can be a daunting task, but it’s possible with proper planning and preparation. The first step is to make sure your passport is up to date. Ensure you have enough money saved for the duration of your trip, and consider any payments you will need to maintain while traveling (like a mortgage or credit card debt).

Once you’ve got your finances in order, it’s time to start thinking about where to go. The best place to start is with a continent you’re familiar with. From there, you can branch out to other countries and regions. Remember, not all travel is expensive, and there are many places in the world that are less expensive than the US or Europe.

Aside from budget considerations, there are a few other things to keep in mind when planning your world tour. Be mindful of cultural and political events that may impact your trip, especially if you’re visiting a country with a complex history. It’s a good idea to research a country you’re interested in visiting, including its history, culture, and language. This will help you better understand the people and their beliefs.

Then, plan a rough itinerary. Keep in mind that it’s often more rewarding to thoroughly explore fewer locations at a comfortable pace than to try and rush through multiple destinations. Make sure to leave plenty of time for relaxation and downtime, as well.

Another important consideration is safety. Some people may be hesitant to travel abroad due to fears of crime or terrorism. Others may be concerned about their personal health, especially if they have a chronic condition such as asthma.

It’s a good idea to speak with your doctor or a travel specialist about your concerns before you start planning. They can give you tips and advice to ease your fears.

Whether you’re zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru, bartering for the best price in the traditional markets of Marrakech, or riding a speedboat through the sand dunes of New Zealand, world travel can be an exhilarating experience. The thrill of adventure may be hardwired into our genetic code. And there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of checking a world travel item off your bucket list. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your tickets and go!

How to Choose the Best Vacation for You

When choosing a vacation, there are many factors to consider. You may want to go somewhere warm for a tropical getaway or perhaps you would prefer to explore a city that has an exciting culture. Whatever type of trip you desire, there is a destination to fit your specific needs. However, deciding which kind of vacation will be best for you requires careful planning. In addition to choosing the type of trip you want, it is important to consider your budget.

Beach vacations are perfect for families and individuals who like to relax and enjoy the seaside scenery. In addition to relaxing, beach vacations offer a variety of activities, such as playing volleyball and snorkeling. They are also a great choice for couples who want to spend time together without the distractions of work and other responsibilities.

For those who crave a more active vacation, a mountainous destination is an ideal option. Located near the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is a wonderful place to take in the fresh air while hiking and exploring mountain trails. The city is also home to a variety of amusement parks and museums that will keep kids entertained throughout their stay.

While Hawaii is the quintessential island getaway, it can be expensive. A better option is the smaller Culebra Island, which is known for its beautiful beaches and underwater wildlife. The island is also less crowded than some of the more popular destinations and offers visitors a more intimate experience.

A cruise is a fun way to see the world while allowing you to relax and enjoy a carefree vacation. Whether you choose a luxury or affordable cruise, the experience will be unforgettable. You can enjoy onboard amenities such as pools, water slides and casinos while visiting exotic locations around the world.

There are a variety of different types of vacations to choose from, so it’s important to pick one that matches your unique interests and personality. Luckily, there are many options available to suit any taste and budget. The best part about vacations is that they allow you to escape from the stress of everyday life and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Whether you are looking for a quiet beach getaway or an exhilarating adventure, there is a vacation out there for everyone. Just remember to plan ahead, and your dream vacation is sure to become a reality. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen and enjoy the ride!

Best Hotels in the Philippines

The Philippines’ pristine beaches, swaying palms and crystal-blue waters draw travelers from around the world. But it’s not all about roughing it — the archipelago is home to luxury hotels that will pamper you in style.

The best hotel brands are embracing the digital age by connecting directly with travelers via social media, websites and mobile apps. And some are enhancing their rooms with smart technology and amenities that make guests feel at home.

For instance, the Mark Hotel in New York City combines the character of a 1920s landmark with upscale amenities like the latest in-room technology and a seasonal rooftop plunge pool. Designed by famed architect Jacques Grange, the hotel’s sleek interiors exude luxury and comfort from the moment you step through the door.

Other best hotels are reimagining the guest experience with the help of innovative chefs and designers. At The Langham in New York City, the swanky suites boast picture windows that frame striking Manhattan skylines and terrazzo marble bathrooms. The hotel also offers a restaurant that serves farm-to-table cuisine and cocktails served in the 10th-floor Harriet’s Lounge with live DJs.

Across the country, new hotels are opening their doors to visitors looking for a fresh take on hospitality. In addition to a sleek, modern design, these hotels are offering extras that add up to a truly special stay, including complimentary breakfast, room upgrades and spa credits. Some even have a “digital concierge” to take care of every travel need before and during your visit.

These hotels are all part of our CNN Travel series, which profiles the world’s most interesting and luxurious properties. Our editorial team carefully selects the best hotels and accommodations for our readers. But we’re not alone in our picks: our readers are helping us choose the hotels they love most. They’ve told us which places are a cut above, and where they’re planning to book their next stay.

While some readers may prefer to rough it in Canada, many are willing to splurge on top-notch accommodations when they’re traveling there. And we’ve found that this is especially true in cities like Toronto and Montreal, where new hotels are taking a more subtle approach to luxury.

From swanky boutiques to five-star resorts, these best hotels offer something for every type of traveler. And the great news is that many of them are offering exclusive perks when you book your stay through CNN Travel. Just click the links to see all of the deals and discounts available for your next trip.

Finding the Best Culinary School

If you’re thinking about getting into the culinary arts, it’s important to find the best culinary school for your career goals. Look for a college that has a strong reputation, offers a variety of degree programs, has flexible study-abroad options and master’s degrees, and provides students with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive food industry.

Top culinary schools have a great mix of experiential learning and classroom instruction. They often have student-staffed restaurants; provide internships and networking opportunities; offer a wide range of cooking, baking, and management courses; and provide career services, such as resume reviews and job fairs. Look for a college with a highly qualified faculty, including master chefs, bakers, and cookbook authors. Also, make sure the school has a low student-to-faculty ratio so you can get personalized mentoring and learn from the best.

A good culinary program will cover a broad range of subjects, from the foundations of cooking to international fine-dining techniques. Ideally, it should also be based in a major city that gives you access to professional culinary opportunities in your area of specialty. Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most prestigious culinary colleges in the world. Its instructors are considered the guardians of traditional French cuisine, and the school has a rich history that includes training famous chefs like Julia Child.

The International Culinary Center is another top choice for culinary students. It has a unique approach to education that includes a wide range of classes in culinary and food business disciplines, such as baking, hospitality management, and wine and spirits. The college also offers a number of unique internships and networking opportunities, and its alumni are leaders in every segment of the restaurant industry.

In addition to being an excellent resource for recipe ideas, the food blog Food52 has an extensive collection of helpful cooking tips and tricks. From learning the difference between salt and acid to understanding how food continues to cook even after you remove it from heat, these handy hints will help you become an expert chef in no time.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, there are always more things to learn about the culinary arts. From these cooking tips, you can improve your technique and become a more creative and experimental cook.

These cooking tips from celebrity chef Bobby Flay will help you prepare and execute a delicious meal. These helpful hints will help you make the most of your ingredients and create an unforgettable dining experience for your guests. From avoiding mistakes to maximizing flavor, these tricks of the trade will help you achieve the perfect meal. So what are you waiting for? Put on your apron and start cooking!

World Travel Advice From a Trusted Travel Advisor

Whether it’s for leisure or business, world travel can be the trip of a lifetime. With the right mix of destination selection, itinerary planning, and traveler safety and security, it can also be the trip that takes you into your own personal growth.

But while around-the-world trips can be life changing, they’re not without their challenges. From the financial responsibilities to the potential for logistical road snafus, there’s a lot to consider when you decide to take on the challenge of an around-the-world adventure.

While some travelers choose to go it alone, a team of trusted travel advisors can help you with the details of your dream trip. At &Beyond, for example, our world travel experts can create custom itineraries to meet your needs and make sure that the experience of travelling is exactly what you expect.

With expert guidance from a trusted travel professional, you can avoid costly pitfalls and enjoy your adventure to the fullest. Our world travel specialists have spent years learning the ropes by traveling the globe on familiarization trips to get hands-on with the most exciting destinations out there and ensure that your trip is a success.

In addition to being the best in their field, our travel professionals are dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of service that continues well after the booking process is complete. From negotiating air and hotel deals to providing support during your trip with accounting reports, our travel professionals are here to make your world travel easier than ever.

Seeing the world from other cultures’ perspectives is an eye-opening and humbling experience that makes you realize that you have major blind spots when it comes to your own point of view. Taking the time to expand your understanding of the world will not only broaden your horizons but also help you be a better person when you return home.

While it’s important to have a good understanding of the world and what you’re in for when you decide to embark on a round-the-world trip, it’s equally important to set realistic expectations about your budget and ability to travel safely. By setting realistic goals, you’ll be able to stick to your plan and enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

The Best Vacation Destinations For Couples

When it comes to the best vacation, you want to choose a destination that reflects your interests. You might prefer a trip that offers plenty of leisurely activities, or you might have an adventurous spirit that wants to see some once-in-a-lifetime sights. Some couples may prefer a beach getaway, while others might opt for a foodie tour of Paris or a ski vacation in scenic Portugal. Whatever your travel style, these destinations will provide the perfect backdrop to create lasting memories with your loved one.

With its crystal blue waters and vibrant culture, Miami Beach is a great choice for those who want to relax on a beach vacation. This destination has an array of things to do, including visiting the Art Deco Historic District and partaking in the city’s energetic nightlife scene. You can also visit the iconic Miami Beach Pier, soak up the sun and indulge in some shopping.

If you’re looking for a beach vacation with a little more excitement, head to Clearwater Beach. This stunning beach is known for its calm waters and white sand beaches, and you can enjoy many water sports here, from kayaking to dolphin watching. You can also dine at local restaurants and shop for souvenirs.

For those who prefer to experience a city-based vacation, consider a trip to Portland. This beautiful Oregon city is brimming with parks, outdoor festivals and delicious dining options. In addition to spending time in the great outdoors, you can check out the city’s many museums and contemporary art galleries. You can also go on a guided swamp tour in Louisiana, where you’ll see alligators and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Located along the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts, Cape Cod is the ideal vacation spot for those who are looking to reconnect with nature and each other. This picturesque area includes a string of villages with quaint cottages and stunning coastline. Spend your days soaking up the sun on the beach and walking through the quaint streets to admire the architecture. Then, end your day with a glass of wine and a plate of fresh seafood.

The Outer Banks is a coastal resort town that’s home to miles of sandy shoreline. This destination is perfect for couples who are looking to get away from it all and rekindle their romance. Its charming villages offer a variety of activities, from tasting wines in a vineyard to admiring the enchanting sunsets over the ocean.

If you’re looking for a vacation with a bit of adventure, consider a trip to Mammoth Lakes, which transforms into an alpine playground during the winter months. This mountainous region is home to a wide variety of ski and snowboarding trails, as well as a number of natural wonders, such as Devils Postpile National Monument. You can also enjoy the many attractions that this destination has to offer, from shopping at the world-famous Strip to enjoying a meal at a celebrity chef restaurant.

The Best Hotels in New York

Whether you’re in the market for luxury accommodations, affordable options or somewhere in between, there’s a hotel out there for every type of traveler. From hotels with spas and restaurants tucked inside their lobbies to properties that give guests free stays and room upgrades just for checking in, the best hotels offer amenities designed to please every type of guest. These hotels make it easy for travelers to get the most out of their stay and are often ranked high on lists like U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hotels, which takes into account reputation among professional travel experts, guest reviews and hotel class ratings. Some of the most popular hotels are also backed by major rewards programs, which offer members access to benefits like early check-ins and other perks.

With so many options, it’s important to do your research when picking a hotel. While it’s always helpful to look at a property’s website, you should also read reviews on trusted platforms like TripAdvisor and Google. Unfortunately, fake hotel reviews have become a significant problem on these sites, with tens of millions of phony accounts being used by people with an agenda, including hotel management operatives and disgruntled employees who can sabotage their former employers’ online ratings. This does a tremendous disservice to real hotel guests who want the truth about a place before they book it.

There are about 1,000 places to lay your head in New York City, from old-world addresses that are practically a part of the city’s identity (like Central Park’s The Ritz-Carlton and the Plaza of Eloise fame) to trendy spots like 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge with incredible skyline views and all-star hospitality. But the city’s hotel scene is constantly changing, with old-world establishments getting revamped and hip new openings testing older standbys’ ability to keep up.

As a result, travelers need a solid resource to help them find the best hotels in the country and around the globe. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the most luxurious hotels that offer unique experiences, top-notch service and the kind of hospitality that makes you feel special from the moment you walk in the door.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, this hotel offers guests the ultimate urban escape. From the brick facade that blends in with the neighborhood to the carefully curated interior, the space is the perfect balance of subtlety and luxury. Guests can lounge by the Terrace on 7 pool, take in the city vistas while sipping a hand-crafted cocktail or play a game of billiards. It’s no wonder the likes of Kate Middleton, Prince William and Harry, and Meghan Markle have all chosen to stay here.

Guide to the Best Culinary Schools

Whether you are looking to improve your cooking skills or start a new career, the culinary arts may be the perfect field for you. However, top culinary schools are often expensive and pay in the restaurant industry is generally poor, so it’s important to think through your goals carefully before enrolling. This guide to the best culinary schools will help you make an informed choice.

While the number of culinary schools in the world is staggering, few can compare to Switzerland’s famous Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, whose alumni include the iconic Julia Child. The school was named after the legendary chef who revolutionized modern French cuisine, and the program has a strong focus on practical experience. The school’s instructors are world-renowned chefs who share their expertise with students.

Another top culinary school is Kendall College, which is part of National Louis University in Chicago. It has produced 12 James Beard Foundation Award winners, and offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts. It also has a variety of online and hybrid courses to accommodate busy lifestyles.

The school has a 65 percent graduation rate and boasts a wide range of resources for its learners. Its advisors work with each student to create a customized curriculum that meets their career goals. It also has a number of externship opportunities and partnerships with local restaurants. The school also focuses on sustainability and offers an online bachelor’s degree in sustainable food management.

If you want to become a professional chef, it’s vital that you choose the right culinary school. The top schools have programs that are highly competitive and have a high number of alumni who are successful in the restaurant business. They are also known for their excellent facilities and faculty.

There are many popular culinary blogs that offer recipes, dining advice, and reviews. Some of them are dedicated to specific cuisines or regions, while others cover a broad range of culinary topics. First We Feast, for example, is a popular blog that explores the connection between pop culture and food.

International Culinary Center has a number of programs, including a bachelor’s in culinary arts. Its students have gone on to work in the culinary industry, but the school also trains people for careers outside the kitchen such as event planning, catering, and nutrition. Its graduates have included the chefs Charlie Palmer, Cat Cora, and Michael Mina.

The Culinary Institute of America is a good choice for students interested in studying in a large city. It has five on-campus restaurants that give students hands-on experience in a commercial kitchen. The school also offers many scholarships for students in need. Students can choose from a variety of degree options, such as baking and pastry or hospitality management. In addition, the school’s newest location in Napa Valley is home to one-of-a-kind program for aspiring restaurateurs. It teaches them how to build a profitable business in the food and beverage industry.

How to Make Your World Travel Experience More Enjoyable

World travel is the act of visiting countries, cities and other locales around the globe. It’s a way to experience different cultures, cuisines and ways of life. Travelers often gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves through their travels. This knowledge will help them become more tolerant and understanding of others. It will also inspire them to explore new places, experiences and cultures in the future.

People who are most interested in world travel usually have a passion for adventure. They want to see as much of the planet as possible, and they’re willing to put in the time and money to make that happen. World travelers may even have a travel bucket list that includes specific destinations they’d like to visit in their lifetimes.

The beauty of world travel is that it can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be. Whether you’re traveling on a budget or flying first class, there are things you can do to make your trip more enjoyable.

For starters, be sure to arrive at the airport three hours early for your flight. This will give you plenty of time to navigate lines, security and passport control. It will also ensure that you have all the necessary documentation you need for your trip. Also, be sure to have both physical and digital copies of your passport, airline tickets, health insurance card and any other documentation that you might need while on your trip.

Another way to make your trip more enjoyable is to be flexible and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to try something new or say yes when someone asks you to meet their family or explore a place that you haven’t yet seen. These types of adventures are the ones that create the best memories and stories.

It’s also important to stay safe when you travel. This means researching the areas you plan to visit, learning the local language and getting all of the recommended vaccines before you leave home. It’s also a good idea to carry a small medical kit with you in case of any emergencies.

Finally, don’t be one of those travel snobs who constantly brag about where they’ve been or what they’ve done on their trips. This type of behavior is not only annoying, it can also be off-putting for those who are considering a world travel adventure. Also, remember that there are many places to travel in the world that don’t offer the same amenities as your home country, so be prepared for that.

How to Find the Best Vacation Deals for Families

When planning your next vacation, it’s important to decide what type of trip you’re looking for. Whether you’re seeking the thrills of an adventure trip or want a more relaxing beach getaway, there are many options out there.

Getting to know the different types of vacations will help you choose a destination that suits your style and budget. You can use a travel search engine to filter your ideal cities by your specific criteria. Some search tools will even suggest destinations that may be better than the ones you initially entered. This can save you a lot of time by narrowing down your choices.

Family Vacation

The perfect family vacation reunites everyone with laughter, stories and bundles of treasured memories. But finding a kid-friendly destination that appeals to the whole group can be challenging. That’s where our family vacation deals come in handy. We’ve found wow-inducing pools, sandy beaches and thrilling destinations guaranteed to earn you those coveted cool-parent points.

If you’re thinking about a beach vacation, look no further than the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, this chain of barrier islands offers more than 100 miles of beautiful coastline to sun tan and surf. Plus, you’ll find charming beach towns like Corolla, Duck and Kitty Hawk to explore.

Beaches are also popular with families, and Miami is one of the top beach destinations. The warm weather is great for lounging on the beach or taking a dip in the ocean. The city has plenty of other activities to offer as well, such as visiting several museums and zoos. You can also take advantage of the vibrant cultural scene and energetic nightlife.

If a city break is what you’re after, consider New York City. The Big Apple has a little bit of everything, so you’ll always have something to do. From top-rated restaurants to world-class attractions, there’s a reason the city is known for its food, art and shopping.

While it’s not a popular summer vacation, Seattle is a wonderful place to visit in the fall. The weather is warm but not hot, and you can enjoy everything from hiking mountain trails to whale watching. The city is also home to many outdoor parks, such as Forest Park and Lan Su Chinese Garden.

The city of Los Angeles is another hot spot for a beach vacation. While it’s known for its party scene, Los Angeles also has plenty of family-friendly attractions, including the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Besides soaking up the sun on the beach or taking a spin on the iconic Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel, you can visit other Los Angeles landmarks such as the La Brea Tar Pits and The Grove.

If you’re searching for a unique winter getaway, head to the mountains of Colorado. Skiing is a popular activity here, but you can also enjoy other fun winter sports like snowboarding and snowshoeing. Many hotels in the area offer family packages during this time, and they typically feature discounted rates.

Finding the Best Hotels

The world is full of incredible hotels, but not all are created equal. From historic gems with a touch of luxury to new boutique hotels with an edge, the best places to stay are as varied as the people who visit them.

Whether you’re traveling to a city for the first time or planning a luxurious getaway to your hometown, these hotels will make any trip more memorable. Whether it’s a glam NYC hotel with a rooftop pool, a remote lodge in the Wasatch Mountains or a new, reimagined property from a legendary brand, each of these hotels offers an experience that’s both unique and exceptional.

With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect hotel can feel daunting, but the good news is that there’s something for every traveler. From luxe suites with stunning views to top-rated restaurants and spas, these hotels offer everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

When it comes to finding the best hotels, you’ll want to consider location, price, amenities and service. However, you’ll also want to think about what makes your trip truly special. Choosing the right hotel can be just as important as your itinerary, so here are some tips to help you choose the best hotel for you.

Despite the pandemic, luxury hotels remain one of the most popular accommodations. With the recent surge in demand, travelers are still seeking the best luxury hotels to satisfy their cravings for comfort and relaxation. Luckily, these hotels have kept up with demand and are poised to continue to thrive during the coming years.

In the wake of the pandemic, some hotels have had to alter their operations and re-evaluate their service. Others have made huge investments to keep up with consumer demand, with impressive results. These hotels are proving that no matter the economic climate, there’s always room for luxury.

New York City is home to an unfathomable number of hotels, with options ranging from hip boutiques in trendy neighborhoods to opulent luxury properties frequented by celebrities and dignitaries. While century-old NYC institutions are a mainstay of the city, they’re constantly challenged to up their game. Newcomers are bringing bold design, out-of-the-box amenities and Michelin-starred chefs to the table, testing old standbys’ ability to keep up.

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that the Big Apple has a hotel for every traveler. From modern minimalism and Gilded Age glamour to a hotel with a rooftop pool, a subterranean nightclub and more, these hotels are some of the best NYC has to offer.

Essential Qualities For World Travel

World travel can be a lifelong dream for some people, but it takes a certain amount of sacrifice and planning to make it happen. A love for adventure, a desire to take risks, and a flexible mindset are all essential qualities for world travel. Before embarking on a long-term trip, it’s important to calculate the budget needed and factor in any debt payments or other expenses you will be responsible for while away.

Whether it’s taking messy notes, writing in a journal daily or starting a blog, it’s important to document your journey. This will be so valuable to you in the future when the memories of your trip start to fade. Plus, it’s a great way to share your adventures with loved ones back home who can’t be there to experience them with you.

One of the most rewarding things about traveling is learning about different cultures and traditions. This can be both eye-opening and challenging, but it is a huge part of the travel experience. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life and find out what makes them tick. This can help you understand that we all have so much more in common than differences like religion, language and politics.

As you travel around the world, you will encounter a variety of challenges that may change your plans or even put you in danger. Being able to problem-solve and adapt quickly will be critical for you to enjoy your trip and not get discouraged when unexpected obstacles arise. A willingness to embrace challenges will also allow you to have more fun and see your trip as a learning opportunity.

If you’re looking for a job that will enable you to travel, consider working at a company that specializes in business travel or is involved in the hospitality industry. These positions will likely offer you a flexible schedule that allows you to work from home or on the road while still being able to meet deadlines and provide high-quality customer service.

Many travelers will tell you that their trips have transformed them in some magical and profound way. They claim their experiences deepened their values, expanded their horizons, made them true citizens of the globe, and so on. However, it’s impossible to determine first-hand whether this is true for any individual.

Before heading out on a world tour, be sure to have copies of all your travel documents on hand. It’s also a good idea to let friends or family know where you will be so they can check in with you periodically and keep track of your progress. Be sure to update them on any changes in your itinerary, too. Finally, don’t forget to have a backup plan in case anything unexpected happens. Having emergency funds and knowing what you can afford to pay for an evacuation or hospital bill will give you peace of mind on the road.

The Best Vacation Destinations

The best vacation is one that allows you to relax and unwind in a beautiful setting. Whether you want to lay on the beach and relax, hike along mountain trails or go whale watching, there are many great vacation spots to choose from. These destinations include:

Located off the coast of Greece, Santorini is a picturesque vacation spot that is known for its dazzling blue seas and quaint white-washed villages. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or an adventurous vacation. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including swimming and snorkeling, hiking, biking and dining on fresh seafood.

Miami Beach is a popular destination for those looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the city’s energetic culture. Guests can spend their days lounging on the pristine beaches or shopping in the iconic Art Deco District, enjoying the culinary scene and partaking in the lively nightlife.

A tropical paradise, Bora Bora is home to pristine waters and white-sand beaches that are a dream come true for any vacationer. The island is also a hub of natural beauty, with rugged volcanic peaks, lush rainforests and a thriving coral reef teeming with exotic marine life.

From samba clubs to world-class museums, Rio de Janeiro has something for everyone. Guests can lounge on Copacabana Beach, admire the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain or explore the vibrant forested parks in Tijuca National Forest. The city is also a hub of culture, offering samba dancing, vibrant street parties and delicious local cuisine.

Home to a stunning array of wildlife, the Galapagos Islands are a must-visit for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts. The unique archipelago is home to giant tortoises, iguanas and blue-footed boobies, all of which can be seen up close and personal on guided wildlife tours.

Banff National Park is a breathtaking vacation destination that offers something for every type of traveler. Guests can enjoy a relaxing gondola ride through the glittering canals of Venice, or they can immerse themselves in nature by hiking along the park’s winding trails. The park is also home to beautiful glacial lakes such as Bow Lake and Lake Minnewanka, which are surrounded by snow-capped mountains and offer stunning views.

It is important to remember that not all vacations are created equal. While it can be tempting to hop around from one tourist trap to the next, 2023 is a great year to embed yourself in your chosen destination and really get to know its people, culture, history and geography. If you are going on a guided tour, research the guide to make sure they are not treating animals, ruins or locals in an unethical way. If you see a guide behaving in an inappropriate manner, speak up and tell them to stop. You may save a life! Lastly, it is important to embrace your own style of travel. If you like to check off bucket list items at each destination, that is great. If you prefer to relax in a hammock with a good book, that is also wonderful.

The Best Hotels in NYC

The Big Apple is home to nearly 1,000 hotels, ranging from old-world building revamps that are practically a part of the city’s identity like The Plaza (of Eloise fame) to sleek boutique spaces with incredible skyline views like 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. And the best hotels in NYC are not only renowned for their hospitality, but also offer plenty of top-notch dining and spa options.

Many of these hotels have been around for decades and are a part of the city’s storied history, but there are also a lot of newcomers that have taken on the task of elevating the local lodging scene with cutting-edge designs and exceptional amenities. These properties cater to every kind of traveler, from first-time visitors to the city who prefer residential neighborhoods in Manhattan to opulent luxury stays near top NYC attractions.

If you’re looking for a splurge-worthy stay, look no further than the opulent Park Hyatt New York. This downtown property has a singular design that is inspired by art and features works from more than 30 artists, including Andy Warhol and Henri Matisse. While guests enjoy the hotel’s impressive collection of original artworks, they can also take a dip in the stunning indoor pool on the 25th floor and sip specialty cocktails while enjoying Carnegie Hall’s musical stylings from underwater speakers.

This hip boutique hotel is a welcome addition to the Lower East Side neighborhood. Its reclaimed wood floors, multi-story green wall in the lobby and rooms with front-facing windows are the perfect balance of urban chic and nature-inspired design. The hotel also has a popular rooftop bar and terrace with jaw-dropping views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan and the East River.

The rooms are a true oasis with high ceilings, curved windows and marble bathrooms with Fili D’Oro linens. Guests can dine at the hotel’s Clocktower restaurant, which is inspired by The London Edition and has a distinctly British menu with dishes such as beef Wellington, ale-battered fish and chips and tandoori chicken with cucumber-cilantro yogurt. The hotel is a great option for travelers who want a trendy, yet luxurious stay in a prime location.

Located in a historic art deco building, this hotel offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of the city. Guests can enjoy a cocktail at the lounge-like Living Room, which is decorated with whimsical wallpaper that depicts martini glasses and olives. Alternatively, they can head to the tucked-away Ai Fiori for a more formal experience complete with white tablecloths and dishes such as Ligurian crustacean ragu and scallops en polenta.

In addition to an excellent cocktail program, this hotel is known for its exceptional breakfast. Its coveted “breakfast for two” is available for an additional fee and features eggs, bacon, a bagel with cream cheese and more. The property is a top pick for couples who are traveling together, and the staff goes above and beyond to make you feel special. This hotel is a must for anyone who wants to experience a true New York City stay.

Best Culinary Awards

best culinary

Just like actors get Oscars and singers get Grammys, chefs earn their own share of culinary awards. Some might argue that the World’s 50 Best List, Michelin, and the James Beard Foundation have a monopoly on such accolades, but there are many more domestic and international organizations that honor chefs and restaurants.

For example, Eat Your World is a website that highlights restaurants in various cities and regions across the country and globe. The site focuses on sourcing ingredients from local farmers and producers, which can be a great way to support the community and find fresh, healthy food. There are also recipes and guides for dining out with kids, making your own cocktails, and more.

Another website, Food52, is a food-focused online community. While some might say that Food52’s selection of best chefs and restaurants is too Eurocentric, it does offer a glimpse into the global restaurant scene and can provide inspiration for your next meal.

The James Beard Foundation, which honors people in the restaurant industry, aims to educate and inspire future generations of cooks. Its award winners are not only celebrated for their skills in the kitchen, but for their dedication to their craft and the broader restaurant community. In the past, many of the winners were relatively mainstream European-leaning places, but the foundation has shifted towards a more diverse set of restaurants in recent years. Last year, the foundation’s Rising Star Chef award went to Zachary Engel, who runs the modern Israeli restaurant Shaya; it also awarded Best New Restaurant to Seattle’s JuneBaby and Brooklyn’s Korean Atomix.

For those looking to pursue a career in the culinary arts, there are a number of schools that can help. The Culinary Institute of America, for instance, is a famous school that is located in upstate New York. It has a gorgeous campus, picturesque views, and five on-site restaurants for students to gain hands-on experience in real kitchens.

Another popular option is Johnson and Wales, a school that offers associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in the culinary arts. It is known for its small class sizes and hands-on learning, as well as its impressive internship program. It also has connections with employers in the industry, giving graduates a leg up on finding jobs after graduation.

Finally, there is Le Cordon Bleu, which is a prestigious school that teaches traditional French techniques. It is a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn how to make classic dishes such as boeuf bourguignon. The school has a long list of famous alumni, including Julia Child, who is known to have attended the school for her cooking lessons. The school also has a demo room where its students can showcase their talents.

How to Prepare for World Travel

World travel has a lot of benefits, from seeing new places to meeting people to learning about different cultures. However, it is important to remember that no trip will ever be perfect. People will get sick, flights may be delayed, and other issues may arise that can take away from the overall enjoyment of a trip.

This is why it is so important to have a good support system in place when you are traveling. Having friends and family that are excited for you to go on your trip can help make it easier to deal with any unforeseen issues that may occur during your travels. Having this support system can also provide you with someone to turn to in case something goes wrong or if you need advice about a specific destination.

Having a good support system in place can also be beneficial for when you are traveling to more remote locations where it is harder to find someone to help if an emergency occurs. For instance, if you are traveling to a country that has a very small population and only one language, it is a good idea to learn some basic phrases in the local language in order to communicate. This can be done easily by downloading apps such as Bravolol’s Travel Phrasebook or Google Translate. Having this knowledge will help you get by and also show the locals that you are interested in their culture.

Another great way to prepare for a trip is to read some travel books about the location that you are going to visit. This will give you a better understanding of the history and culture of the place that you are visiting and can help make your experience more enjoyable. Having a better understanding of the culture will allow you to interact with the locals and have a more authentic experience.

While it is important to prepare for a trip by researching the destination, it is also helpful to be flexible and willing to change your plans if needed. This is especially true if you are traveling to a new destination where the weather may be unpredictable or if there is a natural disaster that could affect your travels. It is important to be flexible and to have a positive attitude in order to make the most out of your travels.

In addition to preparing for your trip by reading books and planning activities, you can also prepare for your trip by packing the right gear. This can include things like earplugs to block out snorers in hostels, a deck of cards to pass the time, and packing cubes to keep your luggage organized.

For years, wellness gurus and athletes have been the top headliners at retreats, but now music stars are becoming the new rock stars of the travel industry. Destination concerts are on the rise, with fans flocking to Europe and Asia to see Taylor Swift and other musicians in venues such as Amsterdam and Milan.

How to Choose the Best Vacation for You and Your Family

A vacation is a special break from daily life. It’s an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, connect with friends and soak up new experiences. These transformative trips can help you see the world differently, gain a greater appreciation of nature and bond with family members. Choosing the best vacation depends on who you’re traveling with, what activities you enjoy and your budget. From tropical getaways to icy retreats, there are plenty of options for your next adventure.

Whether you’re an outdoorsy couple who loves to hike or a laid back group of friends who likes to dance the night away, there are endless possibilities for the best vacations. For a beachy escape, head to Clearwater Beach in Florida for crystal blue waters and soft white sand or visit the islands of Key West to explore historic architecture and coastal charm. A trip to the Galápagos Islands is another must-do for nature lovers, where you’ll get up close and personal with fascinating wildlife in their natural habitat.

For families, a trip to a destination with kid-friendly attractions is the best vacation option. These destinations are packed with entertainment, outdoor adventures and scenic landscapes that can be enjoyed by all ages. Portland, Oregon, for example is one of the best vacation spots for kids thanks to its many parks, festivals and family friendly restaurants and museums. The city is also home to some of the best hiking trails in the nation.

Another top family-friendly travel destination is Disney World, which has something for everyone. From four amusement parks to two water parks, perfectly themed on-site hotels and immersive dining experiences, this trip is sure to make your kids (and you) happy.

If you’re looking for a vacation with a cultural edge, National Geographic has ranked some of the most intriguing places to visit. Check out the ancient rock art of Algeria, dive with sharks in Australia or take a tour of the tea trail in Sri Lanka. You can even observe a total solar eclipse in Niagara Falls or walk the Camino de Santiago, where you’ll see 12th-century cathedrals and stunning scenery.

If you’re ready to cash in those paid vacation days, now is the time to start planning a trip. February is a great month for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway or to shuck off the winter blues with a warm-weather escape. Whether you want to snowboard on the slopes of Mammoth Lakes, Calif. or take a swamp excursion in Louisiana to view alligators and other wild animals, these best vacations are sure to inspire your next adventure.

How to Choose the Best Hotels

When it comes to choosing the best hotels, travelers have a lot of options. Whether they’re looking for a luxury hotel in the heart of a bustling city or a serene island retreat, there’s a hotel to match every budget and travel style. But how do you decide which one is right for you? A hotel’s reputation, amenities, location and overall experience are all important factors when choosing a place to stay.

With so many hotel options in the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are truly top-notch. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different hotels excel at different things. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may want to focus on a specific aspect of your stay such as comfort, value or dining. Thankfully, a wide array of online resources makes it easy to find the perfect hotel for your next vacation.

For example, a recent survey by CivicScience showed that the most trustworthy hotel review sites are actually none of them. This isn’t a big surprise given how often consumers are misled by fake reviews on the Internet. However, it’s still good to know which review sites are worth trusting so you can avoid being scammed when searching for a hotel.

Aside from the aforementioned site, it’s also helpful to focus on review sites that are specifically related to the type of hotel you’re interested in. This way, you can connect with potential guests that are already interested in what your property has to offer.

Thankfully, there are plenty of hospitality-specific review sites that you can use to boost your reputation. For example, if you’re a luxury hotel in New York, it’s important to focus on review sites that are relevant to your market. By doing so, you’ll be able to increase your visibility to potential guests and improve your overall customer satisfaction.

New York City offers a wide variety of hotels, from cozy boutique properties to historic grande dames. While many NYC travelers opt to stay in Midtown because it’s convenient and centrally located, those looking for a more authentic and unique experience will find plenty of options throughout the city. From a boutique Manhattan hotel with out-of-this-world designer details to a glitzy newcomer, the Big Apple’s best hotels are as varied as its inhabitants.

If you’re a fan of maximalism and Gilded Age glamour, consider staying at the newly opened Mercer New York. It’s one of the most exciting new hotels in town, offering a sleek and sophisticated vibe that perfectly captures Soho’s quintessential style. Featuring curved windows and a soothing neutral color palette, each room at the Mercer feels like a private townhouse. For a more upscale experience, book a suite that boasts a Poggenpohl kitchen and a private rooftop terrace.

Best Culinary Schools in America

best culinary

Those who dream of becoming professional chefs know that it takes more than just a desire to cook. It requires a substantial investment of time and money. For those who can afford it, culinary school is one of the best ways to train for a career in food service. But is it worth the cost? During a recent interview for Food & Wine, four chefs were asked if they think culinary school was worth it. Three of them answered affirmatively. They all agreed that if a person is serious about being a chef, they should go to culinary school. They also acknowledged that they went into debt to get their degrees, but were able to make it back through scholarships and personal savings.

There is some subjectivity in determining the best culinary schools as there is no definitive data on school-specific graduation rates or student-to-faculty ratios. However, many of the top rated culinary schools offer low tuition costs and great networking opportunities with industry leaders. Some of the top ranked culinary schools are also able to help students obtain financial aid through scholarships and grants.

Some of the best culinary schools in America are located in major cities like New York, where they are able to give their students access to the world’s best restaurants. This not only helps prepare them for a career in the restaurant business, but it also gives them a chance to experience some of the most diverse cuisines on earth. Sullivan University National Center for Hospitality Studies in Louisville, Kentucky is an excellent example of a culinary school that provides an amazing educational experience. It offers five Associate of Science (A.S.) degree majors in Culinary Arts; Baking and Pastry Arts; and Professional Catering. It also has a restaurant that is run by culinary students and a retail bakery.

The most prestigious culinary awards are given to individuals and restaurants that have made significant contributions in their field. Similar to how actors receive Oscars and singers receive Grammys, chefs have their own set of accolades that they can win throughout their careers.

Despite the fact that chefs are the ones who tend to take the spotlight in the culinary awards world, comprehensive change in the industry is achieved by a wider range of professionals. This includes chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, writers and critics. The list of world’s 50 best restaurants is a good example of an awards program that aims to honor the broader spectrum of food professionals rather than pit them against each other. This approach allows the most talented, innovative, and inspiring restaurants to shine. It also encourages creativity and inspires new ideas. This is the real power of the culinary awards world.

How to Plan a World Travel Trip

world travel

As we head into the new year, now is a great time to take a look at your bucket list. Whether it’s visiting the world’s most iconic cities, or seeing those far off beaches and waterfalls you’ve always dreamed about, it is possible to get there. Just a little bit of planning can help you make it happen.

There’s a reason the old saying, “see the world before you die” is such an enduring one. Travel helps us realize that our lives are finite, and gives us a taste of what it might be like to live in other places, or see the world from another point of view.

Seeing the world also teaches you things you can’t learn in any classroom. It teaches you geography, culture, history, languages, and sociology in a hands-on way that no textbook can match.

Traveling can be good for the world, if you plan it right and support local businesses. Otherwise, it destroys local economies and is bad for the planet. It’s a choice that every traveler should think about before heading off to a foreign country.

The biggest concern for people who want to travel is how to find the money. But if you really commit to it, there are plenty of ways you can fund your trip. You can save by selling your stuff on Kijiji, canceling subscriptions and binge-watching networks, and by budgeting for travel costs. You can also use good flight comparison tools to help you find the cheapest flights and accommodations.

Another concern is what to pack for a world trip. Luckily, there are many packing lists available that can give you an idea of what to bring and how much it will cost. You can also choose to travel light, which will help you save even more on accommodation and airfares. The best way to prepare for a world trip is by researching your destinations and creating a budget before you go.

Finally, it is important to know your travel limitations and be honest with yourself about them. If you are prone to anxiety, you may not be ready for a trip around the world. If you are a naturally shy person, you might be more comfortable traveling within your own country or region.

At World Travel, you’ll work with a private travel advisor who knows everything about your trip, from seating preferences to airline mileage account numbers. Your agent will then leverage the broad spectrum of expertise from other World Travel professionals as needed to meet your unique needs.

Top 5 Destinations For the Best Vacation

best vacation

The best vacation varies from person to person, but for many, it involves visiting a unique destination that provides the chance to explore another culture, see natural wonders or learn about history. Whether it’s an annual beach trip, an adventure in the wild or a dreamy European excursion, every traveler dreams of taking the perfect getaway once in a lifetime.

Located in southern California, Big Sur boasts stunning cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, as well as picturesque beaches and hiking trails. This beautiful area of the state also offers a variety of recreational activities, including kayaking through nearby waterfalls and visiting popular landmarks like the Bixby Creek Bridge and Point Sur Lighthouse. With so much to see and do, a visit to Big Sur is sure to create a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

A tropical vacation is the ideal way to cast off the winter blues and enjoy a week of sun, sea and sand. From classic American beaches like Daytona and Myrtle Beach to pristine islands teeming with exotic wildlife, these destinations are perfect for anyone looking to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a relaxing getaway.

If you’re in the mood for a more active vacation, consider a mountain retreat. This type of getaway gives you the opportunity to stay active all day, but then return to a cozy cabin where you can relax and unwind at night. Hiking trails, wildlife watching and local festivals are just some of the things to do while enjoying a mountain vacation.

A visit to a city that speaks French is the ultimate romantic getaway. Montreal is home to a rich culture and an old-world feel that makes it one of the most enchanting vacation spots. Wander through the streets to discover boutique shops and ornate cathedrals, then treat yourself to a meal of poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy).

In addition to being a scenic place to hike, Mount Rainier is also home to an array of cultural attractions and restaurants that make it a great vacation spot for couples and families alike. The park is dotted with beautiful lakes that are perfect for fishing and kayaking, while the city itself offers plenty of family friendly museums, shopping and dining options.

Known for its vibrant colors, the Northern Lights are one of the most breathtaking natural phenomenon in the world. This natural spectacle is most commonly seen in Iceland, but can also be spotted in other parts of the globe. Whether you’re looking to experience the Northern Lights for the first time or want to witness it again, these locations are sure to provide an unforgettable getaway.

If you’re planning to tie the knot, a wedding in a one-of-a-kind destination is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From tropical paradises to historic cities, these one-of-a-kind wedding destinations offer the perfect backdrop for your special day.

The Best Hotels in America

The best hotels blend local flair with luxurious amenities to create the ultimate stay. But it’s not always easy to find them. After all, one hotel’s luxury can be another’s drab. The difference is often regional, and a swanky spot in La Jolla may be considered run-down in Memphis. That’s why it helps to know which hotel brands deliver the most delightful stays year after year. Fortunately, a new study from J.D. Power has revealed the top hotel chains that have been delivering the best experiences for their guests, based on a range of factors, including communication and connectivity, food and beverage, guest rooms, staff service, facilities and value.

The results from the 2023 study include both chain and independent hotels in the U.S., and each property is given a score based on the responses of 33,754 hotel guests. The rankings take into account reputation among professional travel experts, guest reviews and hotel class ratings. Brand-backed properties offer consistency in terms of guest satisfaction, and they can also make it easier for travelers to earn rewards points and free stays.

Amid old-world building revamps and hip new openings, NYC’s hotel scene is constantly changing. While it’s tempting to book a room in a marquee location near Times Square (which has long been the city’s de facto standard), those seeking a true New York experience should consider neighborhoods like Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg and Dumbo with their breathtaking skyline views.

Some hotels stand out for their glamour and celebrity appeal. Robert De Niro’s Greenwich in cobbled Tribeca is a magnet for A-list clientele, and the rooms boast home-from-home details like buttery leather sofas, mahogany shelving and coffee table books. They’re rounded out by high-end touches, including Dyson hairdryers and a house car to drive you around town for short trips.

Other hotels are eye-catching for their unique architecture or interior design. The No. 2 hotel on our list, Brooklyn’s Hôtel William Vale, features a 22-floor exterior ripple of glass that’s as eye-catching as the guest rooms, which feature curved windows, Fili D’Oro linens and marble bathrooms. Other standouts include a gleaming, sky-high penthouse in Midtown Manhattan that’s designed by famed architect Frank Gehry and the newest addition to our rankings, NYC’s Lowell Hotel, which offers understated elegance in one of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods.

With so many options for luxury accommodations across the United States, it can be challenging to decide where to stay. But with help from our picks, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for your next adventure.

The Best Culinary Schools

best culinary

In the culinary world, experience goes a long way. Chefs can learn from years of working in professional kitchens or hone their skills by attending one of the best culinary schools. These nine schools are known for preparing students to succeed in the kitchen by teaching state-of-the-art cooking techniques and offering valuable internship opportunities.


The Culinary Institute of America is famous for its many successful alumni, including celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who has a scholarship named after him at the school. The prestigious institution has a student-run restaurant on campus and offers a variety of diploma programs, such as pastry and confectionery, the cuisines of the world, hospitality management, wine and spirits, and more.

Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu is famous for preserving traditional French cooking methods. Its alumni include renowned chefs such as Julia Child, and it is ranked among the top culinary schools in the United States. It offers diploma programs in a variety of areas, including pastry and confectionery, the cuisines of Europe, the cuisines of Asia, hospitality management, and gastronomy.

Sullivan University National Center for Hospitality Studies

Sullivan offers an associate degree in culinary arts that is completed in just eighteen months. This school is renowned for its excellent tuition prices, as well as the quality of its education and hands-on training. This program prepares students for a career in the food and beverage industry, and its students go on to work as chefs, nutritionists, and more.

Metropolitan Community College

The metropolital Community college in Omaha, Nebraska, has one of the country’s top culinary programs. Its low tuition prices and small class sizes make it a popular choice for students looking to start their careers as cooks or restaurant managers. The school also has an extensive array of career services, such as mock interviews and job fairs. Its Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts teaches the techniques developed by the “King of Chefs,” and its six week “Farm to Table” experience takes students out of the kitchen and onto the farm.

Slap Dash Mom

This blog is a treasure trove of clever tricks and inspiring recipes, providing a glimpse into the everyday life of an average family. The author’s sense of humor and authenticity makes the site fun to read, while the helpful tips and practical advice offer a realistic look at how to balance motherhood and cooking. This site is a must-read for anyone looking to spruce up their cooking skills.

Travel – The Journey of Self-Discovery

world travel

Travel is a journey of self-discovery, and the challenges that it presents help you discover who you really are. The skills you learn on the road become invaluable in your everyday life, and make you a more well-rounded person.

The people you meet along the way will be some of the most valued names on your contact list. They force you to see the world from new and refreshing perspectives, and ultimately teach you that everyone is different — and that’s okay!

You’ll be surprised at how many skills you never knew you had, and are only reminded of when you’re far from home. From navigating a mountain trail to helping your neighbor across the street, the lessons you take from other cultures will help you be a better person when you return home.

Sometimes a place is so beautiful, you know right away that it was worth the entire trip. Whether it’s the romantic sunsets of Santorini or the turquoise waters of the Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, these special places inspire awe and leave you with a lasting impression.

The beauty of the world’s diversity is truly awe-inspiring, and it’s one of the main reasons why so many people love to travel. The variety of food, language and culture will open your eyes to how much more there is to this beautiful planet than you ever thought possible.

Round the world trips (RTW) are on the rise, and a good travel advisor will be able to help you plan the trip of your dreams. Essentially, a RTW trip is a complete circumnavigation of the globe, either in an eastward or westward direction. It’s not for the faint of heart, and requires a huge amount of planning and preparation, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

You’ve probably seen videos and read stories on social media about people who quit their jobs, sell their possessions and hit the road for a year or more with big dramatic flair. While that’s not for everyone, there are plenty of other ways to experience the world that can be just as gratifying and enriching.

With massive changes in the airline industry, security concerns and intimate knowledge of remote getaways, it’s more important than ever to work with a travel advisor that you trust. The creative problem-solving skills that they bring to the table can mean the difference between a travel nightmare and the trip of your lifetime!

The Best Vacation Destinations in the United States

best vacation

A vacation is a great way to relax and recharge, but the type of trip you choose depends on what kind of experiences you want to have. Whether you prefer to get outdoors and connect with nature or take in the vibrant culture of a big city, the best vacation spots have something for everyone. From white sand beaches to snow-capped mountaintops, here are some of the best vacation destinations in the United States for every type of traveler.

A beach vacation is the perfect way to recharge and create unforgettable memories. With warm waters, soft sand and a variety of activities to partake in, the best vacation spots for a beach vacation include Clearwater Beach, Miami Beach and Tybee Island.

Known for its crystal blue waters, stunning pier and vivacious culture, Miami Beach is a top vacation spot that offers a unique experience for everyone. Spend your days soaking up the sun and exploring its rich art deco historic district, delicious cuisine and energetic nightlife.

One of the most popular tourist spots in California, Big Sur is an amazing location for outdoor enthusiasts. With stunning cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this scenic area is a must-visit for anyone who loves hiking, kayaking and exploring local waterfalls. This is also an ideal spot for nature lovers, as it’s home to incredible wildlife, including flora and fauna like giant tortoises and sea lions.

Aspen is a popular ski destination during the winter months, but it’s just as beautiful during the summer. Located near the border of California and Nevada, this picture-perfect mountain town is a wonderful place to bond with your loved one while hitting the slopes or exploring the area’s natural wonders. During the warmer months, visitors can enjoy strolling in the downtown area, enjoying Creole cuisine and sampling wine at local vineyards.

A cruise is a great choice for those who enjoy being on the water and want to see the world from a different perspective. Guests can enjoy everything from an upscale meal to entertainment at the onboard casino, and they can even visit nearby islands and explore awe-inspiring natural wonders. This type of vacation is a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys spending time with their family or making new friends.

Group tours often get a bad rap, but they can be an excellent way to meet people from all over the world and create lifelong memories together. This type of vacation is best for independent travelers who love making new friends and stepping outside their comfort zones, as well as those who aren’t afraid to try a variety of cuisines. However, it’s not a good fit for anyone who dislikes the idea of traveling in groups or has severe motion sickness.

Choosing the Best Hotels in New York City

best hotels

For many travelers, the best hotels are the ones that deliver a premium experience. The top hotels feature attentive service, deluxe amenities and locations that put you within easy reach of the most popular attractions in town. Whether you’re looking for an urban escape, a luxurious oasis or a modern boutique hotel, there are options to suit every taste.

In a city that never sleeps, the right hotel is key to making your vacation a success. But deciding where to stay in New York City can be an overwhelming task. Many locals warn against staying in Midtown, a soulless tourist trap with big-city views and little else to offer. Instead, they recommend staying in the borough’s historic neighborhoods, like the Upper East Side or Lower East Side, where there are a wide variety of hotels to choose from.

If you want to make the most of your NYC vacation, you need a luxury hotel that offers everything from rooftop bars and restaurants to spas and room service. These hotels are the perfect mix of modern comforts and historical glamour and offer something for every traveler.

When it comes to choosing the best hotels, you want to be sure to consider a property’s guest reviews. Many consumers are booking their hotel stays hundreds or thousands of miles away from the actual property, so they rely on real reviews to help them decide whether a hotel is worth the price tag and whether it will live up to the photos and promises on its website.

Hotel reviews are more important than ever, as more travelers turn to social media to gather information about a destination before they arrive. The top hotels have mastered the art of customer retention by connecting with their guests through reviews and online forums, responding to negative feedback and offering unique amenities to keep guests coming back.

Some hotel chains have even created their own review sites, where they reward loyal customers with free nights and special perks. But not all review websites are created equal, as some are more trustworthy than others. Some of the most reputable hotel review sites include TripAdvisor, Google and TripAdvisor has a reputation for allowing anyone to create an account and write a review, even disgruntled former employees who use the site to sabotage their former employers’ business. But Google seems to be catching up, with some innkeepers saying that they trust Google’s reviews more than those of TripAdvisor.

For a luxury hotel in the heart of Manhattan, look no further than this sleek boutique property. Its minimalist rooms and suites feature reclaimed wood floors, blond wood furnishings, flat-screen TVs and large windows with city views. The bathrooms are stocked with Pharmacopia bath amenities and feature tile, stone and shiplap. And if you’re hungry for some fresh American food, the on-site Bowery Road restaurant serves farmers market-inspired dishes.

The Best Culinary Education Programs in the World

best culinary

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just starting out, it’s always helpful to pick up a few cooking tips. Luckily, there are plenty of experts who have put their kitchen knowledge to good use and can teach us a thing or two. Using Reddit’s r/cooking subreddit as a resource, we pulled together the best general cooking tips from chefs that will take your food-making to the next level.

Institute of Culinary Education (NYC and LA)

The premier culinary school in America, ICE offers eight to 13-month career training programs in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, or Culinary Management. With state-of-the-art facilities, a global curriculum, and a strong track record of job placement, ICE is the place to go for serious culinary study.

New York City has a lot to offer food lovers, from top-notch restaurants and trendy bars to bustling markets and delis. But it’s also a city full of classic dishes that have become true American icons. From a simple cheeseburger to a sloppy Joe or a hearty bowl of clam chowder, these recipes are so beloved that they’ve transcended national borders and cuisines.

Spain is a country of passionate cooks, from the flamenco dancers who twirl their way through dinner to the molecular whiz kids who are constantly pushing the envelope of flavor. Jamon Iberico — the cured ham that’s carved with clamps and a chainsaw — is an example of how traditional Spanish cuisine is rooted in history yet always looking forward. And, of course, there’s a ton of great snacks, from the savory escargot to the sweet churros to the refreshing gazpacho.

The Japanese bring the same precision to their food that they do to engineering. Whether you’re dining on a multicourse kaiseki meal or grabbing a quick bite at a ramen stand, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality ingredients. In this review, Vedat Milor explores the peaks and valleys of a meal at Assiette Champenoise to get an insider’s view into Michelin-starred culinary genius.

Best Tips For Travelling Internationally

world travel

World travel is an exciting way to experience new cultures, places, and experiences. It opens your eyes and mind to the beauty of this world and makes you more well-rounded as a person.

However, there are some people who use travel to show off. They brag about their trips and try to one-up others. They also have no respect for those who are not able to travel or haven’t been able to.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these types of people and have an amazing experience. The best way to avoid them is to learn about travel etiquette. This will help you understand that everyone has a different perspective on life and the world.

The greatest benefit of world travel is that it teaches you to appreciate all the differences in this world. Whether it’s learning about different landscapes, languages, or customs; observing wild animals in their natural habitat; or simply chatting with locals; travelling will enrich your knowledge of geography, history, gastronomy, and more. The most important thing to remember is not to judge people based on how they look, what they believe, or what they do. This is prejudice. Rather, learn to be curious and ask questions.

While it may seem like a lot of work, planning a trip abroad can be worth it. When you know the best tips for traveling internationally, your first outing will be a success!

Many travelers choose to visit major cities on their world tour. This can be a great option, but it’s also easy to get stuck in the tourist traps and miss the local culture.

When you book your world tour, consider visiting smaller cities and towns. These places are often overlooked by tourists, but they can be very beautiful and have their own unique culture. Plus, you’ll probably find that they are less expensive than the major tourist destinations.

Another tip is to plan ahead. There are many different websites that can help you create your own itinerary. You should also be sure to buy travel insurance and pack light. Lastly, it is a good idea to speak with a travel expert. This will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip!

If you’re in between jobs, school, kids, or a relationship, a world tour might be just what you need to ease the transition into your next adventure. It’ll also give you the time to really figure out who you are and where you want to go in life.

When you book a world tour with us, you’ll be assigned a personal travel advisor who will know everything about your trip. From your seating preferences to your airline mileage account number, they’ll be able to tailor your trip to your specific needs. Plus, they can tap into the collective knowledge of other world travel experts as needed. This combination of personal service and world-class creativity is what sets us apart from other travel agencies. To start planning your dream trip, contact a World Travel advisor today!

What’s the Best Vacation For You?

best vacation

As the weather cools down and the summer travel season starts to wind down, deciding what the best vacation is for you can be tricky. Luckily, Good Housekeeping has some helpful suggestions to help you figure out what makes the most of your precious time off. From stunning natural wonders that will quench your thirst for adventure to charming resort towns that offer relaxation and fun, this guide has it all.

Whether you want to go to an exotic beach, discover fascinating culture, or hit up a bustling city for some live entertainment, there is something for everyone on this list. Plus, we’ve got tips on how to find the perfect hotel for you, so you can feel right at home when you’re away.

Theme Park

Embark on the ultimate family-friendly getaway with an exciting trip to one of the best theme parks in America. Theme parks can be a fantastic place to bond with your kids while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Some of the best themes parks in America include Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Orlando, and more.

National Park

Get up close and personal with nature in these jaw-dropping national parks, where you can explore from the ground or from the water and spot rare wildlife. You can also experience a wide variety of recreational activities in these natural wonders, from hiking to camping to stargazing.

Group Tour

While group tours often get a bad rap (think squished people shuffling off a bus with poor ventilation and an obnoxious tour guide), they can be a great way to connect with new friends on vacation and make your money stretch further. Plus, if you book the right tour, you’ll learn about an area without having to read stacks of guide books or spend hours on Google.

Scenic Vacation

Located in California, Big Sur is known for its dramatic cliffs and gorgeous waterfalls. It’s a top vacation destination for nature lovers who want to spend their days exploring the beautiful landscapes and historic landmarks.


If you’re looking for a unique vacation that will let you unwind in a city filled with glamour and excitement, look no further than the casinos and clubs of Las Vegas. This is a fantastic option for those who are looking for an action-packed vacation that will leave them with lasting memories.


Get your sea legs on a cruise that will have you chasing the horizon over open waters. This is a fantastic vacation idea for those who love a smorgasbord of options and don’t mind busting out their pirate lingo. This type of vacation is not ideal for those with severe motion sickness or a fear of the water.

Known for its quirky art scene, delicious food, and scenic parks, Austin is a lively vacation destination that will appeal to many different types of travelers. Be sure to taste the local favorite, a Philly cheesesteak, a sandwich that’s layered with thinly sliced beefsteak and melted cheese inserted into a hoagie roll.

Best Hotels in America and New York City

best hotels

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or an urban adventure, it pays to know the best hotels. A good hotel can make your trip, while a bad one can ruin it. The good news is that a new generation of luxury hotels has ushered in an era of design-forward details, out-of-the-box amenities and Michelin-starred chefs.

But while it’s possible to find five-star properties with a low price tag, the true mark of an exceptional hotel is a unique experience and a sense of place. To help you discover the best hotels, we asked travelers and industry experts to name their top picks. Some are century-old institutions, while others are recent newcomers. We also asked for their tips on how to spot the most luxurious hotels in their cities.

The results are in: The best hotels in America combine high-end touches with a personal touch.

As travel continues to reopen post pandemic, hotels are stepping up their game to meet the demands of consumers. In fact, a new study by J.D. Power reveals that overall satisfaction levels are up this year. The top hotels deliver on a number of key factors, including staff, quality of accommodations and room service.

The best hotels in New York City combine high-end touches with a personal twist.

New York City has more than 700 hotels, but the top ones offer a truly memorable stay with their out-of-the-box amenities and a sense of place. For example, The Langham is the perfect option for travelers who want to feel at home in Manhattan. Rooms skew unusually large for NYC, and each features a refined, yet cozy look. There’s a Duxiana bed, marble bathrooms and a working desk to help you keep on task. Plus, the centralized location makes it easy to hit up all of Manhattan’s landmarks on foot.

Meanwhile, The Carlyle is a century-old institution that’s imprinted itself into the city’s zeitgeist. The property, now a Rosewood hotel, boasts that it’s hosted every president since Truman and its rooms are decked out in Art Deco black and white with modern touches from designers like Thierry Despont. Plus, if you really want to impress a date, book the rooftop suite with its floor-to-ceiling views and three private terraces.

Those who prefer a more residential feel can head to Brooklyn for a dose of nature-inspired design. The 1 Hotel in Brooklyn offers a refreshing escape from the concrete jungle with reclaimed wood floors and a multi-story green wall in the lobby. Front-facing rooms and the rooftop bar and terrace feature jaw-dropping views of Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan and the Brooklyn skyline. There are also spas, organic mattresses and an in-room water filter. You can even shop for hotel-themed wallpaper based on the property’s whimsical decor (think martini glasses and olives).

The Best Culinary Schools

best culinary

Whether you’re an avid home cook or a professional chef looking to sharpen your skills, there are many ways to refine your kitchen abilities. The best culinary schools go beyond teaching basic cooking techniques and offer a more holistic view of the world of gastronomy. With a broad perspective, the best culinary programs can give you the advanced training top restaurants are looking for.

If you’re interested in earning a culinary degree, it’s important to choose the right school for you. You can start by researching the different programs available and deciding what areas you would like to specialize in. Specialization can help you stand out from the competition and advance your career.

The Culinary Institute of America offers a wide range of educational programs, including bachelor’s and associate degrees, master’s and doctoral programs. The institute has several campuses around the country, including New York and California. It also offers online courses. The institute’s curriculum covers all aspects of the culinary industry, including food and kitchen management.

Many culinary students have no formal training, but they’re eager to learn. In these cases, a community college can be an excellent choice. Its low tuition costs and large student body make it an affordable place to earn a culinary degree. Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska, has a popular culinary program that’s known for its small class sizes and hands-on learning.

It’s not necessary to attend culinary school in order to become a successful chef, but it is a good way to learn the basics. Some of the most popular culinary schools have highly respected chefs on staff and offer hands-on experience to their students. Other culinary schools are devoted to a specific cuisine or style of cooking, and they offer specialized classes in their field.

There are many different culinary careers that you can pursue, but the most popular is being a chef. You can pursue this career at a restaurant, catering company, or even your own restaurant. The most important thing is to have a passion for cooking and a willingness to work hard.

Some of the most famous chefs never went to culinary school, but they’ve still managed to carve out successful and fulfilling careers for themselves in the restaurant business. These chefs include Charlie Trotter, Thomas Keller, and Tom Colicchio. Regardless of their backgrounds, all of these chefs have something in common: they love to cook and are passionate about what they do.

The culinary world is filled with a variety of unique and delicious foods. Some are sourced from exotic locales, while others come straight out of your local grocery store. The key to preparing these dishes is knowing how to combine the ingredients properly. It’s also important to pay attention to the details of your dish and to use proper cooking technique.

Traveling Around the World

world travel

Travel is a powerful experience that helps us grow and become more well-rounded individuals. It opens our minds to new cultures and ideas, gives us a chance to step outside of our comfort zones, and creates lifelong memories that will remain with us forever.

As we continue to embrace the power of travel and its ability to shape who we are, more and more people are pursuing their travel dreams around the globe. Whether you’re dreaming of zip-lining through the jungle canopy in Peru, bartering for food in the traditional markets of Marrakech, or simply watching day-to-day life unfold in the streets of Bangkok, traveling can bring you a sense of adventure that’s hard to find anywhere else.

While the corporate news media loves to report on tourists being kidnapped and killed in foreign countries, the world is actually a very safe place to visit. The trick to staying safe is to be smart and use common sense. Research your destination and avoid crowded areas where it’s easy to get lost, stay with someone at all times if you’re traveling alone, and follow your gut instinct if a situation makes you uncomfortable.

The first time you go abroad, it’s important to plan ahead and take all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe trip. This will help you get the most out of your travel experience, and minimize any potential risks. Getting the right travel vaccinations, acquiring travel insurance, and packing the proper gear are all key.

When you’re traveling internationally for the first time, it’s also important to make friends with locals and seek out other travelers like yourself. Traveling with others is the best way to see a country, and it can also be a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of living.

Lastly, it’s essential to budget correctly for your trip. Consider your lifestyle at home, the length of your travels, and any bills you’ll need to pay while away (such as debt or a mortgage). Once you know how much money you’ll be spending on average per day during your trip, it’s time to start building your around-the-world itinerary.

Seeing your favorite artist live in concert is quickly becoming the newest travel trend. “Destination concert bookings are up 50% year-on-year,” says Janel Carnero, a travel advisor at Embark Beyond. As Taylor Swift tour tickets were snatched up in seconds and Glastonbury sold out within hours, music fans are starting to realize that they can get in on the action at smaller venues for less.

How to Find the Best Hotels in the World

With a city as big as New York, it’s no surprise that the best hotels range from boutique properties with Central Park views to opulent luxury stays located just steps away from NYC’s most famous attractions. The best hotels are those that offer precision, discretion and the kind of round-the-clock dedication that makes you feel not only cared for but right at home.

Aside from offering a place to sleep and shower, hotels typically have additional amenities for guests like restaurants and fitness centers. Hotel staff are also available to assist with things like booking local activities and sightseeing trips. In general, hotels tend to be larger than motels and are geared towards travelers who arrive at the property mostly via car or taxi.

In a survey of travelers, the 50 Best organization recently revealed the world’s top hotel: Passalacqua, an 18th century villa on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como. The luxury property, which costs about $1,300 a night, received high marks for its history and setting as well as its modern-day amenities including an 18th century chapel. The company says the rankings are based on an evaluation of “all aspects of the guest experience, from room and bathroom design to service and food and beverage.”

Many hotels have their own loyalty programs that give guests perks like free stays or upgraded rooms. These programs are aimed primarily at frequent travelers, but even occasional guests can reap the benefits by joining one. Many travel apps and sites also offer bundled packages that allow consumers to save money by purchasing both a hotel stay and a flight or car rental at the same time.

While some travelers are hesitant to book through an app, others say it can be helpful to compare prices before making reservations. These tools are also useful for finding hidden deals and price fluctuations, as they can alert travelers to discounts or bargains that may not be advertised. Some apps have partnerships with specific hotels and will guarantee the lowest price if booked through the platform.

The latest technology is revolutionizing the way hotels communicate with their guests. Some are adopting chatbots and other automated systems that can help answer questions quickly, provide concierge services and make recommendations for dining and entertainment options. Whether it’s for a reservation or an in-room request, these tools can be more convenient and less time-consuming than calling the front desk.

It’s also important for hotels to stay on top of guest feedback and respond to reviews in a timely manner. If a guest experiences a problem, it’s important that the hotel address the issue as soon as possible so the customer can leave happy memories of their trip. This is particularly true for businesses that cater to tourists, who often have very limited time to enjoy their getaways.

How to Find the Best Culinary Schools

best culinary

A career in the culinary arts can be incredibly rewarding. But it’s also extremely difficult and requires a lot of hard work. Culinary school isn’t for everyone, but if you’re serious about becoming a chef and want to make your dreams a reality, the best culinary schools can help.

These top culinary schools offer a variety of programs, from short-term certificates to full bachelor’s degrees. They also have state-of-the-art facilities, expert instructors and industry connections. Whether you want to learn the art of French cooking, become a pastry chef or gain management skills, these schools are sure to have a program that fits your needs.

There are many different culinary schools to choose from, and some are more prestigious than others. But which one is right for you? Le Cordon Bleu, the International Culinary Center and the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland are just a few of the top culinary schools. However, the school that is best for you depends on your goals and personality.

If you’re interested in the culinary arts, you should consider attending a school that offers an internship program. This can give you real world experience and help you get a job after graduation. Several schools in our ranking offer internship opportunities, including the Culinary Institute of New York, the University of Pennsylvania and the College of the Holy Cross.

The food industry is a little like fashion or entertainment: trends come and go, hot restaurants rise and fall, and new recipes are always being tested. Keeping up with these changes is essential for anyone in the culinary field. Fortunately, there are many culinary blogs that can help you stay current on what’s going on in the kitchen.

One of the most popular culinary blogs is Eat Your World. This blog covers everything from global cuisines to local ingredients. It’s an excellent resource for those who love to travel and want to bring a taste of other cultures home with them.

Another important culinary blog to follow is The Daily Meal. This site covers the latest restaurant openings, food trends and other news in the industry. It’s a great resource for those who want to be the first to know about the next big thing in food.

You can learn more about the top culinary schools in America by visiting Niche. This website has a ranking system that takes into account key statistics such as student reviews and acceptance rates. It also weighs in the economic mobility index, a measure of how well the schools support low-income students. It also removes SAT and ACT scores from its rankings, reflecting a trend toward de-emphasizing test scores in the college admissions process.

The top culinary schools in the country include a wide range of options. The Culinary Institute of New York, for example, has a student-run restaurant on campus where students gain professional experience. The school also has a bakery, Pane e Dolci, that is open to the public for tastings. The school offers several diploma programs, including baking and pastry, culinary arts, and hospitality management. Its graduates have gone on to be some of the most successful chefs in the world.

How to Prepare for World Travel

world travel

Whether you are planning your first world trip or an experienced traveler, it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many things to consider including airfare, accommodation, tours and activities. Choosing the right package and destination is critical for your success.

In addition, it is important to make a budget for your trip and stick to it. This will help you stay on track and avoid any unnecessary expenses.

It’s also important to remember that travel is not just about the money, it is about the experience. It is also about the personal growth that you gain from traveling. The challenges and opportunities that world travel offers can help you learn more about yourself in ways that are impossible to do at home.

One of the best things about travel is learning about other cultures and civilizations. It can be a great way to expand your knowledge of history, geography, languages and other subjects. Whether you are zip-lining through the jungle canopy in Peru, bartering for goods in a traditional market in Morocco or observing wild animals in their natural habitat, there is always something new to learn.

Another benefit of traveling is the chance to meet local people. It is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and immerse yourself in the culture. The people you meet will be able to provide you with insight into the local life that is not available from a book or even from a tour guide. It is important to be respectful when meeting locals and avoid any actions that may be seen as culturally insensitive or offensive.

It is also important to be aware of the impact you are having on the environment. Try to minimize your trash and use public transport whenever possible. It is also a good idea to pack light so that you are not adding too much weight to your luggage.

Lastly, it is essential to pack some healthy snacks and drinks when traveling. This will ensure that you are getting the nutrients that your body needs. It is also a good idea to bring water with you at all times and to hydrate as often as possible.

It is also important to take the time to rest and relax when you are on your trip. This will help you to feel refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Find the Best Vacation Spot in the United States

best vacation

There’s nothing quite like escaping reality for a week or two to recharge your batteries, soak up some sun and unwind with your loved ones. Whether you crave the ocean, mountains or an urban getaway, there’s a destination out there that’s perfect for your next vacation. From sandy beaches and idyllic islands to vibrant cities, you can find the best vacation spot for your needs right here in the United States.

Known for its gorgeous teal waters and white sand beaches, Destin is the ideal vacation spot for those seeking relaxation. While there, you can partake in various activities such as snorkeling, paddle boating and fishing. You can also stroll the Destin Harbor Boardwalk and enjoy live entertainment at local restaurants.

The rugged volcanic peaks and lush rainforests of Bora Bora make this exotic island paradise one of the most breathtaking places in the world. This stunning natural wonder is also home to vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. If you want to experience all that this pristine island has to offer, be sure to book a yacht charter for your trip.

With a picturesque setting that’s made up of quaint villages and sparkling blue seas, Santorini is a dreamy place to spend your vacation. When you’re not lounging on the beach or exploring a local winery, you can explore the island’s many hiking trails or visit one of the many scenic art galleries.

This majestic national park is home to soaring mountainscapes, glacial lakes and sprawling forests that are sure to take your breath away. While you’re visiting, be sure to see iconic landmarks such as Lake Minnewanka and Bow Lake.

Located on the coast of California, this resort town is a must-visit for those who are looking to relax in warm weather. While you’re there, you can lounge on the famous pier or enjoy a range of other fun activities such as shopping and soaking up the lively culture.

A popular ski destination, Aspen is a beautiful vacation spot that’s perfect for couples looking to hit the slopes or go on an exciting hike. During your visit, you can also visit some of the area’s renowned restaurants and museums.

While most people know that Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination, this cosmopolitan city has plenty more to offer than just glitzy casinos and dazzling lights. In fact, this thriving city is also home to some of the nation’s most interesting art galleries and cultural attractions. You can even enjoy a performance by the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra while in town. When you’re ready to explore the city further, you can visit a few of its famous museums and historic sites. You can even try some of the tastiest local dishes while in town, such as the famous fried pickles and macarons.

Finding the Best Hotels in the World

We all want a memorable hotel stay, but it’s hard to know where to start. With so many different options available, how do you find the perfect one? The best hotels combine a host of elements, including top-notch service, design and amenities. They have a way of capturing a place’s history and atmosphere, creating a space that feels like a home away from home.

The best hotels aren’t necessarily the most expensive, but they offer the highest levels of satisfaction for guests. The results of the latest Guest Experience Study by TripAdvisor show which chains have nailed customer service and which ones are delivering a premium experience.

In an era where social media can have a huge impact on hotel brand reputation, a good online review is crucial. But it’s not just about what people write, but how they write. Fake reviews are a problem, but there are also people who have a grudge against an establishment or have ulterior motives, and those can be just as harmful.

It’s important to note that a good review doesn’t have to be positive, but it must be honest and accurate. The most trustworthy and useful reviews are those that are specific to the property and highlight a positive or negative aspect of the hotel experience. This kind of detail will allow prospective guests to make an informed decision based on real data rather than someone’s personal experience.

Whether it’s an old-world building revamp, a hip new opening or a Covid-related closure, the NYC hotel scene is constantly changing. There’s no shortage of luxury properties in the Big Apple, with opulent suites and out-of-the-box amenities all part of the equation.

There are a few hotels in the world that have become synonymous with their cities. The Carlyle, for instance, is so embedded in the zeitgeist of New York that it could be called an icon in its own right. The hotel hosted Princess Diana and Prince William during their visit in the 1980s, and John F. Kennedy was a frequent visitor. Even now, the storied property remains a favorite, with a legendary bar called Bemelmans—named after Madeline creator Ludwig Bemelmans—and a dining room that has served every president since Truman.

With its stunning beaches, colorful fiestas and friendly, welcoming people, the Philippines is a tropical paradise that’s surprisingly underrated. Its colonial architecture and lush jungles offer a mix of cultural experiences, while the archipelago’s 7,000 islands provide a wide range of leisure activities.

What Are the Best Culinary Schools?

best culinary

A career in cooking and food is not easy, but if you are committed to it, culinary school can help you achieve your dreams. However, it’s important to choose a school that is the best fit for you. Many top culinary schools offer different experiences and perks. Some are located in the heart of New York City and allow you to experience world-class restaurants while taking classes. Others are located in the country and provide students with a hands-on learning experience.

The top 10 culinary schools in the US were selected by Niche based on key statistics and student reviews. They also include an Economic Mobility Index to measure how students’ financial status change after graduating from the college. Additionally, this year the rankings have a removed ACT/SAT scores as part of the trend toward de-emphasizing test scores in high school admissions.

In a world where culinary trends come and go with the speed of a Snapchat filter, it is crucial to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Culinary blogs are an excellent way to do this. These sites feature a range of topics from recipes to restaurant reviews. Some even focus on food politics and social issues in the culinary industry.

As a food writer, it is important to be aware of the changing culinary landscape in order to create articles and content that is relevant. This is why I keep up with food and beverage news on a daily basis. This allows me to better understand what chefs are trying to accomplish and how they are doing it. Moreover, it gives me insight into the changing culinary industry.

While many people are pursuing careers as professional chefs, not everyone is cut out for the industry. A culinary career requires a significant commitment of time, energy and money. In addition, it can be very competitive and stressful. To succeed in the field, it is important to have a solid foundation in culinary skills and knowledge.

If you want to become a chef, you may be wondering what the best culinary schools are. While there are many factors to consider when choosing a culinary school, the location is one of the most important decisions. Some culinary schools are located hours away from the center of New York while others are right in the middle of it. Some culinary schools are highly selective and have a low acceptance rate, while others are more open to accepting applicants with lower grades or test scores.

Last night’s James Beard Awards snubbed New York chefs and restaurants in every national category, the first time that has happened since the awards started over three decades ago. The snub was largely the result of the #MeToo movement, but it also highlighted an ongoing struggle for diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Despite the controversies surrounding the culinary scene, there are still some chefs who have made a name for themselves and continue to be at the forefront of innovation. Whether by offering smart farming software to Latin American farmers (Mariana da Silva Vasconcelos), or creating an inclusive community of chefs in the US and India (Anusha Murthy, Elizabeth Yorke, and Annabel Langbein), these individuals are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the kitchen.

5 Tips for a Successful World Travel Experience

world travel

A world trip can be one of the most challenging—and rewarding—adventures you’ll ever take. It’s a chance to see the beauty of this planet firsthand, and it can open your eyes to new ideas and perspectives. If you’re considering a world trip, here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Take it slow.

There’s nothing worse than traveling too fast and not having time to enjoy your surroundings or experience the local culture. Instead, focus on a few countries or regions at a time and make a point to spend a few days or weeks in each place before moving on. The more time you can devote to each destination, the more meaningful your trip will be.

2. Don’t overpack.

Packing light is essential for a smooth travel experience. It makes it easier to keep your belongings organized, and it’ll also cut down on the amount of stress you’ll feel while packing. Plus, you’ll save money on luggage fees.

3. Support the local economy.

If you want to have a positive impact on the places you visit, then consider booking local tours and staying in smaller hotels. Your money will help the locals, and it’ll also be a more authentic way to experience the place you’re visiting. Plus, it’s a great way to meet local people and learn more about the country or region you’re traveling in.

4. Consider a cooler-weather destination.

As climate change continues to cause extreme weather around the globe, many travelers are opting for more temperate destinations when they go on vacation. Whether it’s a beach getaway in Spain or an Antarctic adventure, a more comfortable temperature can make all the difference.

5. Take a cruise.

Cruises are a great option for families, as they offer an array of amenities and can give everyone the opportunity to get some alone time on the ship or at the beach. You can even find cruises that are kid-friendly so your little ones will be able to have fun on the trip, too.

Travel is a life-changing experience. Not only can it open your mind to new ideas, but it can also teach you how to live in a different environment. Whether you’re looking to see the world’s natural wonders or simply enjoy a new destination, there’s something for every traveler out there. So, don’t let fear or budget concerns stop you from taking your dream trip. With a bit of research and planning, it’s possible to have the trip of your dreams. And once you’ve returned, you’ll be more grateful than ever for all the experiences you’ve had.

Best Vacations

best vacation

When it comes to choosing your next vacation, consider what you’d like to get out of the trip. Maybe you crave an adventure in resplendent nature, a city break for culture or a beach getaway for relaxation. Maybe you’d love to see the world with your kids and teach them about different cultures and languages on a family-friendly trip or perhaps you want to visit some of the world’s most fascinating ancient archaeological ruins. Whatever you’re looking for, there are many best vacations to suit your tastes.

If you’re up for some resplendent nature, the Amalfi Coast in Italy might be one of the best vacations for you. This cliffside area features hiking trails and views that will take your breath away, while beaches feature white expanses of sand ready for a picturesque lounge. In addition, the emerald green of olive trees and lavender bushes provide a gorgeous contrast to the seafoam-blue waters of the ocean. The cliffs are also known for their starring roles in the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and The Princess Bride, but their raw natural beauty is just as awe-inspiring.

You’ll have to venture far from the beaten path for some of the best vacations, but the rewards are worth it. The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the largest salt flat on Earth and a visual feast for visitors. The crystalline blue of the horizon, the silvery sheen of glistening salt and the turquoise hues of surrounding cactuses create a mesmerizing scene that’s sure to be in your memory for a long time to come.

For some awe-inspiring history, Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most famous ancient archaeological ruins on the planet. This awe-inspiring site is surrounded by untouched nature, including jungles and mountains and serves as a perfect place to experience the best of both worlds.

A beach vacation is a classic choice for families and is an excellent way to relax and unwind. Whether you fly to the Caribbean for an island escape or choose a quiet stretch of white sand along the continental United States, the warm sands and crystal blue water will soothe you. If you’re seeking something a little more active, there are many options to partake in, from snorkeling and scuba diving to boating and fishing.

The vibrant Texan city of Austin offers plenty to explore, from its eclectic art scene to its booming food and drink scene. And if you’re looking to hone your culinary skills, there are many cooking classes that can teach you the ropes. For a more relaxed vacation, stroll the beaches or head to one of the city’s many parks and take in the beautiful scenery.

The World’s Best Hotels

best hotels

You can’t throw a pretzel in New York without hitting a hotel, but some of the city’s best ones stand out with designer details, out-of-the-box amenities and tony locations. Michelin-starred chefs, sumptuous suites and discreet service are all de rigueur in the Big Apple’s finest lodgings. And while locals will tell you to steer clear of a stay near the soulless midtown monstrosity known as Time Square, some swanky hotels actually offer a sense of the real New York, like The Carlyle on the Upper East Side and PUBLIC on the Lower.

The world’s finest hotels — the ones with designer rooms, awe-inspiring architecture, private dining rooms and rooftop bars — have been unveiled in the 2023 edition of Travel + Leisure’s annual World’s Best Hotels ranking. The results of a rigorous voting process involving luxury experts from around the world were unveiled at London’s Guildhall last week during a glittering ceremony.

There were some surprises on the list, including Singita Lodges in Kruger National Park winning the “Eco Hotel” award and England’s The Newt earning the title of “Best Boutique Hotel.” Utah’s The Lodge at Blue Sky also made the top 50 hotels list for the first time.

Despite ongoing concerns over the pandemic, customer satisfaction levels at hotels across North America continue to be high, according to J.D. Power’s recent survey. The study ranks the top hotels based on overall guest satisfaction as well as staff responsiveness and guest room quality.

One of the most intriguing findings from the survey was that a majority of respondents reported trusting none of the top hotel review sites, which may be good news for discerning travelers. TripAdvisor and Google topped the list, but it’s worth noting that many of the other big players were nowhere to be found.

A secluded oasis on the island of Cebu, this hotel is all about relaxation and wellness. Guests can enjoy a full-service spa, a fitness center and a stunning pool overlooking South Cebu. Plus, the secluded resort is home to some of the region’s most beautiful beaches.

The Greenwich is a hotel that really knows how to wow guests. It boasts celebrity ownership (by Robert DeNiro, naturally), a prime Tribeca location and impeccable design credentials from one of the city’s premier firms, Grayling. Add in round-the-clock dedication to its guests and the hotel is an experience, not just a place to sleep. And it’s all for the right price.

Best Culinary Schools

best culinary

The best culinary schools are able to offer students hands-on training and provide a foundation for future success. They can teach students kitchen theory, classical cooking methods, and how to run a restaurant. These schools also have a variety of on-campus eateries where students can practice their skills. These restaurants serve everything from Italian and French cuisine to cafe fares, such as sandwiches and soups. In addition, these schools offer a wide range of programs for wine and food aficionados.

The Michelin Guide is one of the most prestigious awards in the culinary world, and it’s sometimes referred to as “the Oscars of the food industry.” Chefs around the globe spend their lives striving to earn just a single star, but there are some chefs who have managed to collect an incredible number of stars. Here’s a look at some of the most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

For diners, there’s nothing like a great meal to help take your mind off everyday worries and to transport you to another place. That’s why so many people seek out the world’s top restaurants when traveling. In a world where there are so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. So, here are some tips to help you find the best culinary experiences.

This year’s 2023 James Beard Restaurant Award semifinalists represent a wide range of cuisines, from classic comfort food to fine dining to fusion. Several of them have been recognized by the guide in past years, but this year, some newcomers joined the ranks. These establishments and chefs have been praised by critics for their innovative approach to traditional cuisines.

The culinary arts have long been a popular pursuit, and the field continues to evolve with new techniques and trends. In the United States, there are a wide variety of culinary programs, from certificate courses to bachelor’s degrees. Many of these programs are offered at a variety of colleges and universities, including some not traditionally known for their culinary offerings.

Sullivan University (At the National Center for Hospitality Studies)- Louisville, Kentucky

This culinary school offers five Associate of Science Degree Majors: Culinary Arts; Baking and Pastry Arts; Professional Catering; Hotel and Restaurant Management; and Travel and Tourism. In addition to these academic courses, the school has a three-star restaurant that is operated by the culinary students, as well as a bakery and retail shop.

There is no doubt that the culinary arts are an important part of society, and a career in this field can be extremely rewarding. But, before you pursue your culinary dream, it’s important to choose the right college for you. This guide will provide you with the information you need to decide which culinary program is right for you. It will also outline the requirements for each of these programs, so you can prepare accordingly. The guide will also cover other essential topics such as tuition costs and financial aid. In addition, it will provide helpful resources for determining your eligibility for scholarships and grants.

The Future of World Travel

world travel

Travel is a source of joy, excitement and wonder. The act of traveling takes us to places that we might not have experienced in our lives and allows us to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. Traveling also offers an opportunity to challenge ourselves. Whether it’s zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru, successfully bartering for the best price in a traditional marketplace in Marrakech, or simply learning how to say “thank you” in Greek, there is something deeply satisfying about overcoming the challenges presented by travel.

As international tourism rebounded to 90% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023, some travelers are seeking out new adventures that take them out of their comfort zones. Rather than booking a trip to an already-popular beach destination that will be crowded and hot, they’re opting for more adventurous trips like a trek into the heart of the Congo rainforest or crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

It’s no secret that millennials are more interested in travel and experiencing other cultures than previous generations were. But what is less understood is that millennials are redefining the meaning of travel. Instead of focusing on the “tourist” experience, millennials are looking for more meaningful and authentic cultural immersions that allow them to connect with locals and understand the world in a more holistic way.

This type of travel is not only more impactful for the individual, but it can also be more cost effective. By focusing on the cultural aspect of a trip, millennials can often avoid the higher costs associated with visiting popular and overcrowded destinations.

One trend that will continue into 2024 is the popularity of music festivals. In addition to the obvious headliners (Taylor Swift, for example), travel advisors are seeing an uptick in bookings to see music artists on their tours in European cities like Amsterdam and Milan. These types of experiences aren’t just about music, they’re about connecting with your favorite artists and sharing the experience with friends.

So what does this mean for the future of world travel? For starters, the industry will need to work on reducing its reliance on short-term profits. This isn’t just a problem for the travel industry, but for all industries that rely on consumer spending to thrive.

Best Vacation Spots in America

best vacation

The USA is a massive country, which means there are many different vacation spots to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a tropical beach or a winter ski adventure, the USA has something to offer everyone. To help you find your perfect vacation spot, here are some of the best destinations in America.

Miami Beach

The sunny city of Miami offers a variety of fun things to do, including lazing on the beach and exploring its iconic Art Deco Historic District. It’s also a top destination for shopping and dining. Its crystalline waters and unique culture make it one of the best places to visit for a vacation.

Bryce Canyon National Park

The sandstone wonderland of Bryce Canyon National Park offers a mystical experience for nature lovers. The red cliffs and pristine lakes are a sight to behold, but that’s not all this incredible park has to offer. It’s also home to unique hiking trails and sunrise viewing spots.

New Orleans

The Deep South gem of New Orleans is a vacation spot that has something for everyone. Whether you want to taste some of the best cuisine in the nation, enjoy a boisterous nightlife or catch live music, this is a city that’s packed with fun.

San Francisco

Known for its culinary scene, vibrant festivals and beautiful architecture, San Francisco is one of the best vacation spots in the US. The bayfront offers a variety of fun activities, while the famous Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see. You can also take a ferry ride to the quaint islands of Alcatraz and explore the infamous prison.


Home to the world-famous Disney World, Orlando is a fun-filled destination that caters to families and large groups. Its warm weather and endless theme parks make it a great place to spend your summer. The area also offers a range of other outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, fishing and kayaking.

Clearwater Beach

Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, Clearwater Beach is a popular vacation spot with soft sand and crystal blue water. It’s a perfect location to relax on the beach or partake in an array of fun water sports, such as parasailing and paddle boarding.

Mammoth Lakes

The Sierra Nevada mountain town of Mammoth Lakes is an excellent ski and snowboarding destination during the winter months. During the warmer seasons, this mountainous retreat offers outstanding hiking and scenic drives.


Spanning four barrier islands, the coastal Georgia city of Savannah is a vacation spot that’s perfect for history buffs and foodies alike. Its quaint streets are lined with historic buildings and restaurants, while the city’s cobblestone squares are home to a variety of arts and crafts.

It’s also a prime spot for soaking up the sun or taking a stroll along the scenic Riverwalk. You can also sample the city’s mouthwatering Southern cuisine or immerse yourself in its rich musical heritage. The city’s impressive art collection and popular festivals are just another reason why it’s a top vacation spot.

Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

best hotels

With its world-class museums, shopping streets, plethora of restaurants and free attractions, New York City is the ultimate cosmopolitan travel destination. It’s also home to some of the best hotels in the world, many of which have a sense of style that’s both refined and unmistakable.

From old-world buildings reimagined by legendary designers to opulent havens in trendy non-touristy neighborhoods, the Big Apple’s hotel scene is constantly changing. Some are historic addresses that have become part of the city’s identity like The Plaza, which presides over Central Park and is the home of Eloise, while others were designed with discerning luxury travelers in mind like The Mercer in Brooklyn or 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in downtown Manhattan.

But what the best hotels really have in common is an understanding of how to make their guests feel at home. They’re not just a place to sleep or get work done, they’re places to escape from the chaos of the outside world and indulge in a little bit of self-care with a cocktail or a cup of tea. And that’s a big part of why people keep coming back.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate retreat in the heart of the city or a quiet oasis surrounded by natural beauty, you can find the perfect place to stay among our list of the best hotels in the world. Featuring a mix of new openings and enduring legends, the top 10 hotels are sure to help you have your best vacation ever.

1. The Langham, New York

One of the most opulent properties in Manhattan, this elegant oasis is a refuge from the bustle of the city’s upscale Fifth Avenue shops and Central Park. Its rooms skew unusually large for New York City and have a refined look with Duxiana beds, soaking tubs, marble bathrooms and working desks. The service is top notch, too.

2. The Carlyle, New York

A tribute to art deco opulence that doesn’t need to refresh its decor with every design trend, the rooms at this iconic Upper East Side address are the epitome of comfort. Room interiors are a blend of styles, from classic to modern art, with Kiehl’s amenities and Nespresso machines standard.

3. The Wythe, New York

Housed in an industrial building that once housed barrels and rope, this Brooklyn hotel is a stylish ode to the neighborhood’s past. The guest rooms are a departure from the concrete, industrial aesthetic, with bespoke toile wallpaper by Dan Funderburg and Fili D’Oro linens. They also have swanky bathroom features, including a marble shower and 24-karat Sherle Wagner fixtures. Guests can relax in the blond wood and glass penthouse suites overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge or the hotel’s restaurant, which is helmed by a Michelin-starred chef.

Is Culinary School Worth It?

best culinary

Just like actors receive Oscars and musicians get Grammys, chefs receive their own set of accolades. Some of the most coveted awards include Michelin Stars, James Beard Awards, and placement on the World’s Best Restaurants list. But, is it worth it to earn these culinary awards? To find out, Placement International surveyed chefs and cooks to see what they thought.

The results showed that for the majority of people who work in food, culinary school is indeed worth it. Whether it’s for career changers hoping to be the next Bobby Flay or those looking to become executive chefs at their family-owned restaurants, most of our respondents agreed that culinary school is necessary to achieve their goals.

It’s important to note, however, that deciding whether or not to attend culinary school is a very personal decision. Everyone’s reasons vary, from wanting to make their own food to just simply wanting a better quality of life. Some people even use culinary school as a means to learn new skills that can benefit them in other areas of their life, like cooking for their loved ones.

The results also showed that when it comes to culinary awards, the opinions of industry experts are crucial. The survey revealed that most chefs believe that the Michelin Stars, which are awarded based on an independent evaluation of restaurants, are of the highest caliber and deserve to be recognized. Others, however, prefer the Gault Millau system, which places a greater emphasis on taste and is not regulated by government bodies.

Both systems, however, have their own share of controversy. For example, the Michelin Guide has been criticized for not taking reports of harassment and abuse into consideration when awarding or withholding stars, while the century-old Gault Millau continues to duck calls to be more transparent about how it determines its winners.

Despite the controversy, these awards continue to be highly sought-after by chefs and restaurants alike. Last year, the first James Beard Awards since the #MeToo movement, saw New York chefs and restaurants snubbed in most national categories, with the exception of a win for the city’s only Nigerian tasting menu restaurant, Dept of Culture, as well as a victory for Flatiron Korean steakhouse Cote in the outstanding restaurant category.

The Best Round-The-World Trips

world travel

There are few experiences that can top a round-the-world trip. It’s the kind of journey that inspires daydreamers and fills bucket lists. It’s also the sort of adventure that can destroy a travel budget. And if you’re not careful, it can also destroy your mental and physical health. But if you plan carefully and stick to the budget, a world trip is entirely possible.

Seeing the world provides an education that’s absolutely impossible to get in school. It teaches you economy, politics, history, geography and sociology in a hands-on way that no class can match. And it opens your mind in ways that nothing else can. It gives you a chance to see the beauty and the horror of humanity’s past, and it forces you to consider how we can make things better in our future.

A world travel experience isn’t only about the places you visit, it’s also about the people you meet along the way. The world is full of fascinating people, and if you’re open to it, there are plenty of ways to get to know them.

One of the most important lessons to learn from traveling is how much we owe to other cultures. Whether it’s learning the language of a new country or embracing a local religion, these cultural interactions can change your life in unexpected and positive ways.

The dozens of monolithic Moai statues that dot Easter Island have long drawn curious travelers to this remote Polynesian archipelago. Add in gorgeous coastal views and a booming foodie scene, and you have a must-see destination for every traveler.

From the iconic Sydney Opera House to kangaroos and cuddly koalas, Australia is a nature lover’s paradise. Take a cruise through the Great Barrier Reef or explore more of the natural splendor of the Galapagos Islands to experience this incredible country for yourself.

Our writers travel the globe to bring you inspirational features, destination roundups and travel ideas. We’re here to help you find your next big adventure.

Whether you’re a corporate traveler, a group tour planner or just someone who enjoys taking in the sights of our beautiful planet, World Travel is here to help. We’re proud to have been named a Power List honoree by Travel Weekly for the sixth time and are committed to providing exceptional service to all our clients.

With our global presence, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with an innovative solution for all your business travel needs. Our dedicated team of travel specialists has extensive expertise in all aspects of travel management. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to support your travel program including bookings made through Concur, the CWT Travel Portal or by calling our designated agents.

Our specialized services include global event planning, higher education group and study abroad travel as well as meetings and events. We also offer a suite of technology to manage your risk and reduce cost through our advanced analytics.

The Best Vacation Spots in America

best vacation

When it comes to the best vacation, there are so many options – from soaking up the sun on a beach to discovering new landscapes in a national park. But where should you go? That depends on your personality, the type of trip you want, and your preferences. Fortunately, America has a destination for every kind of traveler. This diverse country is filled with everything from big cities and national parks to mountainous regions and secluded beaches. Read on to discover the top vacation spots in the United States based on the type of trip you’re looking for.

Miami, Florida

One of the best vacations for families is sunny Miami, a popular summer getaway known for its irresistible white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The city also offers plenty of attractions for kids, such as the Miami Seaquarium and Jungle Island.

Miami is a great place for couples and singles as well, with trendy restaurants and nightlife options. A day trip to the nearby Everglades is also an option, and visitors can explore the historic Art Deco district or stroll down the charming streets of South Beach.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is famous for its coffee and rain, but it has a lot more to offer than just that. Located in the lush Pacific Northwest, Seattle is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. Hiking trails, kayaking, and biking are just some of the things to do in this beautiful city.

If you love nature, check out one of the US’s most beautiful natural wonders, Olympic National Park. This national park features rainforests, beaches, glacier-capped mountains, and more. It’s also home to the enchanting Hoh Rainforest, which looks like a fairytale with its misty trees and Hall of Mosses.

Las Vegas

One of the best vacation spots for friends is Las Vegas, a once-in-a-lifetime playground packed with casinos, high-end clubs, shopping, and endless entertainment. For a unique experience, take the High Roller observation wheel for spectacular views of the glittering lights on The Strip.

The Ozarks

The mountainous region of the Ozarks in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas is a hiker’s paradise with more than 300 miles of hiking trails, historical landmarks, scenic beauty, and recreational sports. Visit the quiet Waterholes Canyon, or venture off the beaten path to see The Toadstools, which resemble mushrooms and provide enchanting views.


The oldest and most famous national park in the US, Yellowstone is a must-see for any outdoor adventurer. Visitors can experience geysers, waterfalls, and other natural wonders, including the iconic Old Faithful, at this world-famous park.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a fun vacation spot that offers something for everyone. From pristine beaches to lively boardwalks, this southern coastal gem has it all. Relax on the sand, enjoy a refreshing drink at a tiki bar, or try your luck on one of the area’s many golf courses.

Best Hotels Around the World

best hotels

The best hotels don’t just deliver a stay that meets the highest standards, they provide a hotel experience that exceeds expectations. This may include everything from a spa with sweeping views to a rooftop bar with an epicurean menu. A hotel is typically an establishment that has been purpose-built to serve as lodging, and usually operates on a full-time basis. It offers a range of guest services, and usually includes breakfast in the price of a room. A bed and breakfast, on the other hand, is a private residence that rents rooms by the night to guests.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, we’ve rounded up 23 of the top hotels around the world to help you find your perfect getaway. We’ve included a wide range of hotels in all price points, from a luxury Manhattan retreat to a modern-day mountain lodge in Peru.

When you make reservations, be sure to use our hotel booking engine to unlock exclusive rates and on-property credit. The best hotel deals are available through our partner Skylark, so book now and start planning your next trip!

For a hotel in the heart of New York City, look no further than this sleek gem in Midtown. Designed by famed architect Jacques Grange, this hotel’s elegant interiors have a French-inspired vibe that feels both timeless and contemporary. From the black and white lobby to the guest rooms, the space is as refined as its celebrity clientele.

The Mercer is an unflappable and ultra-cool little sibling to the Montage, the brand’s original West Coast outpost in LA. It’s now in NYC, where it instantly became a stylish hangout for the It crowd when it opened in 1997. Rooms are awash in blond wood and evoke the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, with Fili D’Oro linens and marble bathrooms that are stocked with bath amenities created by Pendry in collaboration with MiN.

With a prime location on Fifth Avenue, the imposing beaux-arts property has a classic Manhattan presence. It’s an architectural show-stopper, from the sweeping double staircase in the lobby to Salon de Ning, one of the city’s most enchanting rooftop bars. Inside the opulent walls, the hotel’s adherence to tradition is as strong as its loyalty program.

A new generation of luxury travelers is looking to peer reviews on trusted platforms like TripAdvisor before booking their next hotel. As the competition to land top spots in the hospitality industry grows, real hotel reviews will continue to play a key role in consumer decisions. Hoteliers should keep an eye on the competition, but also stay close to their own customers—listening and responding to their needs. This will improve overall satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Best Culinary Schools and Their Programs

best culinary

The restaurant industry is a fiercely competitive and dynamic field that requires both talent and determination. While some restaurateurs are able to build successful careers without formal education, others find that specialized training is essential to their success. Many of the world’s best culinary schools offer a wide range of programs for students looking to pursue their dream of becoming a chef. However, choosing the right school can be challenging, particularly for those with little experience or who are unsure of their career goals. To help, this article will outline the best culinary schools and their programs.

The Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland is one of the best culinary schools in the world, offering a unique program that combines entrepreneurship with kitchen skills. This makes it a great option for those who want to run their own restaurants. Students who graduate from this academy will have a solid foundation in both cooking and business, as well as the skills needed to succeed in the competitive world of food.

This culinary school offers a variety of degree programs, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Its various specialty courses cover everything from pastry arts to international cuisine and hospitality management. The academy also has a student-run restaurant that gives students real-world experience and is accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

Johnson and Wales University offers ten different culinary programs across its multiple campuses. This breadth of options means that students can choose a program that best fits their career goals and interests. Its culinary nutrition program, for example, is ideal for those who want to create healthy meals for their clients.

The School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University offers a wide range of degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s. Its degree programs are designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the hospitality industry, and its alumni have gone on to become heads of hotels and resorts around the globe. The school also has a strong focus on sustainability, making it an excellent choice for those who want to have a positive impact on the environment.

In 2024, the world’s chefs are embracing a more expressive culinary style that is bold in both color and flavor. This trend highlights the desire for dishes that are creative, visually striking and Instagrammable. Whether they are creating fusion dishes or simply adding new ingredients to their menus, restaurants can leverage this trend to attract a more millennial customer base.

People have been learning to cook without going to culinary school for centuries, but if you’re serious about becoming a professional chef, it’s important to get the proper training. While you can learn the basics by apprenticing in a local restaurant, this can be a slow and often difficult road to success, especially since most restaurants are open nights, weekends and holidays, and pay $12-15 per hour for unskilled workers. Plus, it can take 10 to 15 years before you’re ready to run your own restaurant.

5 Reasons to Plan a Trip Around the World

world travel

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned traveler, there is something magical about world travel that expands your mind and transforms the way you see yourself. The sights, sounds, smells, and experiences of a new place create memories that you will carry with you forever. Those memories will help you to become a better person and make your life more meaningful.

If you are someone who enjoys challenges, traveling the world is an exciting way to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You will learn about different cultures, cuisines, and people while you are on the journey. And when you get to the end of your trip, there is a sense of accomplishment in having achieved your goal of seeing the world.

One of the best things about world travel is learning a new language. Whether it is a few words of Greek, bartering in a market in Marrakech, or pulling out that long dormant Spanish, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to communicate with locals in their own language. You will feel more connected to the place you are visiting, and it will also give you an edge in a job interview or when you are chatting with friends who are planning their own trips.

The food of a new country is always a treat. You will be surprised at how much flavor you can find in dishes that may seem simple. The spices and flavors used will be unique and delicious, and you will be able to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating these foods. There are plenty of cooking classes to try as well, which is another great way to learn more about the cuisine of a country.

Getting around will depend on the destination. In some places walking or using public transportation is the norm, while in others it might be more convenient to rent a car. You will need to research this ahead of time so you know what is the most practical option. You will want to avoid bringing too much cash, as this can be a target for thieves. Using your ATM card and taking out a few hundred dollars at a time will help to minimize these risks.

You will be barraged with advice before and during your trip, and it’s important to listen to the warnings of those who have experienced danger or difficulties in certain countries, but you should never let these fears sway your decision to go. Some of the information you receive might not be as accurate or helpful as it could be. It’s also important to remember that not all danger is evident, and there are lots of amazing places to explore safely. So, go with your gut and don’t let fear or doubt stop you from pursuing your dream of seeing the world. It will be well worth it!

Best Vacation Spots in America

best vacation

When people think about their dream vacation, it’s likely that they imagine themselves relaxing on a white sand beach. But the best vacations offer so much more than a chance to kick back and tan. They give us an opportunity to get away from our routines and connect with Mother Nature in ways that will reenergize our souls. And the great news is that there’s a vacation for every personality type and budget. So whether you’re craving an exciting adventure or want to recharge with a few days of rest, read on for our guide to the best vacation spots in America.

You’ll discover awe-inspiring national parks to hike in, charming resort towns surrounded by jaw-dropping landscapes, and beach destinations where you can recharge with a good book. Plus, you’ll find unique city getaways where you can enjoy live music, delicious food, and a vibrant culture. And if you need some help planning the perfect trip, our expert travel agents are here to help.

The best vacation for you will depend on what you’re looking for, your personal interests, and the time of year you’ll be traveling. But this is a great time to visit some of these incredible vacation destinations, as many used downtime during the pandemic to renovate, upgrade, and add new attractions.

A great vacation for nature lovers would be a hiking and camping adventure in the desert. This stunning region is filled with awe-inspiring red-rock landscapes, desert-adapted wildlife, and unique hiking trails. The highlight is definitely the epic views of the iconic Hollywood Sign, which you can reach via three different trails.

Other great natural vacations include a camping and hiking trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Here, you can spot 300 species of birds and countless bison while hiking along gorgeous mountainous terrain. You’ll also find thrilling climbing routes and one of the highest roads in the country.

If you’re a culture lover, a vacation to Austin is the way to go. This eclectic Texan capital is home to an energetic art scene, delectable Southern cuisine, and a booming nightlife.

For a vacation that’s all about getting out and exploring, consider a group tour. While they tend to get a bad rap, the right ones can be a fantastic way to experience a place and make some new friends. This is a great vacation option for those who like to step outside of their comfort zones, have a fear of public speaking, or are just looking to meet new people.

For an authentic Cuban experience, head to vibrant Key West. This Caribbean island is a top choice for honeymoons and couples’ getaways, with its lively nightlife, stunning beaches, and energetic culture. Sample jambalaya, crawfish, and po’ boys while listening to jazz in this bucket-list destination. And don’t miss a stop at the famed Ernest Hemingway House!

The Best Hotels in the World

The best hotels are more than just a bed, a view and a shower — they’re a haven from the chaos of the outside world. They beckon with swoon-worthy design and boundary-pushing cuisine, and they soothe your soul with a spa experience that’s out of this world. But how do you determine which one is right for you? The good news is that our travel experts have your back when it comes to the top hotels for every taste, destination and budget. This year, we’ve surveyed more than 580 travel journalists, hoteliers and luxury travelers to compile the world’s top properties, from historic grande dames to modern boutiques that offer everything from a state-of-the-art gym to a rooftop bar with jaw-dropping views.


New York’s best hotels abound with all the trappings of luxury: a swanky suite, a rooftop cocktail lounge with sweeping views, a spa that specializes in Eastern-inspired treatments. But what separates these spots from the crowd is how they deliver their five-star service to guests and how well they fit into the city’s unique culture.

The latest entry into the ranks of NYC’s best hotels is the Aman New York. The 250-room property, which opened last summer in a tony red-stone building on Fifth Avenue, offers both contemporary and classic decor. Natural stone floors, sleek marble bathrooms and an upscale restaurant and spa round out the luxe offerings. The hotel’s prime Central Park location and impeccable staff (hallway butlers, room service and a 24-hour concierge are all on call) make it one of the city’s most highly rated hotels.

Whether you want to surf Siargao or laze on Tubbataha’s coral-lined shores, the Philippines have it all. The country’s pristine beaches and friendly people have made it the world’s leading beach destination for the last six years. With its colonial architecture, lively fiestas and tropical islands, the Philippines is a great place to discover a different kind of paradise.


The century-old Plaza is synonymous with New York, and its recent $400 million overhaul turned its huge rooms into private residences. Still, its opulent ambiance, a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park and the 8,000-square-foot Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa are reason enough to spend a night or two in this iconic hotel. And a hallway butler on-call 24 hours a day, plus the option to cruise Manhattan in the hotel’s Rolls Royce, are just an added perk.

The Best Culinary Schools

For those who dream of becoming a professional chef, the road to success often starts in culinary school. The best culinary schools have an excellent reputation and offer a top-notch education to prepare students for a career in the food industry. These schools also provide a range of extra-curricular activities to help students develop their cooking skills and become well-rounded chefs. However, culinary school isn’t cheap and it takes years to complete a program. Therefore, many prospective chefs wonder whether or not it’s worth the investment.

This article examines the pros and cons of culinary school to help prospective students decide if it’s right for them. It covers the types of programs offered, average tuition rates, and other important details that should be considered before making a decision to attend culinary school.

The Culinary Institute of America is a popular choice for students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field. The Hyde Park and California campuses both feature on-campus restaurants where students can gain hands-on experience working as part of a restaurant team. The CIA offers several different culinary-related degree programs to fit the interests of each student.

In the culinary world, experience goes a long way. That’s why most chefs start out accumulating industry experience as line cooks or other kitchen helpers before attending culinary school. Nevertheless, going to culinary school is a huge commitment and students need to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a final decision. The following are some of the top culinary schools in the country and some of the benefits they have to offer.

The best culinary schools in the United States offer a variety of different degree programs. Each school has its own unique programs and teaching techniques that make it stand out from the competition. Some of the top culinary schools in the country include the Culinary Institute of America, Le Cordon Bleu, and Johnson & Wales University.

The most prestigious culinary schools in the world are those that hold the Michelin Star designation. The famous rating system has been around since 1935 and it is one of the most respected ratings in the culinary industry. The rankings are determined by anonymous inspectors who review and rate restaurants across the globe. This ranking is considered the most authoritative in the industry.

The best culinary schools in New York offer a wide range of degrees and programs to suit any culinary interest. Some of these schools are located just a few hours from the city, which gives students the opportunity to study food all day and then enjoy some of the world’s best restaurants after class. Others are located closer to the city and focus on training students in high-end restaurants that they can work at after graduation. The Sullivan University National Center for Hospitality Studies is one of the most prestigious culinary schools in New York and offers both associate and bachelor’s degree programs. This school is known for its strong hospitality management program and offers a fully-online option for those who cannot enroll in on-campus courses.

The World’s Best Hotels

The era of anything-goes, unverified hotel reviews is over—at least, according to a new survey. A poll conducted by CivicScience asked 1,789 U.S. adults about which online sites they used to find lodging advice, and TripAdvisor, Google, and Trivago ranked lowest of all. That’s probably good news for travelers, who can now feel confident in their choice of lodging based on honest, trustworthy recommendations from people like themselves.

But how do you know which hotels to trust? While user reviews can be helpful, they’re also a minefield of fakes. It’s possible that a disgruntled former employee might post a scathing review of a property, or that some sites allow anyone to make an evaluation even if they haven’t stayed there themselves. There are also reputation management operatives working for hotels who spend tens of millions of dollars to boost their reviews, or “shadow” competitors, in order to lower theirs.

Luckily, some of the best hotels have been able to carve out their own space away from the chaos of the internet. The best hotels in the world have real-life hospitality teams and managers who understand that the most important aspect of a hotel experience isn’t the number of stars on a shingle, but rather the level of service guests receive during their stay.

The top hotels offer a variety of options to suit every traveler’s needs, from a cozy, affordable budget pick to an extravagant oasis. For example, in India, the hoteliers who made our list of the world’s best hotels provide rooms that will make you want to go back and visit again, whether you stay at a fort-like palace or a tent that doubles as an art gallery.

A few of our favorite properties include the century-old Plaza, which is synonymous with New York luxury. While it’s been through a number of renovations, the opulence still stands: Think marble bathroom fixtures and a Rolls-Royce waiting to drive you around town, plus 24-hour butler service.

Another New York standout is the opulent Carlyle, which has been a Manhattan landmark since its 1930s origin. While its decor has been influenced by a few design trends over the years, the rooms are still grand and timeless—think original hardwood floors, warm European furnishings, and Kiehl’s amenities.

For those with more modern tastes, there are some great new hotels in the city, too. The swanky, sleek Pendry on the western edge of Manhattan is a perfect example: An oasis of blond wood, its interior ripples like a wave, and guest rooms feature curved windows, Fili D’Oro linens, and bathrooms stocked with bath products by MiN.

If you’re looking for a little less luxe, the tony Upper West Side is home to a few of our favorite hotels in the city, including the 250-room Lucerne, with its warm European decor and traditional attentive service. The Upper East Side is also close to many great kid-friendly attractions, as well as some of the city’s best restaurants.

Choosing the Best Culinary School

You’re passionate about cooking and want to make a career of it. You know it’s not easy to become a chef; you’ll have to work extremely hard and put in years of practice. However, if you can get through all of the challenges, becoming a professional chef can be a very rewarding experience.

One way to start your culinary career is by attending a top culinary school. There are many schools to choose from and each one will offer a different experience. It’s important to take a close look at the programs and curriculum offered by each school before making your decision. It’s also a good idea to research available scholarships before enrolling in the culinary program of your choice.

While some people think that attending a culinary school is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, it can be well worth it in the long run. Many top culinary schools offer financial aid and other scholarship programs to help students pay for their tuition.

There are numerous benefits of attending a culinary school, including the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best chefs and to work in restaurants that serve a wide variety of cuisines. There are also other opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in the culinary field by participating in internships and apprenticeships.

In order to determine which culinary school is best for you, it’s important to think about your career goals and lifestyle. Consider whether you will be able to manage a restaurant, for example, or if you prefer to spend your time behind the stove in the kitchen. Also consider what type of food you like to cook and where you would enjoy working as a chef.

The culinary industry is booming and there are more careers in the food industry than ever before. The types of jobs vary widely and include everything from restaurant management to catering and food writing. The best culinary schools can prepare you for almost any career in the food industry.

Some of the most prestigious culinary schools are located in New York City. These schools offer a unique educational experience and provide students with a world-class education. The Culinary Institute of America is a popular choice and is considered one of the best culinary schools in the world. It offers small class sizes and many hands-on experiences. The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is another top option and teaches the techniques developed by the famous French chef.

While the awards and rankings that are made public may seem very subjective, they do reflect a large part of what is happening in the culinary industry. These rankings have the power to influence the global dining scene and inspire the next generation of chefs. This article is meant to pull back the curtain and give readers a more holistic view of how these culinary awards work.

World Travel – The Ultimate Education

Travel is a way to immerse yourself in geography, history, culture, gastronomy, languages and so much more. It’s the best classroom around, offering a wealth of knowledge far beyond what you can learn from textbooks and guides. From observing wild animals in their natural habitats to tasting local cuisine, travel is a powerful experience. It’s a chance to learn about yourself and others, and even challenge yourself to see how you adapt to different situations and cultures.

There’s nothing like world travel to change your perspective and open your eyes to the beauty of our amazing planet. Whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to see as many countries and regions as possible, or just dreaming about your next trip, these experiences can make you feel like a better person. Travel is the ultimate education and is a way of life that enriches the soul.

The journey around the globe is a staple of bucket lists and reality TV shows alike, but it can be easier than you think to get started. There are plenty of resources to help you plan your trip, including expert travel agents and online resources. The first step is to decide which countries you want to visit and then start saving for your trip. It’s important to budget carefully for your trip, so you can enjoy the whole experience without any stress or financial worries.

As the travel industry continues to rebound, more and more people are tackling their bucket list dreams and visiting as many countries as they can. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, 34 countries have already returned to pre-pandemic levels, with the U.S. and Dominican Republic leading the way. However, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest news and advisories on any countries or destinations you are considering.

After years of travelling individually and together, Rachel Davey and Martina Sebova decided to embark on a journey to visit as many countries as they could in their lifetime. They consulted with tour operators and travel agencies to help them with their planning, including making sure they had the correct vaccinations and visas. They also decided to not reveal their relationship and travel as friends in order to avoid any potential issues with immigration officials or locals.

As a result, they have visited over 100 countries so far and are hoping to hit all 195 by 2024. Their goal is to inspire other travellers to follow their lead and set their sights high. They’re not the only ones, either: the world is full of inspiring travellers who are always aiming to push themselves further.

Discover the Best Vacation Spots in the World

When you think of the best vacation, you likely imagine a warm tropical beach with soft white sand and ocean waves lapping at your toes. Or you might envision a city that is rife with live music, history and culture, or a stunning natural wonder. While some of the most popular vacation spots in the world are located outside the United States, the country boasts its own remarkable destinations that have earned top marks in travel surveys and expert reviews. From awe-inspiring landscapes and historic landmarks to spirited streets and vibrant neighborhoods, these vacation spots deliver unforgettable experiences at an affordable price point.

National parks and other natural wonders consistently rank as some of the top destinations in the world, thanks to their accessibility, affordability and natural beauty. These stunning parks offer an array of outdoor adventures, from hiking through ancient forests to kayaking on pristine glacial lakes. Some of the most breathtaking natural wonders you can visit include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite.

Other amazing vacation spots include Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands and the Everglades. These incredible destinations feature a variety of fascinating wildlife, including giant tortoises, sea lions and blue-footed boobies. You can also take a guided tour or scuba dive to see these remarkable creatures in their natural habitats.

For a less adventurous but no less memorable vacation, you can enjoy the crystalline waters and beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian island of Maui. This dreamy destination features an abundance of snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities as well as beautiful botanical gardens and a vibrant culture full of ancient Hawaiian traditions to explore.

You can also enjoy the sand and sun in the stunning beaches of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which are perfect for relaxing on the beach and enjoying delicious seafood cuisine. This exotic vacation spot is also home to a diverse mix of cultures, which adds to its appeal.

If a trip to the beach isn’t your cup of tea, you might prefer a cozy spa resort with tons of luxurious amenities and breathtaking landscapes. These retreats are ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while still getting a taste of an adventure.

A cruise is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, while learning about the fascinating cultures and natural wonders that you’ll encounter along the way. Many cruises provide the opportunity to explore the underwater world, with many companies offering a wide array of exciting activities and excursions.

A group tour might conjure up images of people shuffling off a bus with poor ventilation and an obnoxious guide, but the right group tour can be a great way to meet new people and enjoy some of the most interesting destinations in the world. These groups are a great choice for those who aren’t adventurous enough to venture off on their own or for those who prefer the safety and convenience of an organized tour.

Hotel Reviews – How to Find the Best Hotels

No matter where they’re going on vacation, travelers want a comfortable hotel experience. Hotel reviews help them make an informed decision about which property is best for their needs. They also allow hotels to improve their performance in areas such as guest satisfaction and loyalty programs.

According to a recent survey by CivicScience, TripAdvisor, Google, and Trivago are the most popular travel review sites. However, there are a few lesser-known sites that have some advantages over the big players when it comes to lodging reviews.

For example, Google’s Hotel Finder feature makes it easier to search for accommodations with photos, prices, and street views. Plus, some experts say that Google’s reviews are more accurate than those on TripAdvisor and other sites.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious suite or a budget-friendly room, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. But with so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? To find out, we asked the hospitality experts to share their top picks for the best hotels. Their choices ranged from opulent luxury stays near the best NYC attractions to sleek boutique hotels in trendy neighborhoods.

The Carlyle, located in New York City’s Upper East Side, is an iconic NYC hotel that oozes history. Princess Diana stayed there during her visit to the US in the 1980s, and John F. Kennedy stayed there shortly before his assassination. The hotel is so associated with the city that it has become a part of its soul. And the Carlyle’s famous bar, Bemelmans—named after Madeline creator Ludwig Bemelmans—is a Manhattan institution.

A hotel’s interior design can have a major impact on how satisfied a traveler is with their stay. If a hotel has an outdated, bland interior, it can make travelers feel like they’re staying in a generic chain. However, a hotel with an innovative design can make guests feel inspired and creative.

Hospitality is a key aspect of many hotels, and the staff members of these properties can have an extraordinary impact on how satisfied a traveler is. The best hotels have well-trained employees who take the time to ensure each guest feels special and valued. They also know how to handle any problems that may arise during a stay.

Guests appreciate hotels with an authentic local feel, which is something that the The Mercer in Soho does very well. The hotel’s rooms are designed to feel like a private townhouse residence, and the design by Michael D. Smith (who worked on the Obama White House) blends neoclassical and modern. Plus, the hotel maintains privacy by keeping common spaces for hotel guests only. This is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway or a family vacation in Manhattan.

Is Culinary School Really Worth It?

In the culinary world, there are few things more coveted than Michelin stars or a spot on the World’s 50 Best list. These awards are a status symbol, but more importantly, they indicate an establishment’s quality and consistency. Ambitious chefs and restaurants strive to win these prestigious accolades, and the best culinary schools teach their students the skills to do just that.

Many people dream of becoming a chef, but it takes more than just trying out new recipes in your own kitchen. Formal training is a must, and most people attend culinary school to gain the necessary skills. However, the cost of a culinary degree can be expensive, and pay in the first years after graduation is generally poor. So, is it really worth it? We asked several chefs to find out.

They weren’t all on the same page, but most said it is. Three out of four agreed that culinary school is worth it for career changers, and all but one said it is worth it if your end goal is to own your own restaurant. In addition to teaching the necessary cooking techniques, culinary schools also give their students valuable business and management education. These skills can help a restaurant thrive in this competitive, and sometimes brutal, industry.

Most agree that while the big names who tend to get the most attention at culinary awards can and do move the industry forward, comprehensive change is a result of much more diverse professionals. This year’s 50 Next List, for instance, features a wide range of individuals who are overhauling the food system on various levels: by offering smart farming software to farmers across Latin America (Mariana da Silva Vasconcelos); by establishing a food collective to spark conversation about India’s food systems (Anusha Murthy and Elizabeth Yorke); or by creating an edible insect farm to support local ecosystems (Joanna Slusarczyk and Cristian Gadau).

Those with a passion for cooking and an appetite for learning will always have an appreciation for fine cuisine. But it’s the chefs who continue to push boundaries and inspire that make culinary school worthwhile. Those who graduate with Michelin stars, James Beard Awards and spots on the World’s 50 Best lists have a deep understanding of what it takes to push culinary boundaries. This understanding can be a great asset to any aspiring chef or restaurateur.

The most important factor in finding the best culinary school is to know what you want to achieve and what your goals are. Placement International partners with Michelin Star chefs, James Beard Award winners and chefs whose restaurants have placed on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list. We can help you to make your culinary dream a reality.

What’s Next on Your Travel Bucket List?

There are certain spots in the world that tend to make most travel bucket lists. These places speak to travelers in ways that other regions cannot. They have dreamy coastlines, pristine landscapes, limitless adventure, and more. Cultivating the perfect travel bucket list can be no small feat, and what speaks to one traveler may not necessarily speak to another.

With a little bit of planning, the world can be your oyster. The right travel advisor can curate an itinerary to help you make the most of every moment in each of your destinations. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned wanderlust, a well-planned trip can provide the ultimate in memories to last a lifetime.

As we approach the New Year, it’s time to reassess your travel plans and consider what is next on your bucket list. Travel is more than just a vacation, it’s an opportunity to experience the world with fresh eyes, to open your mind and expand your heart. Traveling opens your horizons to different perspectives, gives you empathy towards other cultures and people, and allows you to learn how to live life on your terms, wherever you may be.

It’s also a way to tap into our hardwired sense of adventure. Zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru, successfully bartering for the best price at a traditional market in Marrakech, and even just trying out your limited vocabulary of Greek to order dinner in a restaurant in Spain all bring that sense of satisfaction. It’s like a challenge that, when completed, makes you feel like a better person for having taken on the task.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think about and use travel. From hand sanitisers in hotel lobbies and cabin crew wearing masks, to localised lockdowns and contact tracing apps, the virus has made many of us change our normal travel habits. While some of these changes are temporary, others will be permanent. But how will this impact the future of world travel?

As a leading travel management company, World Travel is committed to offering innovative technology to the corporate travel industry. Our travel advisors are trained to save time and money by offering a range of innovative solutions. They have access to the latest tools and resources, including World Virtual Card, a cutting-edge virtual payment solution. In addition, we have a dedicated team of global risk and compliance specialists to ensure our clients’ safety and security. By working together, we can offer a seamless, end-to-end travel management experience that will set the standard in 2023 and beyond.

What Type of Vacation is Right For You?

When planning your next trip, it’s essential to think about what type of vacation will best fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a relaxing beach retreat, there are plenty of options out there. Once you’ve determined what type of vacation is right for you, the rest will fall into place.

If you’re seeking a relaxing beach getaway, there are many beautiful beaches to choose from in the US. One popular option is Clearwater Beach in Florida, which is known for its calm waters and soft sand. Guests can spend their days sunbathing or taking part in water sports like parasailing and paddle boarding. The beach also offers a variety of dining and shopping options.

Vacations that involve the beach are a great way to escape the everyday and enjoy some time with your loved ones. Some of the best beaches in the world combine pristine sand and surf with culture, cuisine, and entertainment to create a unique experience that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

Those who are looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure should consider a ski and snowboarding vacation. The mountains of Mammoth Lakes, California are a winter wonderland that offer outstanding skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The area is also home to natural wonders like the Devil’s Postpile National Monument, which is a must-see for anyone who loves nature and outdoor adventures.

If you want to see the world from a new perspective, cruises are an excellent choice. These trips take you to multiple destinations in just a few weeks and provide you with all the amenities of a traditional vacation. Plus, cruises are a great way to meet other travelers and make lifelong friends.

Family trips are a great way to bond with your kids and spouse while having fun exploring a new destination. The best family vacation spots in the US offer a wide range of activities to keep everyone entertained, from sand and water parks to museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks. Some of the most popular family vacation destinations include Orlando, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; and Savannah, Georgia.

If a luxury vacation is more your speed, look no further than the glamorous city of Las Vegas. This once-in-a-lifetime destination is packed with glitzy casinos, high-end clubs, and endless entertainment, making it one of the best places to vacation for friends. During your stay, don’t miss out on riding the High Roller, the largest observation wheel in North America, or trying your luck at one of the city’s many casinos.

The Hamptons, a cluster of coastal communities on Long Island, is a popular summer vacation spot for affluent New Yorkers. The area is brimming with pristine beaches, art museums, and upscale designer boutiques. It’s also known for its quaint towns and fine-dining restaurants. During your stay, don’t forget to take a day trip to Cape Cod, where you can walk through a movie set at the Museum of Pop Culture or enjoy live music at the Paramount Theatre.

The World’s 50 Best Hotels

A swanky hotel can add to the magic of a holiday – but what makes a truly exceptional one? For some, the answer lies in the level of personalised service that is offered, while for others, it’s the ability to be as discreet or sociable as they like. Luckily, there are many hotels in the world that offer guests a blend of both, but which ones have been crowned the very best? This year’s winners of The World’s 50 Best Hotels were announced in a glamorous ceremony in London, where 580 luxury travel experts from all over the globe voted on their favourite properties. The list is based on a variety of factors, including location, facilities and overall experience.

If you’re looking for an ultra-private stay in New York, the Mercer in Soho is hard to beat: “Each room feels like a private townhouse residence,” Mizrahi says, while the hotel’s sleek sophistication echoes the area’s chic reputation. “They also do a really great job at maintaining privacy – there’s a no photos rule and many common spaces are for guests only.”

In terms of size, the rooms at the Park Hyatt feel unexpectedly spacious given that they’re in one of the city’s most densely packed neighbourhoods, with marble bathrooms featuring deep soaking tubs and working desks. Meanwhile, a swanky French restaurant, Bar Blondeau, offers seafood dishes with distinct French, Spanish and Portuguese influences.

When it comes to staying in style, few hotels can compete with the grandeur of The Plaza, whose elegant exterior overlooks Central Park. Having made appearances in everything from Sabrina to The Great Gatsby, the property has hosted countless luminaries over the years. Guest rooms ooze luxury, with gilded Edwardian furniture, wood-paneled closets and white marble bathroom suites complete with 24-karat Sherle Wagner fixtures and separate soaking tubs.

Alternatively, to enjoy the more eclectic dining and shopping options of Brooklyn, look no further than Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel, which blazed a trail even by this recently gentrified neighborhood’s standards when it opened in 2014. Today, the hotel is still a favorite of Brooklyn locals, who flock here to lounge on the rooftop with its homage to all things Italian (think Aperol spritzes served on tap) or dine at restaurant Le Crocodile, a rustic-chic space with exposed brick walls and wooden banquettes.

For the ultimate in secluded island getaways, you can’t go wrong with the Philippines, where tropical beaches and lively fiestas are complemented by natural beauty and friendly people. The islands’ 7,641 pristine white-sand beaches and azure waters have already drawn in travellers seeking sun, sea and relaxation, but there is much more to discover, from the clifftop waterfalls of Bohol to the mystical chocolate hills of Siquijor. Our expert Local Experts are on hand to help you find the perfect place to stay, whether you want to live like Eloise at The Plaza or explore a secluded cove in Boracay.

The Best Culinary Schools Will Help You Take the Next Step in Your Career

If you want to become a chef, it takes more than just a love of food. You also need to hone your skills, and this often requires culinary school. Whether you are looking to move into fine dining or are more interested in catering, the best culinary schools will help you take the next step in your career.

Culinary school isn’t a prerequisite for becoming a top-notch cook, but it can be the best choice for many people. It offers a rigorous, structured way to learn the fundamentals of cooking, as well as how to apply them in a professional kitchen. In addition, students can earn a degree that can lead to a number of different careers. There are a number of benefits to going to culinary school, including a higher salary and the chance to work in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants.

The world’s top culinary institutions are a must-visit for any traveler, but there are also some great options closer to home. The Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska, for example, has a top-rated program that offers low tuition prices and the opportunity to gain real-world experience. Students can work in the school’s student-run restaurant, which serves Italian, French and American cuisine, as well as cafe fare.

One of the most coveted distinctions in the culinary world is to be named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. The award, which was only launched in 2002, is like the Oscars for the food world. A spot on the list is an achievement to be proud of, and it provides a boost to business for restaurants on the list.

But the awards have come under scrutiny lately, largely because of the #MeToo movement. The awards are dominated by white men, and last year’s winners included some who were accused of sexual harassment. It appears that the foundation is trying to address this problem, and changes could be on the horizon.

Cookbooks can be some of the most interesting and informative culinary texts. They can offer stunning visuals of food exactly as it is served at Michelin-starred restaurants, or they can contain thoughtful ruminations about the sources of culinary creativity from chefs who have devoted their lives to learning about the craft. Nigella Lawson’s How to Eat, which is full of evocative prose, is a case in point.

Other culinary books provide a more practical approach to cooking, helping you master specific techniques and build up your repertoire. These include titles from the likes of Jesper Jonsson and Daniel Bearss, whose The Flavor Bible is an invaluable resource for finding out which seasonings work well with different dishes and cuisines. Their other best-selling book, Talk to the Chef!, is a series of interviews with chefs about their craft and life. The interviews are entertaining and informative, and you might even learn something new about your favorite chefs along the way. These cookbooks make excellent gifts for chefs in your life, or they’re a good choice for anyone who loves to cook.

World Travel Challenges of 2022

For many people, world travel is a way to get out of their comfort zone and see a different part of the globe. The experience helps them expand their horizons and gives them a greater sense of being a citizen of the world. It also allows them to meet a diverse group of people, learn more about their cultures and make new friends.

Travel is a form of self-discovery that challenges you, and ultimately makes you a better person. The experiences you have, whether it’s zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru or bartering for the best price at a traditional market in Morocco, leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied. It’s a feeling that’s hard to find anywhere else in life.

Taking on new challenges is a big part of the travel experience, and it’s something that can be especially beneficial for couples or groups traveling together. Whether it’s trying to reach the top of a mountain or seeing every country in one trip, the process pushes you beyond what you thought you could accomplish and teaches you something about yourself in the process.

In 2022, travelers took to the skies, rails and seas to check off bucket-list moments. From Arctic adventures to luxury yacht cruises, the year saw travelers going further than ever before.

For Rachel Davey and Martina Sebova, who began their ambitious journey in 2018, it was all about the challenge. They set out to become the first two women to visit all 195 countries and territories in the world. The pair bonded over their shared passion for travel and decided to work together to achieve their goal.

The global economy continues to grow, and with it comes increased opportunities for world travel. With more of the world’s population becoming mobile, there is an increasing demand for affordable and flexible travel. Luckily, the travel industry is keeping up with this growth by focusing on ways to provide value to travelers and offer more options for those who want to explore.

A world tour can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that offers unparalleled cultural immersion and personal development. If you’re planning to take your own trip, the first step is to pick out personal highlights and then flesh out an itinerary around those goals. For example, if you’re a hiker, plan an itinerary that starts in Perth and then traces the route of the Inca Trail to New Zealand or ends in Sydney after taking the Trans-Siberian Railway to Beijing.

With the coronavirus pandemic behind us, now is a great time to plan that long-awaited around-the-world adventure. With the help of a trusted travel management company, you can book flights that comply with federal travel regulations and save money in the process.

The Best Vacation Spots in the USA

When it comes to the best vacation, everyone’s idea is a little different. While some want to soak up the sun on a beach getaway, others want to take in the sights on a city excursion. For those who like to explore the natural world, there are many spectacular national parks in the United States that offer unforgettable hikes and scenic drives.

The USA has a diverse range of vacations to suit any type of traveler, from cosmopolitan cities to serene beaches. Whether you want to immerse yourself in culture, hike to stunning waterfalls, or see a remarkable landmark, there’s something for every interest.

If you’re planning a trip for two, the idyllic island of Maui might be the perfect US destination for you. Relax on the beach or go on a whale-watching tour with your partner. You can also try a local cuisine at a restaurant that’s known for its seafood and Hawaiian specialties. Alternatively, you can explore Hawaii’s wilder side by taking an exhilarating off-road ATV waterfall expedition.

Another romantic retreat is Miami, the dazzling sunshine city that’s globally recognized for its irresistible white sand beaches and energetic nightlife. Couples can lounge on the beach, visit a museum, or explore South Beach and the Art Deco Historic District. Those looking for a more adventurous experience can climb a volcano or embark on a whale-watching cruise.

For families or large groups of friends, Orlando is the ultimate vacation spot. This vibrant city is home to the legendary Disney World and boasts a year-round warm climate that’s ideal for outdoor adventures. Try a crawfish dinner or sample the delicious food at the famous Cafe Du Monde. Afterwards, you can dance the night away to live music in the heart of downtown.

There are plenty of other family-friendly activities in Florida, including a visit to the unique Toadstools rock formations. You can also explore the natural wonders of Page, where you’ll find enchanting geological landscapes and devoid of crowds.

If you’d rather hit the slopes, ski and snowboarding vacations are a great way to unwind with your loved ones. The Sierra Nevada mountains in California are a popular choice, but Mammoth Lakes is even better. This resort town is surrounded by scenic landscapes and offers outstanding skiing and snowboarding, plus a variety of other winter sports.

If you’re planning a trip with the kids, it might be best to avoid destinations that are known for their wild weather. Fortunately, the USA has plenty of family-friendly beaches and national parks that are perfect for a relaxing getaway with your children. You can also take your kids on a fun and educational visit to the NASA Space Center in Virginia, where they’ll learn about what it takes to travel to Mars and see real moon rocks.

This Year’s Best Hotels

As hoteliers, it’s our mission to deliver memorable hospitality to each guest who steps through the door. That might mean swoon-worthy design or boundary-pushing dining—or both. And it could also mean providing exceptional service, or just the right location, to help guests get the most out of their trip. But the most memorable hotels don’t just rely on their own offerings: they also give back to the communities they serve. That’s why so many of our picks feature restaurants, spas and/or other community-based initiatives that aim to do more than just serve a meal or a massage.

Whether you prefer to stay at a swanky city property or a remote beach resort, this year’s best hotels offer plenty of options for your next vacation. Some are long-time favorites (like the new Nobu New York), while others are recent additions to the scene, such as the NoMad London or the glitzy Equinox New York. And while some of the top hotels may be a little expected—like European classics in Paris or Rome, or a cell phone-service-free lodge in Alaska—there are also some unexpected winners, including an elegant commune, an agroturismo farmhouse and more.

While you’re deciding which hotel to book, consider checking out the hotel’s website for more information about what makes it stand out. And don’t forget to take a look at user-generated reviews, which can help you determine how happy past guests have been with their experiences at a particular hotel or chain. You can even use apps that allow you to see satisfaction ratings for individual hotels and compare prices across chains or locations.

Then consider a loyalty program, which can save you money and earn you extra perks like free wifi or room upgrades. Travel websites and apps, such as Kayak, Travelocity and the airline- and car-rental company programs, often bundle hotel rooms with airfare and car rentals into a package, offering discounts for frequent travelers. And some hotel chains have their own programs that extend beyond loyalty status and into a variety of other benefits, such as discounted or free airport transfers.

Hotels differ from motels in that they generally provide more amenities, such as pools and fitness facilities, to appeal to a wider range of travelers. They’re also more likely to have shuttles to major attractions and often offer more convenient access to public transportation or ride-share services. And they’re often more spacious than motels, with separate living, dressing and sleeping areas in suites that feel more like private residences than hotel rooms.

And of course, there are the hotels with extra-special features, such as the one designed by the world-famous crystal company Baccarat. The hotel’s 15,000 crystal pieces (from chandeliers to glassware) and sleek, contemporary design give it the look of a modern European palace. And its coveted location, near MoMA and Rockefeller Center, doesn’t hurt, either.

The Best Culinary Schools

When it comes to culinary awards, many diners are interested in which restaurants the world’s best chefs think are the cream of the crop. While taste can be subjective, the S. Pellegrino list does its best to provide a broad and objective overview of some of the most respected dining spots around the globe.

But if you’re interested in becoming the next chef who earns a prestigious award, you’ll want to know where to go to get your training. Luckily, there are a number of excellent culinary schools out there that offer programs that will help you achieve your dream. The best culinary schools are ones that will provide you with the most hands-on training possible, with on campus student-run eateries that give you a taste of real life and expert instruction.

For example, at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), students can experience working in a French-style restaurant, an American classic or a Mexican restaurant. They’ll also be able to experiment with the many different cooking techniques that are available. Similarly, the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha offers its students a chance to learn cooking and management skills in a wide range of cuisines and styles.

Regardless of which school you choose, there is one thing that all of these top culinary schools have in common: they are all accredited. This means that they have been evaluated by an independent group and are recognized as being high-quality programs. So, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting your culinary career, make sure to research each program carefully to determine whether it is right for you.

While there are many benefits to attending a top culinary school, not everyone is willing to put in the years of hard work and financial investment required to become a successful chef. And if you don’t have the resources to attend a top culinary school, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to even try.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide whether or not culinary school is the best way to pursue your dreams of becoming a chef. First of all, you’ll have to be ready for the fact that you’ll likely have to work in a restaurant for 10 to 15 years before you can open your own restaurant. Secondly, you’ll have to be prepared for the reality that it’s not uncommon for restaurant employees to struggle with stress, depression and substance abuse.

Despite the recent surge in awareness of sexual misconduct in the restaurant industry, it’s still a male-dominated field. But last year, in the first James Beard awards season after the rise of #MeToo, voters started to break with that tradition, giving awards to more women and people of color. For instance, a Southeast Portland restaurant called Kann won the award for best new restaurant, and a San Francisco chef won the top national prize. And Michelin shows signs of finally acknowledging the broader scope of the industry by giving its top star to female-led restaurants, such as Atelier Crenn in San Francisco and Eleven Madison Park in New York.

World Travel Trends

world travel

The world is a beautiful place with so many different cultures, languages and traditions to discover. Learning about the world’s diversity can help us grow as individuals and broaden our perspective of what it means to be human.

There’s no right or wrong way to travel, and it’s important to embrace your own style on the road. Whether that’s checking off bucket list items at a destination or simply relaxing with a good book in the sun, do it. Don’t let anyone make you feel insecure about your traveling preferences. Traveling is about discovering what makes you happy, and if that happens to be sleeping in hostels or eating all the food, then so be it!

Often the biggest challenges of a round-the-world trip are the financial ones, but planning ahead can save a lot of headaches. The internet is rife with information about the costs associated with a specific itinerary, so find a resource that best works for you (or just use your trusty spreadsheet). Assign a budget number to every component of your trip and re-visit it on a regular basis.

It’s also important to be aware of the safety risks of a particular destination, and not just because the corporate news media loves sensationalizing stories about tourists getting killed or kidnapped. Having a conversation with a local will give you an insider’s perspective and help you understand how to stay safe.

One of my favorite travel tips is to spend a few hours sitting in a park or on a busy street corner just watching day to day life unfold around you. It’s a great way to connect with your surroundings and really absorb the place you’re in, and it’ll be a memory that will last a long time.

Visiting iconic musical artists is another big trend in world travel. Concerts are the new getaways, with fans flocking to far-flung destinations to see performers like Taylor Swift or Pearl Jam live. Concert tours are a great way to experience a place and its music while also meeting fellow fans, and a few months in advance you’ll have a better idea of how difficult or easy it will be to score tickets.

The Best Vacations Are Those That Are Tailored To Your Unique Tastes

best vacation

The best vacations are those that are tailored to your unique tastes. Whether you want to relax on the beach or explore an exotic island, there is a trip out there that is perfect for you. You can even mix and match different types of vacations if you like, so that you get the best of both worlds.

A family trip to Miami is a great way to spend time with the loved ones and explore a variety of attractions that everyone will enjoy. From a visit to the Art Deco Historic District and a day at Miami Beach to a cruise down the Miami River, there are plenty of things to see and do in this sunny city.

One of the most popular destinations in the United States, Miami is a beach-lovers paradise that has something for everyone. There are miles of pristine beaches, plenty of water activities and many family-friendly restaurants. You can also enjoy a range of other attractions, including the Everglades National Park and Miami Science Museum.

Aspen, Colorado is a stunning mountain town that offers visitors the chance to experience a unique natural environment as well as exciting activities. Skiing is a popular activity during the winter, while hiking and biking trails are available throughout the summer. There is also a wide range of other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed, such as kayaking and paddleboarding.

The glistening blue waters and white sand of Bora Bora make it a dreamy destination for anyone who wants to spend time relaxing on the beach. Guests can spend their days soaking up the sun and taking in the views, or exploring the natural scenery on offer, such as volcanic peaks and lush rainforests.

Located on the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to visit in any season. The area is a skiers’ paradise in the winter and an ideal spot for relaxing on the beach or hiking the mountains in the summer. Visitors can also visit the many local shops, festivals and restaurants.

New Orleans is a fun and culturally rich destination that’s ideal for a romantic trip with your sweetheart. The city is home to beautiful parks, such as Forest Park, Lan Su Chinese Garden and Mount Tabor Park, which provide a natural setting for a romantic picnic. You can also stroll along the French Quarter, where you’ll find wrought-iron balconies and historic buildings.

The iconic sand dunes of Sossusvlei are the highlight of Namibia’s vast desert landscape, and they are one of the most spectacular vacation spots in Africa. Visitors can explore the awe-inspiring dunes on foot or in a 4×4 vehicle, and they can also go on a hot air balloon ride for incredible views. The area is also renowned for its wildlife, with plenty of birds and mammals to spot during your stay.

Stay on Top of the Best Hotels for Customer Satisfaction

best hotels

Travelers have a plethora of lodging choices, from luxury hotels to boutique properties and affordable chains. Cost and location are key drivers when selecting a hotel, but other factors such as the brand’s reputation for customer satisfaction should be considered as well. Forbes Passport analyzes hotel brands and their individual facilities to determine which ones best satisfy guests. To make the grade, a chain must be ranked highly in all categories and rank in the top half of its category. In addition, it must have a robust loyalty program and high consumer-response rates.

To help you choose the right hotel for your next vacation, we’ve compiled the top ten brands in each category and listed their highest-rated properties. We’ve also included a few notable standouts, such as the Hotel del Coronado in California and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Inn in New York City.

A hotel’s reputation for customer satisfaction is based on many factors, including the guest experience, room quality and service, and value. A great way to assess a hotel’s reputation is by reviewing the reviews on TripAdvisor. It’s the 900-pound gorilla in the hotel space, with an incredible 661 million reviews across accommodations, restaurants, airlines and experiences. But savvy travelers understand that not all reviews are created equal. There are plenty of bogus reviews written by people with an agenda, such as reputation management operatives hired by hotels to boost their ratings and destroy those of their competitors, or disgruntled former employees.

Fortunately, there are other good sources of hotel reviews. Google is rising quickly and has a strong advantage over TripAdvisor with its Hotel Finder tool, which integrates into search results. The platform is free for hotel owners to claim, and allows them to respond to reviews. It also lets hotel owners see what potential guests are searching for, a big plus when it comes to capturing the interest of prospective visitors.

Whether you’re a visitor to the City that Never Sleeps or an innkeeper, it’s important to stay on top of the best hotel review sites. That’s because consumers trust some of these more than others, according to a new survey by CivicScience. To no one’s surprise, TripAdvisor and other widely known review sites were deemed the least trustworthy. Other lesser-known sites, such as Trivago and Google, scored much better in the trust department. That’s good news for hotels, as it reflects a distrust of general review sites and a desire for more accurate lodging advice. Having your property appear on these hotel-specific review sites can help you connect with potential customers who need to know what they’re getting into. And it can help you improve your guests’ experiences when they’re staying with you. In fact, it’s why many innkeepers tell me they prefer Google over other hotel review sites. After all, Google is where most potential guests start their search for a place to stay. That’s why it’s crucial that every hotel owner create or claim their free Google My Business listing and keep it up to date.

The Best Culinary Schools Offer The Best Culinary Degrees

If you love food and are interested in a career in cooking, it’s worth checking out culinary schools. Formal training gives you the skills and confidence to succeed in what can be a stressful, competitive industry—and opens the doors to restaurants of every size. In addition to teaching you the technical side of cooking, the best culinary schools can offer invaluable lessons for when it comes time to start your own restaurant like menu planning, facilities design, and cost control. Some of the most famous culinary school alumni include Charlie Palmer, Michael Mina, Grant Achatz, Anne Burrell, and Cat Cora.

Culinary schools aren’t cheap, and a degree takes years to complete. If you’re not completely committed to a career in cooking, however, you can still cook gourmet-like dishes at home. These easy culinary recipes will test your cooking skills and impress your loved ones at the same time.

Top Chef is one of the most popular reality shows on TV, and many of its contestants go on to become renowned chefs. Here are some of their recipes that you can try to bring a little bit of the show’s magic into your kitchen:

Le Cordon Bleu in Paris is one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world. It’s been around for over 100 years and has trained some of the world’s most celebrated chefs, including Julia Child. This institute is considered the guardian of French techniques and is a great place to learn how to make classics such as boeuf bourguignon and pommes frites.

The Culinary Institute of America in New York is another renowned culinary school. Its upstate location is beautiful and its students work in five on campus restaurants to gain hands-on experience. In addition, the school has a number of short-term programs for those who just want to take a few courses.

Another option for studying culinary arts is Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. This school offers bachelor’s, associate, and master’s degrees in a wide range of culinary areas. Some of these include pastry and confectionery, hospitality management & gastronomy, culinary sustainability, and global cuisine.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, there are also a few renowned culinary schools in Europe. Some of these include the Ecole Hotelier de la Provence in France, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy.

While you’re waiting to decide whether or not culinary school is right for you, why not try these delicious culinary recipes. With a few of these, you’ll be on your way to becoming a full-fledged, home gourmet chef!

How to Prepare for World Travel

world travel

World travel is one of the most amazing things you can do in your life. The experience is not only physically stimulating, but it also opens your eyes to different cultures and ways of life. It can be scary and intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is a great way to expand your mind and become a better person.

Before you set off on your trip, it is a good idea to let family and friends know where you are going. This will help them keep tabs on you and make sure you are safe. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong on your trip. This can be a back-up hotel or just a friend that can pick you up if needed.

It is also a good idea to try and learn some basic phrases before your trip. There are plenty of apps available that will help you with this. You can also bring a dictionary in case you are stuck. The locals will appreciate the effort and it will give you a much more genuine and unique experience!

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking a lot and it is easy to get blisters. If you do end up getting blisters, make sure to apply some bandages and take it easy. Don’t push yourself too hard or you may ruin your trip.

Always remember to keep your passport with you. Especially if you are going to be in a country that requires a visa. The last thing you want to do is get stuck at the airport for an hour or more trying to get a visa.

You’ll be barraged with advice before and during your trip. People will warn you of dangers and tell you what worked for them. Listen to them but don’t feel obligated to change your plans because of what others say. If something is blatantly unsafe, don’t ignore it but don’t be afraid to follow your gut.

The best trips are the ones that have a little bit of spontaneity to them. If a local invites you out to meet their family or for a dinner date, go! These are the types of experiences that make great memories and stories later.

Always bring a backpack or purse that is big enough to hold your camera, wallet and other essentials. This will prevent you from carrying a lot of stuff around all day. Also, bring a water bottle and snack bag. This will save you money on bottled water and snacks.

If you are staying in a hostel or rented apartment, cook your own meals! It will save you a ton of money. Also, try to avoid eating at restaurants that are right next to tourist attractions – they will be overpriced. The best part is you’ll save a ton of time as well.

Best Vacation Destinations

best vacation

When deciding on the best vacation, it’s important to consider what type of trip is right for you. Whether you’re looking for an exotic beach getaway, a secluded national park adventure, or a city break with music and art, there’s something for everyone. This article highlights the best places for relaxing on the beach, enjoying live music, and exploring local history, as well as the top destinations to hike in the mountains, ride a roller coaster, and take photos of fall foliage.

For outdoor adventurers, the best vacation spots include the stunning scenery of Yellowstone, which is teeming with geological hotspots. This natural wonderland offers countless hiking trails, scenic canyons, and majestic waterfalls to explore. Visitors can also experience the awe-inspiring sight of Old Faithful, one of the most famous geysers in the country, which shoots water high into the air several times a day.

Families can enjoy a fun and exciting adventure in the great outdoors with trips to some of the best vacation spots that offer outdoor activities, like skiing and snowboarding. These tours from G Adventures feature expert guides, quality lodging, and unique activities that the whole family can participate in. They can also learn about the rich culture, history, and wildlife of the destination while making lasting memories together.

If you’re in search of a beach escape, consider Hawaii, where you can relax on white sand beaches and soak up the sun. The islands also boast a variety of other water sports, including surfing and snorkeling. The islands are home to a range of top-rated hotels, so you’re sure to find the perfect place for your vacation.

To see the stars, head to LA, where you can catch a concert or show at a world-famous venue. This bustling city is also a cultural hub, with renowned museums, Broadway shows, and top-notch restaurants. You can also visit the renowned La Brea Tar Pits and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which houses an incredible collection of film memorabilia.

If your idea of a best vacation involves sand and sea, consider a trip to Florida. This popular tourist destination is home to numerous theme parks and beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect place for families and groups of friends, as there is something for everyone here.

If you’re looking for an upscale and sophisticated vacation, look no further than Las Vegas. This once-in-a-lifetime destination is bursting with glitz and glamour, from casinos to high-end clubs and fine dining. Guests can also fly above the city on the High Roller, which provides an incredible view of the city lights below. Alternatively, you can try your luck on the Strip or take a ride on the Big Apple Coaster, which can reach speeds of up to 67 mph! There are also a number of family-friendly attractions, such as the fascinating NASA Space Center and a spectacular collection of moon rocks.

What Is World Travel?

world travel

World travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations, and it can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, boat, train, bus, airplane or ship. It can be one-way or round trip and may be for business, pleasure or education. It includes travel to foreign countries, international cities and regional destinations.

In the past, travelers went on pilgrimage to exotic lands in search of spiritual rejuvenation. Millennia later, the human spirit still responds to the call of faraway mountains, pristine beaches and picturesque villages. World travel is about escaping your daily life and experiencing new cultures, landscapes and ways of living.

Curiosity: A desire to learn about new cultures, languages and people is a major motivating force for those who travel. A love of adventure and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone are also important attributes for world travelers. Flexibility: Often, travel plans are subject to last-minute changes due to weather, political unrest, or other unforeseen circumstances. Having a flexible attitude and being able to adjust one’s itinerary is crucial for world travel.

Safety: A concern about personal safety, particularly in unfamiliar or remote places is a common fear for many travelers. The fear of crime, terrorism and other threats can hold people back from traveling. Other concerns, like a fear of flying or the fear of getting lost, can also limit the amount of time someone spends on the road.

Traveling to a country with a different language, culture and way of life can be intimidating. It is important to stay informed about the country’s health and safety situation, as well as its crime rate, terrorism threat level, and political stability before planning a visit.

It is also important to remember that traveling can be physically and emotionally taxing. Make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. Also, it is good to make an effort to connect with friends and family while on the road. Calling or sending a postcard is always a nice touch!

As the COVID-19 pandemic fades and peak vacation season sails into view, the appetite for hitting the road is once again growing. But the world of travel isn’t what it was during the pandemic, and many trends will reshape the industry over the next year.

This month, two of the largest corporate travel agencies in the US and UK announced they will work together to create a global partner community that puts local expertise at the heart of a truly global travel solution. The two companies will create a new product called Partner Market that allows corporate travel buyers to discover and integrate third-party solutions into their programs from one central site. The partnership will launch at the Global Business Travel Association Annual Convention in San Diego.

The Best Vacation Spots Around the World

best vacation

Whether you want to soak up the sun on a sandy beach, explore the world’s most famous mountains, or immerse yourself in history and culture, there’s a perfect vacation spot out there for everyone. From soaring granite peaks to lush rainforests, there’s no shortage of natural beauty in these top vacation spots around the world.

Known for its crystalline turquoise waters and powdery white sand beaches, Bora Bora is an idyllic tropical paradise that’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. It’s also home to a rich biodiversity, with colorful coral reefs teeming with vibrant marine life.

With its stunning glacier-capped mountains, dense forests, and rocky coastlines, Olympic National Park is one of the best places to go for outdoor enthusiasts. You can hike along soaring ridgelines, or stroll through the Hall of Mosses, an otherworldly forest of moss-covered trees. The park is also home to the Hoh Rainforest, which is a magical rainforest that’s full of more shades of green than you can imagine.

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation spots in the US, thanks to its soaring volcanic peaks, stunning beaches, and vibrant ocean life. But there’s much more to this beautiful island chain than meets the eye, with a rich history that’s reflected in the culturally diverse landscape. You can learn more about the islands’ fascinating past by exploring historic sites like the USS Arizona Memorial on Oahu or hiking along the Kalalau Trail on Kauai.

One of the most unique places to visit in the United States, Yellowstone is a geological hotspot with dramatic canyons and gushing geysers. While you’re there, make sure to stop by Old Faithful for a chance to witness a water show that’s guaranteed to take your breath away.

Spanning from Southampton to the tip of Long Island, The Hamptons is a luxury vacation destination that’s beloved by affluent New Yorkers who come here for their summer retreat. In addition to its pristine beaches and upscale designer boutiques, the area boasts a wealth of museums and fine dining restaurants.

Located on the southern tip of Greece, Santorini is a fairytale-like island that’s renowned for its dazzling sunsets and iconic cliffside villages. The crystalline blue seas and rugged, rocky landscapes provide countless opportunities for adventure, from swimming and snorkeling to hiking and biking. It’s also a great place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway or a nature adventure, Santorini is the perfect place to visit. It’s a one-of-a-kind vacation destination that offers something for every type of traveler.

The World’s Best Hotels Aren’t Just For Travelers

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Whether you want to indulge in luxe spas, subterranean nightclubs or Michelin-starred restaurants, hoteliers go all out with design and amenities. The world’s best hotels, however, offer something more elusive than a ping-pong table or free cocktails: the ability to transport guests to another time and place. And it’s not just travelers who benefit from a well-chosen stay: locals are increasingly drawn to the best hotels in their cities, too.

So what sets a truly exceptional hotel apart? It might be an old-world charm in a villa on the edge of Lake Como, or a sleek, modern suite that’s as enticing as it is spacious. The 50 Best organization released its inaugural list of the world’s top hotels on Tuesday, and its winning properties are as diverse as their locations. The Italian villa Passalacqua took the top spot, while the New York City boutique The Beekman and a former medical complex in Brisbane rounded out the top 10 (and were each awarded three crowns). London was well represented with stalwarts Claridge’s and The Connaught as well as the more recent NoMad London making the cut.

New York City is home to several of the world’s best hotels, from a century-old landmark with gold-plated bathroom fixtures to a swanky newcomer with a rooftop pool and a boundary-pushing restaurant. Many first-time visitors to the city are tempted by the convenience of a Manhattan location, but locals recommend staying outside the soulless tourist trap of Midtown for a true taste of New York’s many personalities, such as The Carlyle on the Upper East Side or the sleek and sophisticated Mercer in Soho.

As for those who prefer to get out and explore, the discovery-friendly Discovery Primea in Manila provides a home base near Ortigas Center, where you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants to discover from al fresco drinking spots packed with stylish professionals to tiny watering holes serving artisanal cocktails. And the rooms have the added perk of stunning city views.

In contrast, the secluded Badian Island Wellness Resort in Cebu offers a tranquil escape with neatly landscaped gardens and private beaches surrounded by azure waters teeming with marine life. Guests can enjoy a range of wellness activities, including yoga and massages, at the on-site spa.

Whether you want to relax in a suite that feels like your own apartment or indulge in Moroccan-French-fusion cuisine in the Majorelle garden restaurant, this is one hotel where the service shines. Located near Fifth Avenue and Madison Square Park, the Lowell is a fashionista favorite for its discreet but warm approach to hospitality. Indulge in high-thread-count linen and cashmere in the rooms, which feature flat-screen HDTVs and oversized bathrooms with showers that are practically their own rooms. You’ll also be within easy reach of the best shopping and dining in the city. The best part: Rates start at $380 a night.

The Best Culinary Blogs

When it comes to the food industry, trends come and go almost as fast as new recipes, and discerning eaters are always on the lookout for their next hot spot. Culinary blogs are a great way to keep up with all the latest and greatest, whether you’re interested in learning more about sustainable food practices or discovering a delicious recipe to try at home.

The best culinary blogs are also a fantastic resource for students looking to expand their culinary knowledge beyond what they learn in the kitchen. Many of these websites feature in-depth articles and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners, as well as recipes that highlight the latest trends.

If you want to become a chef, it’s important to understand the intricacies of different cuisines and cooking techniques. In addition to learning how to prepare classic dishes, you’ll need to be able to create your own unique culinary style. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources for aspiring chefs that can help them develop their skills and achieve their goals.

From the classics like Julia Child to modern-day food stars like Grant Achatz, there are plenty of incredible cookbooks available that can help aspiring chefs perfect their craft. These books often include step-by-step instructions for complex recipes and beautiful photographs of the finished product. In some cases, these books also provide insights into the inspiration behind a dish or how to achieve a certain flavor profile.

One of the most popular culinary books on the market is The Flavor Bible, which helps chefs develop their personal cooking styles by explaining which flavors work well together and why. Other recommended titles include The Art of Cooking, which offers a similar framework for creating culinary artistry, and Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, which is an essential read for anyone who loves to dine out and wants to get inside the mind of a professional chef.

The James Beard awards are another highly regarded culinary award, and last year’s awards were notable for the number of women and people of color who won nominations. This is a significant shift from years past, when white males dominated the nominations. The award winners were also praised for their commitment to sustainability and racial equity, which is an encouraging sign that the James Beard Foundation may finally be moving in the right direction.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional chef, consider checking out some of these top culinary schools. Each school is different, but all of them offer high-quality education and a variety of programs to suit the interests of culinary students. Most of them have experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of program offerings. However, you should be aware that the prestige of a school does not necessarily guarantee that it will be a good fit for your individual career aspirations. Therefore, it’s essential to do your research before choosing the school that is right for you.

World Travel Tips For People Who Travel Extensively

world travel

Our experienced writers travel the world to bring you informative and inspirational features, destination roundups, travel ideas, tips and beautiful photos in order to help you plan your next holiday. You’ll find all the information you need, from the top destinations to the hidden gems that should be on your bucket list.

Curiosity: A desire to learn about new cultures and places is one of the most important qualities for people who travel often. Flexibility: Having the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and changes is also essential for people who travel frequently. Resourcefulness: Being able to problem-solve in unfamiliar situations is another skill that can be helpful for people who travel extensively.

The friends and acquaintances you make while traveling can become some of your most valuable lifelong connections. They can teach you about their culture and traditions, and give you a fresh perspective on your own life experiences. They can also be your support system in difficult times.

It’s easy to be paranoid about the dangers of travelling abroad, especially since the media loves to sensationalize stories about tourists getting killed or kidnapped. However, the reality is that most places are safe and not nearly as dangerous as the media makes them out to be. So don’t let fear keep you from enjoying the world and all of its wonders.

Traveling to foreign countries can be a lot of fun. You can experience new foods, sights, sounds and languages that you wouldn’t be able to experience at home. It can also be a great way to relax and get away from your normal routine.

In terms of budget, you can save a lot by staying in a hotel that doesn’t cater to tourists. This is because restaurants that are conveniently located next to tourist attractions are usually overpriced. Instead, you can save a lot by walking a few blocks away and finding a more normal restaurant that serves local food.

February is a great month to visit Italy for Carnival in Venice. It’s also the best time to go to Japan for its cherry blossom season, as well as to Thailand and Vietnam for their popular festivals.

March is a good time to visit Europe, although it’s starting to heat up. This is also a popular time to go to Iceland for its icelandic festival, as well as to Norway for the Midnight Sun.

In addition to providing an in-depth overview of World Travel Holdings, Zippia also provides salary information, political affiliations, and employee data. This allows potential employees to make better decisions about whether or not they would like to work at this company. It’s worth noting that this data is based on self-reported claims by current and former employees of World Travel Holdings. As a result, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it’s still a useful tool to have when you’re trying to decide if the company is right for you.

Best Vacation Destinations

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore a new city, deciding what kind of vacation to take is all about choosing the right destination. There are endless options for you to choose from, from popular cities that feature vibrant festivals and tasty restaurants, to smaller resort towns in spectacular settings.

Scenic areas, national parks and international locations top the list of many lists for best vacations, while a few select spots are also known for their exotic cuisines, underwater adventures or breathtaking scenery. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are underrated and are worth visiting for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

There are also plenty of great places to visit that don’t require a passport to reach. From underrated cities that are perfect for a romantic getaway to small resort towns in spectacular settings, these destinations provide an unforgettable escape from everyday life.

If you have a passion for music, history or culture, Nashville is a great place to spend your next vacation. The ‘Music City’ boasts a rich art scene, an impressive museum collection and is home to numerous famous musicians and singers. Experience a taste of the local flavor at a country music show or immerse yourself in the music history at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

With its mouthwatering food scene, vibrant festivals and stunning parks, the ‘City of Trees’ offers a variety of activities for all travelers. Visitors can learn about the area’s past at museums such as The Parthenon and Carnegie Science Center, while nature lovers can hike trails that lead to charming waterfalls or visit the world’s largest exhibition of moon rocks at the NASA Space Center.

Miami is a sunshine paradise that is globally recognized for its irresistible white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The ‘Magic City’ is also known for its booming culinary scene and historic landmarks such as the Art Deco District and Miami Freedom Tower. It’s easy to see why this vibrant and diverse vacation spot is a popular choice for couples, families and single travelers alike.

You can enjoy a relaxing getaway while still exploring your favorite city or country when you stay in one of these top-rated hotels. Some offer stunning views of mountains and lakes, while others are located in the heart of bustling cities or iconic neighborhoods.

Group tours get a bad reputation, but the right ones can be an excellent way to meet other people and travel to exciting destinations. This type of vacation is ideal for independent souls with a sense of adventure and those who love to make friends while traveling. It may not be the best option for those with severe motion sickness or a fear of water.

The World’s Best Hotels

There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to hotels: The lines between chains and independents have blurred thanks to “amenity creep” (read: luxe touches like gourmet grocery delivery, bespoke linens, and spa services in every room) while luxury properties are upping the ante with curated tours of local sights and even butler service for your bath. The result is a hotel landscape that’s more varied than ever, with a wide range of accommodation options to suit any traveler.

Whether you’re looking for a boutique stay in the latest neighborhood, opulent luxury near the best NYC attractions, or just somewhere to lay your head after a long flight, here are our picks for the world’s best hotels.

You’ll find everything from a luxe ski retreat in Utah to an eco-friendly hotel with a rooftop pool in Florida. In general, we’ve focused on properties that have something special going on—whether it’s a cool design aesthetic or an unbeatable location—rather than just a great deal.

We also consider customer feedback from our readers, as well as the opinions of industry experts, and look for unique offerings that can’t be found anywhere else (think a hotel with a top-notch restaurant or a secluded beach). Lastly, we’ve taken into account the price point of each property when selecting our list—although we did include some budget-friendly choices, too.

A sprawling, upscale property in the heart of bustling Columbus Circle, the Mandarin Oriental is the pinnacle of opulent New York City. A $400 million overhaul in 2008 turned its massive rooms into veritable palaces with gold-plated fixtures, a full-service spa with a 75-foot lap pool, and a 24-hour butler on call to meet your every need.

If you’re seeking out a truly memorable experience, there’s no other hotel in the world that does it better than this century-old Manhattan landmark. A trip here is a bit of a splurge, but you’ll enjoy a Rolls Royce to take you around the city, a spa that rivals some of the best in the world, and rooms that overlook Central Park.

The Philippines has long been a dream destination, and with 7,641 islands, travelers can still find their own little slice of paradise. The capital city of Manila has a unique culture that feels completely separate from the rest of Southeast Asia—maybe because it spent 350 years under Spanish rule.

The 18th-century villa on Lake Como that was once home to composer Vincenzo Bellini is the top property in our rankings, but it’s not alone. This year’s best hotels feature splashy debuts that instantly become a globetrotter’s must-visit, plus some established classics on the cusp of joining the ranks of the world’s finest.